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Kung Fu Beyond the World 321 Chapter 321 - The Helper Is Here

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Everyone didn't respond, they heard Geng Yueguang scream, and when they opened their eyes and looked over, Geng Yueguang had become ashes.

"Zhong Yihan!"

Wang Li and Qian Hansong aside for a moment, since they screamed in anger.

Wu Sikong stared at the direction of the arrow as soon as the first arrow was fired. His eyes were strange.

Upon hearing the words "Zhong Yihan", Ying Nanyan opened her eyes in surprise, only to find that Geng Yueguang was gone, and Yan Yan was staring in a direction, her face full of surprise.

Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng were inexplicably shocked.

Their strength is the strongest, and their eyesight is the highest. Although injured, it does not affect their response. So when the first arrow came, they noticed it for the first time.

There is nothing to say about the first two arrows. Both speed and power are just average, and only the front-end is commendable.

But the third arrow ...

What an amazing arrow!

Stroke through a huge arc, shoot Geng Yueguang's right temple from the side, and through his mind. The power is even greater!

Based on their experience, the arc of this arrow is at least 60 degrees.

That archer can shoot this arrow with such strength and speed, that archer is really powerful! And he is thoughtful!

The first two arrows were not only cover, but also controlled in force, making Geng Yueguang think that the speed of this arrow is just that, but the third arrow's power and speed were two or three times that of the first two arrows!

Among them, there was a time difference. The archer paused deliberately, making Geng Yueguang think that there was no arrow in the back, and when he was relieved ...

The third arrow hits!

With such thoughtfulness and such archery, the two of them were born in the big family, and they couldn't help but marvel when they saw more geniuses and various masters.

They both thought for a moment, and if they changed to themselves, they were afraid they could not escape the arrow.

And Wu Sikong yelled at Zhong Yihan's name ... Could it be said that these three arrows were shot by Zhong Yihan? !!

How is this possible?

That power, that speed ... at least it must be a fighter to do it!

A figure in a black combat suit walked out of the woods in the distance.

He had a large open bow in his hand, a long knife on his back, and a stern look—Zhong Yihan.

When Ying Nanyan saw Zhong Yihan, her nose was suddenly sore, and tears fell down.

Not only her, but Yan Yan also cried.

Neither of them is a fragile person, but Zhong Yihan's appearance at this time is really critical!

Especially for Nanyan, in a few seconds late, she will be insulted.

Zhong Yihan looked at the two girls with tears in their faces, with an angry look on her face, and said, "Sister Yan, Yan Yan, sorry I'm late."

The two girls shook their heads desperately, but couldn't say a word.

Wu Sikong came up with a cold face, and said strangely, "Well, look who's here? Zhong Yihan, are you really a savior yourself?"

"Wu Sikong!"

Zhong Yihan looked at his "enemy", his face turned blue, and shook his head: "You look so inhuman and ghosty now, what a shame!"

Wu Sikong first froze and then became furious: "Zhong Yihan! Why do you talk to me like this ?! I have fallen to the point, is it because of you ?!"

Zhong Yihan ignored him, but looked at the other two and sneered: "Qian Hansong, Wang Li. In addition, Geng Yueguang, who was just killed by me, and Yun Chao, my enemies are all assembled! Song Deqiu really did a good job. He picked out some of your junk snacks and let me fight you one by one! "

All three of Wu Sikong were furious!

Zhong Yihan continued: "But it 's okay. Like you, you can choose to betray human beings for such a small profit and betrayal of the race that gave birth to you, indicating that your nature is a group of white-eyed wolves. It 's okay to betray now, or you will waste a lot of resources to train you, and then betray again, the loss will be great! "

Qian Hansong and Wang Li's trachea have not yet fully recovered. At this moment, they were angry d but could not be refuted.

Wu Sikong was furious: "Zhong Yihan! Anyone is qualified to say us, but you are not qualified! We have fallen to the point where we are today, isn't it all because of you ?!"

Zhong Yihan scolded back, "What the hell, did I provoke you before? If you are not jealous, you have to engage in a battle for three schools, and finally, you will not spare it ... I can defeat you? "

Wu Sikong was dumb and speechless, he was not able to speak, and was so scolded by Zhong Yihan, he also reacted, it seemed that he was provocative first ...

This is awkward.

Wang Li was in a hurry, regardless of his throat and wounds, and shouted, "Zhong Yihan, you ..."

"What are you doing?" Zhong Yihan scolded him back directly. "You are not qualified to talk to me!"

Wang Li got angrier. After gaining the power of the evil god, he was thinking to kill Zhong in order to report the humiliation and hatred on the platform that day.

However, he did not expect Zhong Yihan to be arrogant, even ignoring himself completely, thinking that he was not even qualified to speak with him ...

This is so bullying!

Wang Li was originally an impulsive type, which would burn in anger, and rushed up with a knife with a loud roar.

Zhong Yihan's eyes flashed brilliantly, taking a step forward, screaming, the long knife on his back came out of the sheath, accompanied by the wind and thunder, severely hacked at Wang Li!

Wang Li felt only an overwhelming murderous intention covering himself, all over him was cold, and he immediately knew that he was doing the trick. Zhong Yihan deliberately angered them.
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He hurried back, but how could Zhong Yihan give him a chance to retreat calmly?

The small moving step keeps up, and Wang Li must be cut under the sword!

Wu Sikong and Qian Hansong rushed forward to rescue. At this moment, two figures were killed in the grass behind Zhong Yihan. One man stabbed towards Wu Sikong with a sword. The other person slammed the shield with his left hand and sledgehammer with his right hand and smashed at Wu Sikong!

It is when everyone is not paying attention that Bai Hao and Shentu Xuan lurking in the grass.

The two dragged Wu Sikong at the same time, in order to let Zhong Yihan solve the other two.

Wu Sikong was furious, and his sword was cut. Shentu Xuan blocked with a shield, but was still two steps backward by the forced shock from the shield, almost vomiting blood.

Good strength!

Seeing this, Bai Hao hurried forward to support, and a sword pierced Wu Sikong's throat.

Although the strength of the two of them is more than one grade worse than Wu Sikong, it is still possible to hold him for half a minute by mutual cooperation.

As long as Zhong Yihan is freed up to resolve Wang Li and Qian Hansong, their task will be completed.

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