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Kung Fu Beyond the World 33 Chapter 33 - Illusion?

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Zhu Xiaoyu came back after practice, and as soon as she opened the door, she smelled that the room was full of fragrance.

"Wow, it's so fragrant. You made braised pork?"

"Yes, if it doesn't taste good, you must be angry again. The braised pork is hot in the pot. You go to the bath first."

Zhu Zhenxing walked out of the kitchen with his share, and saw Zhu Xiaoyu sweating, knowing that she had exhausted her energy in strict accordance with the requirements. The next thing is to see to what extent the efficacy of Zhong Yihan's medicated bath bag can reach.

"I really want to eat it first, but the beautiful girl must take a shower first."

Zhu Xiaoyu watched the braised pork in Zhu Zhenxing's bowl. She forced her eyes back and dragged her tired body into the bathroom.


In the bathroom, Zhu Xiaoyu adjusted the water temperature in the bathtub.

Actually, she doesn't have much expectation for this medicine bath bag now, and after all, it is the kindness of her brother.

Zhong Yihan's impression was that he was an ordinary person. She didn't believe that Zhong Yihan could help her get anything good.

When she heard that Zhong Yihan's arms strength had increased by 20 kilograms within half a month, Zhu Xiaoyu was a little surprised and full of expectations for this medicine bath bag.

But when she was training in the training hall just now, she couldn't help but think deeply and asked a senior coach for a moment. The coaches said that it increase the strength of 20 kilograms of their arms within half a month. The possibility is indeed relatively small, but it is not completely no.

The reasons for this effect may be various, such as continuous accumulation, or suddenly know the trick, or eat some medicines, etc ...

But relying on a medicated bath bag ... they never heard of such a thing.

Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu thought about it and felt that Zhong Yihan's greatest possibility was the outbreak of accumulation—after all, that person was not inferior to herself in terms of effort, which she also knew.

If my brother can have half of him ... No, even a tenth of hard work, it is not like this now!

Every time she thinks of Zhu Zhenxing's laziness, Zhu Xiaoyu is speechless.

The family has a good condition. Many talented but not good families want such resources, but Zhu Zhenxing did not take advantage of this advantage.

In this era, Kung Fu talents represent status. It is better to have one more Kung Fu Strong in the family than only one.

Seeing that Zhu Zhenxing has been in his third year of high school, there is still no change.

Zhu Xiaoyu was too lazy to talk about him.

After the water temperature in the bathtub was suitable, Zhu Xiaoyu threw the medicated bath bag in and waited for a while as Zhu Zhenxing said.

The water in the entire bathtub changes from light to red at the speed visible to the naked eye and finally turns to blood red. At the same time, a layer of mist that is significantly different from water vapor quickly condenses on the surface of the bathtub, just like the clouds in the sky, with obvious thickness and layer.

Zhu Xiaoyu was very surprised.

This was the first time she had seen after a bath bag soaked in water.

Generally, the medicated bath bag was soaked into the bathtub, and basically there was no reaction. Even if she used the best medicated bath bag, it just made the water become a light blue.

But the depth of this red color is as weird as human blood.

"Is there a pigment in it?"

Zhu Xiaoyu has never seen such a strange phenomenon. She smelled suspiciously. There was no strange smell. Instead, she had smelled an unspeakable medicine fragrance.

The smell of the medicine was so good that her anxious heart suddenly calmed down.

Then Zhu Xiaoyu touched it again with her hands, no corrosion, no stickiness, and no color.

Realizing that there might be no harm to the skin, Zhu Xiaoyu was relieved.

She took off her clothes and sat in the bathtub. The warm and comfortable water temperature made her hum, and a faint mist covered her body, which had a different kind of beauty.

Waiting in the bathtub for a while, nothing unexpected happened, and it didn't look like a prank.

The exercise just made Zhu Xiaoyu tired. She simply closed her eyes and rested for a while. With this medicine smelling, she unknowingly felt that Zhu Xiaoyu had a long dream.

She dreamed that she was wading in the milky river, and every cell in the body was nourished with milk.

The physical ills accumulated through years of over-training are being repaired a little bit, and even the dark skin she has always been concerned about has become white and smooth as milk, and a sense of comfort has spread throughout the body.

The color of Zhu Xiaoyu's skin was very dark, and the nicknamed "Little Black Girl" was given to boys in school.

That was because when she was young, the conditions of the family were not as good as they are now. Therefore, the enlightenment of Kung Fu when she was a child was learned in the mountains with an injured and retired Kung Fu fighter.

At that time, the conditions were limited. She was exposed to the wind and sun all day long, and her skin was a little rough. Later, the conditions were better, and her practice environment was also better, but her skin color never returned to white.

This is the biggest pain in Zhu Xiaoyu's heart. The color of her skin kept her in a state of regret, and she did not know how many times she had dreamed of turning white.

This is almost a demon!

This is not surprising, most girls in the East still think white as the beauty.

And some girls have more unique tastes, deliberately tanning themselves into wheat, but also a wild beauty.

But what about her?

The black ones are like immigrants from Africa, which is a bit exaggerated.

And this time, the dream seemed more real. Zhu Xiaoyu never had such an experience. She absorbed the milk in the river greedily, and intuitively told her that the more she absorbed, the better she would become.

"Sister, why did you wash for so long? Wouldn't you fall asleep inside?"

A knock on the door made Zhu Xiaoyu wake up, she found that she was lying in the bathtub, the blood-red water in the bathtub became transparent again, and even that strange mist disappeared.

"Huh? It feels a lot easier for my entire body."
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Zhu Xiaoyu was so tired that she didn't want to raise her arms, but now she was surprised to find that she had become extremely spiritual again.

What surprised her more was that the color of the skin seemed to be a bit lighter!

And the most important thing is that the big stone that has been accumulated in my heart during this time seems to disappear all of a sudden, the whole body is full of strength, and there is no feeling of softness that can't lift up the strength.

"Is this ... an illusion?"

Zhu Xiaoyu first responded, saying she was okay, and then punched.

The feeling of this punch is quite good. As a senior Kung Fu practitioner, and has already entered the realm of Kung Fu learner, Zhu Xiaoyu's perception of her physical state is still keen.

The feeling of that punch just now was something she hadn't seen in a long time!

At this time, Zhu Xiaoyu's gaze focused on her right arm.

There was a very obvious scar there. She was in a combat class two years ago and she encountered a bitch. She was attentive for a while and was scratched by the other side's weapon. A dozen stitches left such a scar like a cricket.

This scar is also her pain point, so since then, even if it is hot again, even at home, she only wears a long-sleeved shirt, the purpose is to not see this scar!

But this method of self-deception is actually meaningless.

Because the scar is there, even if she can't see it usually, she can always see it when she takes a bath.

But the problem is ...

This scar seems to fade a little bit? !!

"Is it an illusion ..."

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