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Zhong Yihan answered the phone and said, "Sister Ying, is there anything wrong?"

On the phone, Ying Nanyan first smiled and congratulated him, and then she asked tentatively: "Yihan, I don't know if you have a team plan?"

Zhong Yihan unexpectedly said: "Team?"

He didn't expect Ying Nanyan to take the initiative to raise the team. In theory, there should be no extra team positions for Yazun's genius.

Ying Nanyan said: "Yeah, Bai Hao, although they are very strong, I still hope to find them a captain to lead the team. As a result, your vitality has reached 4.6. If they can team with you, I can rest assured. "

Zhong Yihan said in his heart: "Sister Ying, this is the experience of the whole province, there are too many people who are better than me. But then again, doesn't Yazun have you, why do you want me to be the captain? ? "

Li Xinyu, they are anxious. She is actively looking for you to form a team. Why do you have questions?

Wouldn't it be better to team up directly?

Yazun's strength is not weak, at least not hinder.

They saw that Zhong Yihan had no plans to promise and urged them aside.

"Hurry and promise."

"Don't ask why."

Zhong Yihan turned his back and turned a blind eye to Li Xinyu and their urging. On the other side of the phone, Ying Nanyan hesitated before she said, "Actually, after the competition, I said that I would team up with others, so I couldn't be the Yazun captain. "

Already made an appointment with someone in advance?

In response to Nanyan's tone, it seemed that she had taken the initiative to invite someone else.

Zhong Yihan curiously said, "Who do you team with?"

"Um, you should know the name, Xu Chuzhou."

Zhong Yihan reacted for a moment, then immediately realized that the man who turned out to be the first in the province had a vitality of 5.13 in high school alone.

Unexpectedly, Ying Nanyan actually got in touch with him.

Ying Nanyan saw Zhong Yihan and did not answer. She continued: "I originally wanted to recommend you to join this team. I just met them, but I didn't expect Yan Yan to join in. Originally there are three people, so the team is full. "

Zhong Yihan said: "It doesn't matter. Ying Sister, you can think of me, I am already very happy, but let me think about the captain, and give you a reply."

Ying Nanyan said: "Okay, then you think about it and call me."

Zhong Yihan hung up the phone, and when he looked up, he saw twelve angry eyes.

Li Xinyu first said, "It's better to just promise, why to consider?"

Zhong Yihan chuckled and said, "Don't you be so nervous, I will definitely make a decision, eat, eat first, haha."

On the topic of team formation, everyone mentioned it several times, but Zhong Yihan was vague in the past, and everyone stopped talking about it.

Today is Zhong Yihan's big day after all. After meals, they went to KTV and sang songs. They played until one or two in the morning before returning home.

At night, Zhong Yihan had a good night's sleep. When he got up the next day, he planned to take a bath to practice in Different World, but the door of his room was suddenly knocked.

"Yihan, open the door!"

Bang Bang!

Zhong Yihan opened the door and saw Zhu Zhenxing look anxious, frowning: "What happened?"

Zhu Zhenxing rarely gets so anxious, which makes Zhong Yihan inexplicably have a bad feeling.

Who is wrong with them?

Zhu Zhenxing handed the mobile phone to Zhong Yihan: "Look at this picture, which is the student ranking announced by the TV station yesterday. Look at this. the name marked with a red box is 87th, Wu Sikong."

Zhong Yihan followed the position of Zhu Zhenxing's finger, and she saw Wu Sikong's name in the picture.

Wu Sikong, Anping No.1 High School, vitality 3.47.

Zhong Yihan's hands were rigid. How long has it elapsed before Wu Sikong's injury is completely healed?

And the vitality has reached 3.47, how is this possible?

Wu Sikong's name appeared on the rankings, and even ranked in the top 100, which caused Zhong Yihan shocked.

It's only been three months. Even if Wu Sikong found the best doctor in the country, it wouldn't be so fast.

For some reason, Zhong Yihan subconsciously remembered the two alienated Anping No. 3 High School—Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu. The two of them were also seriously injured at the beginning, but it only took a few days to not only be fully injured but even to get amazing the power of.

Would Wu Sikong do the same?

Not to mention, Zhong Yihan had suspected that Li Hanguo had something to do with the evil god before.

It was only later proved by DNA verification that Li Hanguo had nothing to do with the evil god, which made Zhong Yihan shift his doubts away.

And then Li Hanguo asked to be the principal of No. 1 High School, saying that he wanted to cure Wu Sikong, and no one took this sentence seriously.

But now Wu Sikong is really cured and even progresses, which made Zhong Yihan worried.

Although there is still no evidence pointing to Li Hanguo and Wu Sikong being related to the evil god, Zhong Yihan has a very strong and uneasy hunch!

Regarding the evil god and the fallen, even if his own vitality now reaches 4.6, it is difficult to fight.

Zhong Yihan said, "No, I have to tell President Liang about this, Lao Zhu, lend your car to me."

Zhu Zhenxing threw the car keys to Zhong Yihan, who ran out.

Zhong Yihan drove quickly to the Kung Fu Association. As a result, he did not see Liang Jinfeng at all. He only saw Song Guan on duty: "Brother Song, where is President Liang now? Can you contact him? I have something very important to tell him."

Song Guan did not know why Zhong Yihan was so anxious, but with Zhong Yihan's popularity in Anping County now, of course, he would not shirk at will.

In fact, since staying up late with Liang Jinfeng to watch Zhong Yihan's game, Song Guan is now half of Zhong Yihan's fans.

Song Guandao: "President Liang has gone to the capital to report to work. What is important, Yihan?"

For Song Guan, Zhong Yihan was not disgusted, so he said directly: "Yes, I saw Wu Sikong's name appear on the provincial rankings. Not only did he recover from his injury, but his strength improved a lot. It was only for three months. It must be abnormal for him to recover so quickly. I suspect he, like Xie Wengong, has become a fallen. "

Zhong Yihan's words made Song Guan immediately get serious. He took out his cell phone and called Liang Jinfeng, but the other side turned off.

Song Guandao: "President Liang's phone is off. He may be in a meeting now, so he cannot be reached."

Zhong Yihan sank in his heart: "How can this be?"

He never expected that Liang Jinfeng would lose contact at this time.
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It's too coincidental to think about it.

Could it be that all this was designed by someone?

Was it Li Hanguo?

Song Guan saw Zhong Yihan's face ugly, thought about it, and said, "The situation of Wu Sikong and Li Hanguo has actually been sent by the Kung Fu association to secretly follow up. About a month ago, I heard that Li Hanguo invited a Kung Fu master to treat Wu Sikong, and soon afterward Wu Sikong's injuries were fully recovered. "

"At the time, we had doubts about this, but neither Li Hanguo nor Wu Sikong was too normal. We checked their genes, blood and even feces, but we couldn't find any clue at all, and even if we sneaked into their homes for clues, we still found nothing. "

Zhong Yihan said: "How is it possible? Xie Wengong's changes were very obvious at the beginning. Perhaps they have used some special hidden means. I now have very bad hunch. There must be a big conspiracy among them, so, Wu Sikong must not be allowed to participate in this experience! "

Song Guan sighed: "Yihan, I understand your mood, but without any substantial evidence, we can't do anything at all, do you understand?"

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