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Kung Fu Beyond the World 300 Chapter 300 - The Enemies Gather

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Wu Sikong, Geng Yueguang, Qian Hansong, Wang Li, Yun Chao ...

These five names are the names of the people who had previously enemies with Zhong Yihan.

If one or two can be said to be a coincidence, but five are together ... Where are so many coincidences in the world?

Zhu Zhenxing said: "I have already checked. The schools they are in are all small, unknown schools in the province, and they are all in cities and towns. Obviously, if they are a group with Wu Sikong, then They must have been Li Hanguo's. Li Hanguo deliberately dispersed them to various schools, for the sake of avoiding people 's eyes. Now it 's only three days away from the experience. Even if the Kung Fu association found it, there was no time to inspect it. What can we do? Don't take part in this training, ok? "

Zhu Zhenxing was once abducted by Xie Wengong, so he knew the power of the fallen.

Even Xie Wengong can become so strong in a short time.

Yun Chao and they, who have been hiding in the dark, to what extent will the true strength be?

Especially with a real genius like Wu Sikong, he can't even imagine it!

Zhong Yihan said in a deep voice: "If I give up this training, I am giving up all my previous efforts, and just run away, I can't do it. And if they are really targeting me, there is no need to be so troublesome. I am sure that these people must have a deeper conspiracy hidden under their names. In case they succeed, all of us will suffer, so it is better to deal with it positively, maybe there is a chance to defuse the danger. "

Zhu Zhenxing said, "How are you going to deal with them? But they have five people. If they all double their vitality like Xie Wengong, then they are five fighters. Even if you are strong, you can't deal with five of them, right?"

Zhu Zhenxing is completely at a loss now, but in fact, Zhong Yihan is worried.

Suddenly, Liang Jinfeng was absent, and Luo Hao's help was very limited, so even if he asked them for help at this time, the final result was nothing more than a few more names to be observed in Luo Hao's report list.

Therefore, it is imperative to improve his own strength. This is the greatest guarantee!

Zhong Yihan does not believe that the power of the evil god is infinite. He can raise a person to vitality of 10 within a short period of time-then there is no way to fight. Let's wash the neck together and wait for death.

Strength, only strength, this is the most important!

Unfortunately, clearing the 20,000 system points of the second-level tribe reward has been completely spent by him, and there are only two days left to go through the training, even if he has 24 hours of uninterrupted harvesting is very limited.

Who would have thought that Yun Chao, who had long disappeared, suddenly popped out at this time?

But there is no other way.

Zhong Yihan was unable to use this method before, but he did not want to use it later.

But now, it's time to go.

Zhong Yihan said to Zhu Zhenxing: "Lao Zhu, I should have some way. Don't worry, I'll go out first."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan went out while taking out the cell phone to call Ying Nanyan.



In a coffee shop, Ying Nanyan came in carrying a big bag, and Zhong Yihan waved at her, and the latter came to Zhong Yihan's position, handed the big bag to the other party, and then said, "Here is fifty kilograms of spirit stones, because you are in a hurry, I can only take out so much in a short time. But Yihan, what do you suddenly want so many spirit stones? "

Zhong Yihan laughed: "I have urgent needs, thank you so much Ying sister, I will transfer the money to you when I go back."

The market price of one kilogram of spirit stones is more than 300,000.

Fifty kilograms is 16 million.

However, especially the closer it is to the college entrance examination, the more demand there is for the spiritual stone. Although the physical examination for the college entrance examination has ended, the shortage caused by a large amount of purchase cannot be made up at once. Taking out fifty kilograms of spirit stones at that time was already very powerful.

Zhong Yihan, of course, could not really buy at the original price.

His plan was to transfer 20 million to Ying Nanyan.

But Ying Nanyan saw through Zhong Yihan's thoughts and said directly: "You just need to transfer the original price of 15 million to me, I will not accept more."

Zhong Yihan smirked and said, "Sister Ying, do you have mind-reading?"

Ying Nanyan looked at Zhong Yihan's expression and frowned. "You laugh more ugly than crying. The physical examination is over. How do you feel you are more frowning than before? Did something happen?"

Zhong Yihan thought for a while and thought it was necessary to remind her that he could do his duty as a friend.
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Believe it or not.

"Sister Ying, do you know about Wu Sikong's recovery?"

"Well, I know. It is said that a Kung Fu master helped and not only recovered as before but also improved his vitality.

"... Do you still remember Geng Yueguang? It was the Geng Yueguang that when I had a fight with Yun Chao and was beaten up by you in public?"

"Well, remember, what's wrong? You are so strong now, and you still care about such a person?"

"But such a person in the eyes of Sister Ying now has the vitality of breaking 3, and has the qualification to be admitted to the Top Four."

"How is that possible?" Ying Nanyan was surprised. "What kind of virtue is Geng Yueguang? Although there are some talents, if he follows the steps, he can now break through 2.6 and reach the key line!"

Zhong Yihan silently took out the list of 151 before the college entrance examination compiled by the fat man before, pointing at the people with red circles on it, saying: "Geng Yueguang is here, and Yun Chao. If It is said that Geng Yueguang had a vitality of 2.2 before. It was an adventure during this period. It is not impossible to break through to 3. However, this Yun Chao had only 1.3 vitality last October, and now he has broken three! "

Ying Nanyan's face sank. Zhong Yihan continued to point to the names of the two circles marked by two circles, saying: "There are two more people, Qian Hansong and Wang Li, both of whom are defeated by me. The defeated men have now broken three. And of the above four people, except Wu Sikong, all four others have been injured by me, and the injuries are not minor! "

Ying Nanyan frowned, but because she did not know the Xie Wengong incident, she did not associate with the fallen, but wondered about the incident itself, saying: "It is really strange. It is too coincidental to say coincidence. And if breaking three is so easy, then the whole province will not have only 151 students reaching the admission line of the Top Four. What is going on? "

After a pause, Ying Nanyan laughed, "But the strangest thing to say, is you, ah."

"Wu Sikong, these people are growing fast, but they can't compare with you. I think when you first entered the third year of high school, the vitality was only 0.8, now it's more than 4.6!"

Zhong Yihan did not find this topic funny, but calmly said, "If I say, Wu Sikong, their vitality is definitely more than just these?"


"I'm not quite sure about the specific situation. This is just my hunch. Five of them have broken their vitality. Even if they are together, I won't take them too seriously. So if five of them want to make trouble, engage in a big action, this vitality is not enough. I think they should be clear about this. "

"Trouble? Big move?" Ying Nanyan reacted improperly, frowning, "Yihan, what did you find?"

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