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Kung Fu Beyond the World 299 Chapter 299 - Response

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Zhong Yihan stepped out of the Kung Fu Association. He looked up slightly, only to find that today's sunshine is a bit dazzling.

Song Guan was right.

DNA testing is universal and the most effective way to identify fallen.

The effectiveness of this method is recognized as trustworthy, and it has never been unexpected before.

Therefore, in the absence of conclusive evidence, no one can conduct a review and investigation of a student who has already been admitted to the Top Four, and no one can do such a thing because of a "doubt"-otherwise, the whole society will mess.

Know that he himself is a beneficiary of this rule.

Otherwise, with his abnormal growth rate, in just one academic year, it has grown from 0.8 vitality to 4.6 ... Whoever is most suspicious, it must not be Wu Sikong in the eyes of outsiders, but Zhong Yihan!

However, the feeling of ominousness in Zhong Yihan's heart became heavier.

Li Hanguo, Wu Sikong, plus Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu from the previous No.3 high school, all these are obviously not simple coincidences.

And there is a very serious problem.

Before the main guy behind Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu, it is impossible not to know the failure of the two people, then he will certainly know the identity of their fallen.

Now that Wu Sikong has been cured, the people who are concerned will surely link the two things.

Under these circumstances, he dared to let Wu Sikong appear.

On the one hand, it is indeed bold, but on the other hand, it may also indicate that the master behind the scenes is planning a grand plan!

And this plan must involve Wu Sikong!

There is only one imminent event ... that is the next college entrance examination experience.

Not surprisingly, the guy behind the scenes must have wanted Wu Sikong to do something in the college entrance examination experience, and this matter must not be a trivial matter-of course, provided that all of this is under the correct guess of Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan suddenly thought of another person.

Mayor of Taian City, Luo Hao!

Although Zhong Yihan and Luo Hao did not have a deep friendship, at this time, no way can be given up.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan took the flying car directly and drove towards Tai'an City at the fastest speed.

An hour later, Zhong Yihan came to the mayor's office and met Luo Hao.

"Hahaha, why is Zhong Yihan here, please sit down."

Luo Hao was very enthusiastic and very kind to Zhong Yihan.

But Zhong Yihan had no courtesy and opened the door directly to see the mountain road: "Mayor Luo, I am coming to see you today. There is a very urgent matter that needs your help."

Luo Hao frowned slightly: "Urgent?"

Zhong Yihan said concisely that he had already guessed Wu Sikong's own guess when it happened, including the incident of the fallen in Anping County.

Luo Hao's original expression became more and more serious when he heard it. In the end, he said in a deep voice: "You mean, you suspect that this man named Wu Sikong and Li Hanguo are fallen?"

Zhong Yihan affirmed: "Yes, they don't know what method was used to fool the genetic test and blood test, but I'm sure they must be related to the evil god, Mayor Luo, I'm not talking nonsense, you must trust me."

Luo Hao did not speak but fell into thinking.

According to Zhong Yihan's speculation, and the cause and effect of the incident, the probability that Wu Sikong is a fallen is indeed very high.

But Li Hanguo spent so many years in Anping County and even became the principal of Anping No.1 HIgh School. If he was fallen, he was not found for so many years. Is this really possible?

And if he is not a fallen, he will help Zhong Yihan in a hurry, and he is likely to offend the other party.

For Luo Hao, whether it is Zhong Yihan with huge potential or Li Han, a big taxpayer, he does not want to easily offend.

Zhong Yihan saw that Luo Hao couldn't make a decision for a long time, so he went further: "Mayor Luo, I know that you can't believe it with my words, but in case, I mean that even in the case, Wu Sikong and Li Hanguo are fallen. Or, they took so much effort to take part in the college entrance examination experience. If there is an accident, can you afford it? "

Zhong Yihan said this sentence, Luo Hao was shocked.

Indeed, no matter how cautious it is about the fallen.

What's more, the person in charge of the college entrance examination is not him, as long as he tells the person whether it is true or false, he has his own judgment.

If nothing is wrong, everything is fine.

If something happens, he informs in advance.

Thinking of this, Luo Hao said, "Okay, I will tell this thing to above. you can rest assured, once I promise someone, I will definitely do it. But what will happen after listening to me? I can't guarantee it. I can only say that I do my best. "
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Seeing Luo Hao finally agreed, Zhong Yihan was glad: "Thank you, Mayor Luo."

Mayor Luo waved his hand: "It's okay, it's for the people. I should have done it. Yihan, have you eaten yet? Would you like to eat together?"

"No, Mayor Luo, I have to hurry to practice, then I will go first."

Zhong Yihan is now full of brain crisis for the fallen.

Luo Hao said: "Okay, I will leave immediately after the meal. I must inform the above as soon as possible."

Zhong Yihan thanked Luo Luohao and drove home.

As soon as he left, Luo Hao said to the secretary, "Call Fan Chuanqi."

"Yes." The secretary lowered his head, and there was a strange light in his eyes ...



As soon as Zhong Yihan came home, he saw Zhu Zhenxing hurried over: "Yihan, something bad happened!"

Zhong Yihan was just ready to breathe a sigh of relief, and saw that Zhu Zhenxing's face was even more ugly than when he was leaving: "What's wrong? I called you on the road and said that Mayor Luo would help?"

Zhu Zhenxing handed the phone to Zhong Yihan, with a trembling voice: "It's not just Wu Sikong, but I found other people behind. This time, of the 151 students on the Top Four lines, includes Yun Chao and them! "

Zhong Yihan was shocked: "What ?!"

Geng Yueguang, Yanglian No. 4 High School, has a vitality of 3.41, ranking 107 in the province.

Wang Li, in Hexing, has a vitality of 3.33, ranking 119 in the province.

Qian Hansong, Yi'an No. 10 High School, vitality 3.31, the province ranked 125.

Yunchao, Shabao high school, has a vitality of 3.29 and the province ranks 132.

Zhong Yihan looked at the name marked out by Zhu Zhenxing for a moment. If one's name is Yun Chao, it may be a coincidence, then all four people's names are exactly the same, then there is only one case.

They are the people they knew.

But how is that possible?

They all broke three?

Then there is only one answer ...

If before, Zhong Yihan was just too concerned about Wu Sikong's becoming a fallen. In fact, if he really counts it, the possibility is only half.

Then when he saw the names of Yun Chao, Qian Hansong, Geng Yueguang, and Wang Li, he was 100% sure.

These people must have problems!

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