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Kung Fu Beyond the World 297 Chapter 297 - Planning

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At the dinner table, everyone discussed the day festival, and many things were really funny.

Yang Yuan laughed: "Haha, did you see Yihan's face today? He was confused. I still saw him for the first time. It was so funny."

Du Tianqing said: "Don't say, I took a picture of Yihan's expression."

Ming Jiajia said: "Really? Send it to me."

Du Tianqing said: "Don't hurry, wait for me to build a group to send out in the evening. Today I can take a lot of photos to ensure that you are satisfied."

Zhong Yihan said: "I said that you are all going to graduate, please leave a few beautiful pictures."

Li Xinyu said: "Just because we are going to graduate, we have to keep your ugly photos. In case you become more developed in the future and don't want to recognize our friends, we will use these photos to threaten you."

Fan Dali nodded and said, "That's right, dark history is the scariest thing for a celebrity."

Zhong Yihan shook his head: "How could I not recognize you, one day you are my friends, and always will be. In other words, the scoreline has now come out, where do you want to go?"

Zhong Yihan's words silenced everyone for a few seconds.

In fact, he also knows that asking such words at this time is inevitably sad.

But if he doesn't ask now, wouldn't it be even more pity if they lose contact in the future.

Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan looked at each other, the latter said to the former: "You say it."

Du Tianqing nodded, and then said, "I and Lao Yang and we both discussed a bit. Anyway, where to go is not the point. It's better to be close and more convenient."

Zhong Yihan said, "Are you going to Xiangshui?"

Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan nodded.

Some people started, and Fan Dali also said, "My grades are just enough for the line, and the number of schools I can choose is limited, so I have to see where I can apply for a major. Of course, my highest priority is in our province, or just follow Yihan, go to his province. "

Zhong Yihan said, "Xinyu and Jiajia?"

Li Xinyu said: "I'm not sure yet. My family wants me to listen to their arrangements, but I'm not sure yet."

Li Xinyu even said two uncertain, but her eyes glanced at Zhong Yihan.

In fact, her plan is the same as that of Fan Dali. Even if it is not the Top Four, she can go to the same province as Zhong Yihan.

At least the distance can be closer.

Ming Jiajia hesitated, "I haven't figured it out yet."

Zhu Zhenxing said: "I can go anywhere."

Of course, Zhu Zhenxing can go anywhere.

After everyone said their plans, everyone looked at Zhong Yihan and said in unison: "What about you?"

Zhong Yihan paused for a moment, then laughed: "capital."

The four major universities in the country are Mizuki Kung Fu University, Jingshi Kung Fu University, Baiyun Kung Fu University, and Fuxing Kung Fu University.

Two of them are in the capital.

Zhong Yihan has no relatives in all cities, so since he is going, he must go to the capital where the talents gather.

That is, choose one of the two schools, Mizuki and Jingshi.

Yang Yuan said: "capital is a good place, but unfortunately it's a little far away from us."

Zhong Yihan laughed: "Now the traffic is so developed, the geographical distance is not a problem. But it is a pity that you have almost reached the top four."

Du Tianqing said: "What a pity, even if we entered the Top Four, and then? I know my own talent. Even if I enter the Top Four, there is a high probability that I am different from those geniuses, and finally said It may not even be possible to graduate. Instead, it is better to go to a key Kung Fu university, but it is more suitable for our practice rhythm. "

Li Xinyu agreed: "That's right, I didn't reach, maybe better than reach."

In the days when she practiced with Zhong Yihan, Li Xinyu clearly felt the gap between them. If she happened to be in a school and faced further and further Zhong Yihan, it would only make her more painful.

Ming Jiajia secretly remembered Zhong Yihan's decision to go to the capital. Maybe she could also sign up for a school in the capital.

However, instead of articulating her ideas, she turned to Zhong Yihan and said, "Yihan, after three days of training, did you find the right team?"

Although Ming Jiajia knew that Zhong Yihan was strong, such a strong Zhong Yihan could only rank 17th in the province. Without saying anything else, the three first-level fighters with a vitality of over five, Zhong. Yihan can't deal with them.

The natural gap between Kung Fu learners and fighters is not just as simple as the vitality gap, it is also the progress of exercises and the all-around crushing of all aspects of physical strength.

The reason why fighters are called fighters is that they have already completed flesh cultivation, and began to cultivate tendons and explosive power.

The training venues are separated according to vitality. There is no training competition between ordinary students. For the four key grades of students like Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu, the training venue is on the earth and the same as the three cities competition.

And only the students of the Top four grades, the training location is in Different World.

Because it is Different World, everyone can't help worrying about Zhong Yihan's safety and fear that he will be there as if he were in a competition.

Mention of team formation is also a matter of concern to everyone. Today only Zhong Yihan alone meets the Top Four criteria. If he does not find someone to form a team, one person will definitely be very dangerous.

Zhong Yihan said: "I actually thought about this problem, but in the end, I found that it is still better to be alone. Based on my knowledge of herbs and current strength, as long as I don't mess around and keep some scores, I can still do. As for getting a better ranking, I didn't think much of it. "

Since seeing Shentu Xuan's strength, Zhong Yihan's view on genius has changed a lot.

In the past, he always thought that the gap between him and genius was at best only resources and talents, but now it seems that there are inheritances behind many geniuses, which is the most terrible.

Therefore, vitality cannot represent everything, and Zhong Yihan will not be arrogant.

Of course, this does not mean that he will doubt himself and lose confidence.

Although those people have an inheritance, he has a system. One year of experience shows that the things in the system mall are definitely the best in the same grade, so he always believes that he will surpass those geniuses sooner or later.

Li Xinyu hurriedly said, "No, you can't be alone!"

Even Ming Jiajia looks like anxious.

Zhong Yihan was startled. He didn't expect that their reaction was so fierce, so he said, "I know you worry about me, but I'm still very clear about my own strength."

Li Xinyu said, "Do you know the strengths of the top three? Until today, we have only heard their names, what weapons they use, how they fight, and whether they have knife momentum. Are they bad guys? If you meet, will they kill you?. You don't know. Why do you know that you are enough to deal with them alone? Yihan, I don't agree with you to form a team alone. "

Du Tianqing said: "Me too."

Ming Jiajia said: "Yes, yes."
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Yang Yuandao: "yes."

Fan Dali said: "Are we still in Taian City, Yazun? Yihan, you have such a good relationship with Ying Nanyan, or you can team up with them."

Zhu Zhenxing said: "There are only five people in a team. There should be no extra space for Yazun?"

Everyone talked about each other and made suggestions for Zhong Yihan.

Just as Zhong Yihan became more and more confused, his cell phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and found out that it was Ying Nanyan. He smiled and showed the screen to everyone: "Yes, speaking of her, here she called. "

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