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Kung Fu Beyond the World 306 Chapter 306 - The Rule

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"This death rate is too high, right?"

"What the hell is going on, don't we go to school? Why is there such a high death rate?"

Many students find it difficult to accept such data.

With so many people present, no one can guarantee that they are in that quarter.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of people's self-confidence in their own strength and talents has made their mentality adjust very quickly, and even many people have already shown a sense of war.

The greater the death rate and the greater the danger of death, it also means greater challenges and more opportunities. If they can successfully adhere to graduation at the Top Four, then their strength will certainly be able to leap forward.

Fan Hong has been observing the reactions of the students. Seeing that the mentality of most students has not been shaken passively, he nodded with satisfaction: "The high death rate of the Top Four is because the results of the Top Four students are directly related to the Different World, and as long as you go to Different World, it means that any danger is possible. "

"You are geniuses and even more warriors of the future of human civilization. This experience in the Different World, presumably you have already signed a contract, then I tell you a little bit, the college entrance examination training will not send a signal gun, nor will there be a teacher at any time. It 's up to you to save you, to live or die. It 's all up to you. Last year's college entrance examination experience a death rate of 9.1%. This probability is not low at all. If you think you can't adapt to this cruel environment, you have time to quit. "

"So, if you want to quit, raise your hand now, for fear of death is just human nature, I won't blame you."

All the students stood quietly in their positions. Some of them struggled slightly, but none raised their hands.

Although they have some slander about the practice of not sending a signal gun this time, none of them who can come here is timid. They have been fighting hard all the way to the present. How can they give up the Top Four opportunities because of the death rate?

Fan Hong nodded: "Okay, then, I will start to talk about the rules of this exercise. Once I start to explain the rules, no one will have the opportunity to quit, so I will say it again at last, if you want to quit, raise your hand consciously."

In the Different World, even the slightest hesitation can make people lose their lives.

Fan Hong's words are, on the one hand, screening those with unqualified mentalities, and on the other hand, making these students psychologically nervous again.

Arrogance and excessive relaxation are also the main causes of death in previous years.

But still, no one raised his hand.

Fan Hong then entered the theme and began to talk about the rules of this exercise.

Most of the rules are the same as the rules of the competition and the rules that are usually simulated. It is still a familiar point system.

Students from each province are trained on separate islands, and there will not be a case where students from two or more provinces combine their training.

However, an important difference is that the materials are distributed. There is no longer a flare gun. Each person only has a backpack and an empty kettle, which is all.

In the middle of the island where the training is located, there is a second-level tribe. On the totem pole of the second-level tribe, there is the only signal gun. Students who successfully grab points need only get the signal gun to fire, and the training end.

Team up to five people, you can alliance, but the points of the individual team will definitely be distributed to all players.

There is no signal from the Different World, so it cannot be broadcast live, but there are still tens of thousands of camera devices in each test room to monitor the candidates' every move at any time and place. After the training, all content will be strictly reviewed and cheaters will be canceled scores, and can no longer take the college entrance examination.

In addition, there is a big difference between the college entrance examination experience and the past school experience, that is, students in each province are sorted by semicolons according to the ranking of the province.

For example, Xu Chuzhou won the first place, the number is 1, and Zhong Yihan was number 17.

The number of plates of different ranks correspond to different scores, the top five are fifty, the fifth to tenth are thirty, the tenth to fifty are twenty, and the fifty are tenth.

Zhong Yihan is in 17th place and his number plate is worth 20 points.

The higher the number plate points, the easier it is to be targeted.

It really deserves the experience of the college entrance examination, which is to encourage students to fight each other.

In this way, even the most powerful team cannot guarantee that they will not be targeted.

The responsible teacher here quickly issued a number plate. Zhong Yihan played with a palm-sized number plate, and suddenly felt that someone was looking at himself, and he looked back, exactly opposite Wu Sikong's eyes.

There was a mocking smile in Wu Sikong's eyes and he turned his head.

This makes Zhong Yihan's heart even more disturbed.

On the podium at this time, Fan Hong talked about how to enter the training venue for a while: "Now there are a total of twelve provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions' students. Next, students from each province are led by their respective leaders to Airport 17 and then take the transport plane to the island where the trainer is located. During the transport plane, everyone will be assigned a restroom, and their own required items and landing equipment. After arriving over the training island, the transport plane will not land, but will fly around a specific area of the island, Each student, chooses the landing point to jump off, and then starts training. "

Someone raised his hand and asked, "But we haven't used any landing gear at all. What if we fall down and die?"

Fan Hong directly said: "If you really die, you can only blame yourself for being unlucky. The use of this landing gear is very simple. A genius with vitality 3. If this difficulty cannot be overcome, then go home and wash and go to bed early. "
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Fan Hong's speech did not care about the feelings of the students at all, and it could be said to be cold.

But after all, he is a legendary powerhouse, and no matter how hard he speaks, no one dares to refute.

After a pause, Fan Hong continued: "I would like to remind you one last time. You are all students whose vitality broke 3.1 and reached the top four admissions lines, so I estimate that some people do not take this experience seriously. .After all, as long as you think that there are no flaws, you will enter Top Four, so there is no need to desperately. "

"But is this really the case? Hey, even for the top four students, they have to be graded. May I tell you, let alone the top four, any Kung Fu college with a focus above the level will give students a grade of four grades. If you are Grade D, you don't want to get any resources provided by the school, and the higher you go, the better the treatment of the students. The resources that Grade A students get in a semester are worth more than 10 million! "

"So what criteria do the top four classify students? Vitality is only one aspect and does not represent all. And when you first entered your freshman year, the school didn't know much about you, so the standard of division is in this experience! "

"This exercise will determine your grades for the first semester of your freshman year. All your performance will be recorded by thousands of cameras in the arena, and then a dedicated teacher will watch the video to evaluate it afterward."

"The better the performance, the higher the rating! If you don't want to be brave, then even if you have passed the Top Four, it is just a Grade D rating, bragging in front of people who don't know it. but in front of the real people, that's a joke! "

"So, novices, go hard, go hard. When you really enter the Top Four, you will know that if the rating is worse, the gap in strength growth over the next few years will be several levels worse. The country wants to cultivate the arrogant fighters of the real dare to fight, not the salty fish who eat and wait for die! "

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