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Kung Fu Beyond the World 320 Chapter 320 - Despair

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At this time, Geng Yueguang came to Ying Nanyan and looked at her condescendingly.

Ying Nanyan stepped back in shock: "What do you want to do?"

Geng Yueguang smiled wickedly: "What do I want to do? Hahaha, Ying Nanyan, it's all this time, but you still look like a lady. It really deserves a big family, and education is good. But you think what I want to do? You're a woman, I'm a man! Today, I'm going to do something, and I want you to experience the feeling of being humiliated in public and let you understand how I felt at the beginning! "

Ying Nanyan's face was miserable. If Geng Yueguang was really successful, how could she live on?

She struggled frantically and wanted to get up, but her body was tied up and she couldn't move at all: "You don't come here, if you dare to do something to me, my family will never let you go!"

Geng Yueguang laughed wildly: "I am not a human. Do you think I will still be afraid of your family? Just a joke, once the blood sacrifice is successful today, the entire Qinggang city, and even the whole province, will belong to my god. If you don't submit, you have to die. "

On the one hand, Geng Yueguang dragged Ying Nanyan to a slightly higher open space, and he wanted everyone to clearly see how he humiliated Ying Nanyan.

Although Yan Yan did not like Ying Nanyan before, the two has no hatred. Naturally, she couldn't watch her hairdresser being so insulted.

She desperately used her body to block Ying Nanyan and even used her teeth to bite the rope.

Geng Yueguang sneered, raising his hand was a slap in her face, cursing: "bitch! Since your sisters are affectionate, then I will do something to you!"

After speaking, they held Ying Nanyan with one hand and Yan Yan with one hand dragged the two girls who were struggling madly.

Many of the students in the big pit closed their eyes or turned their heads and couldn't bear to watch this cruel scene.

Xu Chuzhou and Yuzheng vomited blood and yelled, "Let them go! You evil and shameless people! To insult them, are you still a human being?"

Geng Yueguang sneered and turned back: "I'm not human anymore! Naturally, I should do something that is not human!"

After finishing speaking, he dropped the two girls, and then tore off his coat immediately, exposing the skin completely covered with scales.

At this point Ying Nanyan was completely in despair, watching Geng Yueguang leaning towards her own, and closed her eyes subconsciously.

Wang Li and Qian Hansong were whistling gloatingly. Wu Sikong didn't care.

The students in the pit only felt like abyss hell in front of them, and many girls could not help crying again.

It turns out that the real world is so cruel.

It turned out that their thoughts were so naive in the past.

They thought they would get better as long as they stood out among their peers.
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Fight in the Different World is not a simple upgrade to fight monsters, whether it is a barbarian, a beast or the fallen, they will not let you go because you are weak, or they will not appear when you are weak.

Especially those girls.

Those who can be here are naturally proud, and the girls here are also rarely stronger than boys.

Because boys may only need to focus on practice, but girls, especially wealthy girls, will spend a lot of time, energy, and money on maintenance in addition to focusing on practice so that their own skin will not be dark and rough so that their body will not be out of shape.

Therefore, these girls are the truly blessed, no matter their family background, appearance ... not to mention their stature.

Which of them is in the school, is the existence of being hugged by people, psychologically high, the desire for love, and the requirements of mate selection are much higher than ordinary people.

Only now they know.

Their proud bodies, in front of these bottomless fallen, may bring them nightmarish humiliations.

This humiliation might as well be dead.

Which girl can take it lightly?

Ying Nanyan is even more so. How proud she is, if "biting her tongue to commit suicide" is true, she must have committed suicide now.

But the problem is that biting her tongue and committing suicide by herself is always only from the novel. She can't move her limbs now, and she can't help herself.

Ying Nanyan's eyes shed tears.

She now extremely regrets that she did not pay enough attention to what Zhong Yihan had told her about the "fallen".

It is because she believes in Xu Chuzhou and others too much. In her mind, there are the peerless geniuses of Xu Chuzhou and their top three, even if there are fallen?

But now it's too late to regret it.

Just thinking of his next end, Ying Nanyan's tears couldn't stop flowing.

The people around are also, many people turn around and do not want to see this scene.

But just then ...

Seeing that Geng Yueguang was about to kiss Ying Nanyan's face, a sharp "snap" in the distance suddenly shot a sharp arrow and headed straight to Geng Yueguang's head!

As soon as Geng Yueguang's eyes were fixed, he didn't look back and grabbed a hand, and an arrow was caught in his hand.

However, there was not only one arrow, and the second one followed closely, but Geng Yueguang's face showed a mockery, and the other hand grabbed the second arrow in his hand.

"Continuous arrow? Huh, Zhong Yihan, you're finally here!"

Geng Yueguang has seen the performance of the Zhong Yihan in the competition, knowing that Zhong Yihan can fire four arrows in a row.

So while he was talking, he was also wary of arrows coming after him.

Unfortunately, Geng Yueguang was trying to ridicule Zhong Yihan that he still wanted to retain his strength at this time, but suddenly he noticed something in the side of the light and flew towards him.

Geng Yueguang didn't even have time to react. An arc arrow shot directly from the temple on his right. The huge force took him all out and nailed him directly to the totem pole!

Continuous arrow and arc arrow!

The first two arrows were smoke bombs thrown by Zhong Yihan, which were deliberately used to attract Geng Yueguang's attention, and then used arc arrows to kill him.

In fact, if the arc arrow didn't hit, he also prepared for the backhand.

But it looks like it's not needed.

Geng Yueguang, who was shot through his head, looked forward in horror. He shook his hands a few times, as if trying to struggle, and opened his mouth to ask for help, but he was weak and could only feel the life passing in his body.

Xu Chuzhou said before.

Even if the fallen has undergone a certain degree of transformation in the process of alienation.

But this transformation also follows the laws of nature.

The internal organs move better, but the brain and central system cannot move.

It's like a house. You can shift the furniture in it to a certain extent to re-arrange it, but the load-bearing walls and overall layout of the house can not be moved.

Perhaps it was Geng Yueguang's blood that activated the totem pole's response, so within a short time, his body quickly became dry and was finally dried to become dust.

In the end, only a solitary arrow was nailed to the totem pole.

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