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Kung Fu Beyond the World 294 Chapter 294 - College Entrance Examination

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The days of school are long and painful for many students.

But on the eve of the college entrance examination, looking back, you will find that time is passing so fast.

Half a month passed.

On June 6 and June 7, the college entrance examination written examination began.

For most fighters, as long as a little care is taken in the written examination, the results will not be too bad.

Of course, only by memorizing don't get many pints, the important thing is to understand-but for those students who have broken vitality 2, the written examination is an optional form. As long as the test is not too bad, there will always be Kung Fu colleges admission to them.

"Remember the admission ticket number, prepare the pen and paper to be used in advance, don't be nervous when you go in, just do the questions as usual."

"Don't forget the answer cards!"

"Whose admission ticket is this? Why are you so careless!"

"Do you know to enter the game fifteen minutes in advance? Be sure to stand up immediately after the test time. No matter how many questions you have left unwritten, you must not write anymore, you know?"

The college entrance examination, the battlefield of high school students, the test of more than ten years of study.

This is a trial of thousands of soldiers crossing a single wooden bridge. The poor, whether they can leap at the dragon gate, the weak, whether they can turn over, all depends on this time.

For many people, the college entrance examination is the greatest opportunity in their life. If you seize it and get a good college, you will be able to step up to the sky.

But when you enter college, you will find that, at this time, everything has just begun.

But for most high school students, they have no interest in what college looks like.

This is the final test!

After the written examination, it is a physical test.

If the written examination is a stepping stone for ordinary people, then physical examination is the ceremony of Kung Fu people.

In the eyes of everyone, Zhong Yihan figured out his final vitality of physical examination-4.62.

He did not hide, and it also shocked all examiners present.

4.62 ...

Apparently a month ago, Zhong Yihan's vitality had just broken 4, which means that within a month, he had increased his vitality by 0.62!

It is important to know that most high school seniors, even in a year, may not be able to increase their vitality by 0.6.

But Zhong Yihan has done many miracles before, so everyone is also numb-anything that happened to Zhong Yihan should not be too surprised.

Because he is a real super genius!

Of course, the specific vitality rankings will not be known until a few days later.

But this has no meaning to Zhong Yihan, because the super high vitality of 4.62, looking at any famous school in the world, will be rushed for him.

On the third day after the rankings were announced, it was the carnival of Kung Fu geniuses.

Zhong Yihan's family, Zhong Yihan, Li Xinyu, Ming Jiajia, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Fan Dali, Zhu Zhenxing, Zhong Qiaoyue, Zhu Xiaoyu are sitting in front of the TV. Today is the day when the results of the college entrance examination will be announced. A list of the top 151 students.

For the subsequent list of students, students can check on the official website.

The reason why it is the top one hundred and fifty-one is the final admission scoreline based on the national college entrance examination results this time, the four major score lines are the vitality 3.1.

In the whole of the province, only 151 students have reached the standard of vitality.

Zhu Zhenxing urged: "Sit down quickly, it is about to begin."
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Ming Jiajia rubbed her hands and said, "I'm so excited. Which place will Yihan rank in?"

Du Tianqing teased: "Anyway, this TV station and this list must be without me."

Yang Yuan joked: "You are talking nonsense. How can so many students across the province be announced on TV? The ranking of use is estimated to be one thousand. Of course, except for Yihan, Yihan is definitely there. Just don't know which place he will rank in. "

Li Xinyu said: "If I guess, it must be at least the top thirty."

Fan Dali said: "Only in the top thirty, I think the top ten are possible."

Zhong Yihan laughed: "I said you were too much. How could it be so exaggerated, this is a provincial ranking."

According to the results of previous years, Zhong Yihan's vitality of 4.62 should be about the top thirty.

At this time, the host of the TV station began to read the top 150 students of the college entrance examination with excitement.

"First place, Hengshui High School, Xu Chuzhou. Vitality, 5.13!"

Yang Yuan suddenly said, "What!"

Du Tianqing even felt incredible: "This is too abnormal, isn't he already a fighter before going to college?"

"Second place, Hengshui High School, Chen Haiming, vitality 5.07."

Third place, Hengshui High School, Yu Zheng, vitality 5.04.

The top three students in the province this year have reached the level of fighter-and all of them are students of Hengshui High School.

Hengshui High School is the number one high school in the province. Now it seems that it is well-deserved. This time it directly took the top three without saying, and the three of them reached the level of fighter before the college entrance examination. This is too abnormal!

Then everyone kept listening. After the third place, the vitality dropped directly by one grade. The vitality of the fourth place was only 4.83, and then the ranking continued to drop, the vitality gap was very small.

Seventeenth place, Zhong Yihan, vitality 4.62.

This vitality is not the highest level that Zhong Yihan can currently reach, because the 20,000 system points obtained by the annihilation of the second-level tribe before. He has not exchanged the attribute fruit that can directly increase his strength, but all replaced it with the badge of perception. Used to improve the proficiency of exercises.

Now Zhong Yihan is full of proficiency in the thunder knife method, archery, and small movement steps, and their respective effects have reached their maximum.

Now with the thunder knife method, Zhong Yihan can already perform as he wants, no longer need to deliberately condense the momentum and adjust the state.

And archery can even achieve a maximum of ten arrows. Although after every ten arrows burst, it takes about ten seconds to start the next arrow, the ten arrows are enough to kill most prey.

A small moving step, within five meters, can move at will and can move up to ten meters, but the consumption is too large, less than a last resort, Zhong Yihan will not use it easily.

On the one hand, he did not want to show too much attention, but on the other hand, he was worried that if the vitality was raised too fast, causing the foundation to be unstable, it would be not worth it.

Like Shentu Xuan, as long as the foundation is solid enough, even if the vitality is a little different from others, there is also a battle force.

The vitality of Zhong Yihan's 4.62 has long been known to everyone, but when they heard the 17th place in the province, it still caused a fierce response from everyone.

Fan Dali exclaimed, "Haha, Zhong Yihan is in the top 20! Seventeenth, seventeenth!"

Everyone was so happy, even Zhong Qiaoyue jumped and hugged Zhu Xiaoyu: "Brother you made history!"

No one cares about who ranks below.

For them, knowing Zhong Yihan's 17th in the province is enough.

Zhong Yihan didn't have many feelings.

His vitality of 4.62 is enough to be admitted to the Top Four, and the specific number of rankings cannot change anything.

Of course, the next experience in the Different World must be faced with seriously. After all, the performance at that time is of great importance, and it may affect his resource allocation at the university.

The crowd cheered loudly and seemed to want to vent all the unhappiness accumulated in high school. They even lifted Zhong Yihan up and tossed up.

Although Zhong Yihan's house is a villa, the tallest house also has a roof. Coupled with these bastards, when they are happy, they don't know to control power at all.

"Oh, you guys."

This is the second time that Zhong Yihan has been dropped by these assholes. The last time in three schools competition, he was drooped on the ground, he hasn't settled with them yet.

The crowd was silent for two seconds and then left.

"It is none of my business!"

By the time Zhong Yihan sat up, there was no figure in the living room.

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