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Kung Fu Beyond the World 308 Chapter 308 - The Experience Begins

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Sitting on an electric bus powered by a super-battery, you can see an airport similar to the human world through a distance of about five or six kilometers across the city.
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The front line has already been taken on a transport plane to take off to its destination.

Judging from the appearance alone, it is not much different from the plane of the earth, but it is at least three times the size of the plane of the earth.

Flying in the sky to cover the sky is very spectacular.

These large transport aircraft are also driven by super battery packs, and it is said that a considerable part of the important material in super battery packs is spirit stones.

This is human wisdom.

Zhong Yihan followed the team and stopped in front of a transport plane.

The three persons in charge stood on the stairs in front of the aircraft entrance, ordered a person's name, and issued equipment and a new type of landing gear that one had handed in before they could enter.

This lander is a new type of landing equipment with instructions attached to it.

Zhong Yihan turned over the manual and found that it was very easy to operate. Just tie the landing gear to the body and directly press the switch on the armrest when landing, and an "air cushion" will be automatically sprayed out from under the device.

After a few times, as long as you are not stupid, you can land smoothly.

No wonder Fan Hong said before that this kind of landing equipment can be operated without learning at all. Sure enough, the more advanced the technology, the easier it will be to use the developed things.

Zhong Yihan took the equipment and walked into the transport plane to find his seat number 17.

This position is right next to the window. He put his stuff on the luggage rack, fastened his seat belt, and then came to the window like looking outside. The students had almost come in.

After everyone confirmed that they were seated, the transport plane started.

Looking down from a high altitude, at a glance, there are vast mountains and rivers, mountains and rivers converging. This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has overlooked the Different World from a height.

But there are also large numbers of large and small wastelands. These wastelands are distributed in the forest.

Every piece of wasteland has at least one barbarian tribe. They have madly searched for resources, causing many lands to lose their ability to reproduce directly and become a barren wasteland.

Some wastelands are even linked together to form larger wastelands.

From the perspective of the plane, Zhong Yihan even saw the wasteland comparable to a small desert. The barbarian tribes there were afraid to be at least fifth-level or higher.

From time to time, there are flying beasts passing by. Some flying beasts notice the transport aircraft and try to attack, but they are directly scared away by the sound waves produced by the transport aircraft.

If these sound waves don't work, they don't need to worry. The transport plane is equipped with other weapons, and the person in charge of the plane is strong enough to deal with most crises.

After flying for more than an hour, there was a sea and hundreds of islands in Zhong Yihan's field of vision.

Seeing this sea, Zhong Yihan was suddenly curious, wondering how far it was from the island outside where he was the first time.

According to Zhong Yihan's guess, since the purpose of his shuttle symbol is also the Different World, there is always a way to get there from the Different World.

As the plane approached, Zhong Yihan actually saw another city.

This city is more spectacular than the city behind the No.17 space crack, and it looks like a heavily armed steel fortress from the sky.

Seeing this city, Zhong Yihan subconsciously thought of Bai'an City, which has been mentioned many times before.

It seems to be here.

It is a pity that Baian city seen from the plane is like a toy model. In the future, he must come and experience the magnificence of Baian city in person.

Crossing the city of Bai'an, the transport plane quickly came to the island of experience assigned by their province.

He just didn't feel it from the sky just now, but now he has discovered that the island is much larger than expected.

Even if they don't meet any barbarians, it takes at least a day to walk from the corner of the island to the center.

Zhong Yihan carried the landing gear according to the instructions, then took the empty backpack and empty water bottle, and came to the transport hall to gather.

The person in charge confirmed once that the landing gear of each student was backed up, and then explained the rules and precautions for using the landing gear again. Then, with a snoring sound, the transport aircraft flew into the designated area and the cabin door opened.

Feeling the sudden wind blowing in, Zhong Yihan took a deep breath and put on his goggles.

On the one hand, Bai Hao's face looked like a serious illness.

Aside from Gao *******'s merciless ridicule, he always emphasized a word that is to let Bai Hao follow him closely.

Zhong Yihan did not take the lead in jumping, he intentionally left behind, just to see how Wu Sikong and they chose.

What surprised Zhong Yihan, however, was that Wu Sikong didn't hesitate. After just two or three people, they jumped down one after another.

On one side, Gao ******* put on his goggles and said to Bai Hao: "let's go from here too."

Wu Sikong just went down in front of the five and saw that Gao ******* was about to follow, Zhong Yihan quickly stopped him.

Seeing Zhong Yihan shaking his head seriously to himself, but because the wind was strong, he could not hear what he was saying. Although Gao ******* did not understand why the other side held him, he subconsciously chose to believe.

On the side of Yazun, Wang Wenpeng and Zhang Baosi were also there. They felt very strange when they saw Gao ******* not jumping.

On Yucai's side, Shentu Xuan with Song Ge and Li Wenze didn't intend to jump, but Zhong Yihan's performance caught their attention.

But Zhong Yihan didn't explain. There are too many people around now. If he said something about Wu Sikong, people who don't believe still don't believe it, and they will only cause confusion to those who believe.

After the plane flew for some distance, Ying Nanyan also quickly selected the landing point and waved to Zhong Yihan: "Yihan, see you below."

Seeing Ying Nanyan and others jumping down, Zhong Yihan nodded to Gao ******* after a while, and several people from Yazun jumped out.

Bai Hao was hesitant in the cabin hatch, but Zhang Baosi kicked him out.

Zhong Yihan stood at the hatch of the cabin, took a deep breath, and then jumped off.

The gale slammed on his face, and looking at the scenery below, Zhong Yihan had an illusion of flying at high altitude.

But he knew that he was actually falling, and probably fell to a similar position, and Zhong Yihan pulled off the landing gear.

A huge "air cushion" appeared under him, and suddenly he could feel that the speed of landing was greatly delayed.

After so many times, Zhong Yihan easily fell to the ground.

During the landing process, Zhong Yihan, by the way, observed the surrounding situation and confirmed that there was not much danger. At the same time, he also confirmed the location of the secondary tribe to be solved in this training.

He just heard from the person in charge of the transport plane that the second-level tribes of the island belong to second-level medium-sized, and the number of barbarians is about 300. This number is not easy to deal with, even if it is Ying Nanyan's team is also hard.

In addition, the transport plane is basically flying around the periphery of the island, so in fact, everyone is about the same distance to the second-level tribe.

After landing, Zhong Yihan was carrying a backpack and an empty kettle.

After the last competition, Zhong Yihan bought a foldable bow for the convenience of this action, so his bow and arrow are now in his back, now he landed on the ground, and then re-expanded his bow.

And tied next to the backpack was a new Tang knife he had bought before.

Zhong Yihan's previous Tang knife was crushed by the barbarian leader at the end of the three-city competition. Zhong Yihan was not distressed, because with his great strength now, he really needs to change a weapon.

This new Tang knife is worth more than 4 million, and it is a good thing made of superalloy.

The knife weighs 37 jin, 133 cm in length and 3 cm in width. It is very sharp. It is said that a considerable part of the alloys produced is rare ore from Different World.

Zhong Yihan carried the Tang knife on his back and prepared to meet with Yucai's members first.

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