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Kung Fu Beyond the World 291 Chapter 291 - Belief

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This time the "fire attack" achieved unexpected joy.

That is, the barbaric leader didn't actually go far—because it was afraid that the damn human would go back and attack the tribe while it was leaving.

This is why the leader has not hunted before.

It was just pretending to go down the mountain and actually turned back after a long walk.

But it found that the entire tribe was burned by the fire!

Zhong Yihan ran away after lighting the fire because his vision and hearing were greatly enhanced, so he did not want to hear the screams of the cubs.

Unexpectedly, a few minutes later, the system popped up a series of reward messages to destroy the barbarians, and finally one popped up:

[Kill the second barbarian (beginner), reward 400 system points.]

[Because this barbarian is a second-level tribal leader, an additional 1000 system points are awarded.]

[Congratulations to the host for annihilating all tribes in this area and rewarding 20,000 system points.]

Zhong Yihan froze.

The barbarian leader is dead? !!

Before that, Zhong Yihan deliberately does that when the leader went out to look for food, burned the tribe in order to save the life of the leader.

Because such a leader, for the meaning of Zhong Yihan, is not just a little systematic, it is a living, strong opponent that can bring pressure on himself.

So Zhong Yihan deliberately waited for it to leave before he started, just to keep this opponent.

But how does he know, this guy is ... come back?

Is it going back to save those cubs and pregnant barbarians?

At this moment of life and death, will the barbarians also give priority to the continuation of future generations?

Zhong Yihan suddenly felt a very uncomfortable feeling.

Will barbarians, like humans, fight desperately to protect their cubs and offspring?

Doesn't that mean that these barbarians also have feelings, are they also spiritually intelligent races?

This idea was a bit irresistible as soon as it came into being.

If an experienced fighter sees his condition at this time, he must be very careful-because this is PTSD, which is also post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many people are like this. After all, killings, especially cubs and pregnant women, are completely inconsistent with the education that humans usually receive. So after doing this kind of thing, some people's psychology will be traumatized, they will begin to deny what they have done, and they will doubt whether they are doing the right thing.
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Because in the education of the fighter, it is a "just" thing to kill the barbarians.

But once the fighter himself began to doubt such "justice", it was easy to produce mental illness.

Some people will no longer be able to raise a knife because of this suspicion.

Some people, because they can't find a solution to the problem, have their minds distorted, and they have gradually begun to ignore life, to kill, and to perish. Not only has he become an unstable factor in society, but he has also lost the possibility of becoming a great master in Kung Fu!

Zhong Yihan also realized that there was a problem in his mental state.

The fighter must be aware of nature in order to go forward.

Once you have doubts about yourself, you will hesitate when you go out, and the whole person will be a waste.

Therefore, Kung Fu has never been a simple killing. traditional Kung Fu has always been combined with philosophy. This is not a myth, but it really makes sense.

And he is not a very intelligent, highly emotional person-this can be proved by people around him-but this also makes him not like those extremely intelligent people, like to dig into the horns.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan made the simplest elimination method.

First, he killed those barbarians, including pregnant barbarians and cubs, to cut grass and roots, right?

This is certainly true and beyond doubt. Because this is a war between two civilizations, either you die or I die-those pups don't seem to have any lethality now, but when they grow up a few years later, they must be the enemy of humanity.

Then the first question is clear, the second question:

Is he feeling too guilty now that he is too weak?

He sat on the edge of the cliff all night thinking about this second question.

Zhong Yihan doesn't think he has done wrong, but where does this guilt come from?

Just like the dog at home, if it is sure that it has done nothing wrong, then when the owner asks it, it will look at you innocently without revealing any guilty expression.

And when you go home, you see the dog crouching in the corner, and it doesn't dare to look at you, then there is no doubt ... it must make trouble!

Zhong Yihan feels that his guilt is the same as the dog who often makes troubles at home. If he really determines that his behavior is correct, then he should not be guilty.

But he is indeed guilty now, which shows that he has something to think about.

So Zhong Yihan began to analyze his psychology carefully. From the first time he heard about the invasion of barbarians when he was young, he began to remember when he was determined to practice Kung Fu and became a fighter ...

Time passed by a little bit.

The expression on Zhong Yihan's face became more and more peaceful, and even the corner of his mouth occasionally smiled.

He recalled a lot of past memories of studying Wushu at the beginning of the year. Some were funny, some were shameful, and some moved him. Now he remembers them all with warmth.

There were many things that he had even forgotten, but he remembered them all.

It was getting brighter and the purple moon receded.

The smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth is getting bigger and bigger. He is immersed in the fond memories and suddenly finds that he has not been tangled with the problem just now.

Yeah, what's so tangled?

The hatred between humans and the barbarians was originally irreconcilable. In the next time, when he encountered the cubs and pregnant barbarians, would he not kill him?

Definitely not!

As a fighter, when it is time to start, naturally he can't be kind. Regardless of whether the other party is an old, weak or child, they all have only one name, that is, the enemy.

Since the results cannot be changed, what's the problem?

The purpose of killing is not purely for killing, but for protecting what they cherish, and for protecting the beauty of everything in the heart.

The sun finally rose, shining on the body of Zhong Yihan, who was sitting on the edge of a cliff.

Zhong Yihan also finally opened his eyes, his face full of beautiful expressions, and laughed loudly.

At this point in his eyes, there was no hesitation anymore, but extremely clear.

"It is normal to be born with compassion in my heart. This is not a weakness, but my humanity as a human. Is this shameful? No, it is not shameful, but rather the superiority of human beings as the primate of all things! "

"It is because of compassion that we can 'see its life and not bear to see its death. so that human civilization can progress. However, we cannot abandon all killings because of compassion, just as we eat meat. At best, it's just a matter of choosing to eat captive livestock without intelligence. "

"The same is true of the barbarians. Although I have a bit of compassion in my heart, I still have to kill!"

"I have compassion, that's my cultivation, and killing the barbarians is my responsibility. There is no conflict between the two!"

At this time, the system sent a message:

[Congratulations on the success of the host's "firm belief", mental power +0.5.]

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