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Kung Fu Beyond the World 290 Chapter 290 - Guilt in Hear

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Different World.

Another week has passed. Under the constant harassment and harvest of Zhong Yihan, the remaining second-level barbarian tribe has only three or four.

The young barbarians in the tribe, although they knew that there was a killer outside, came out looking for food for the cubs and pregnant females in the tribe.

They also used their poor brain capacity and came up with several ways.

Such as going out together, or scattered.

But neither worked.

Because for Zhong Yihan, he never cared about which one he killed-anyway, to him, all the barbarians look the same, and all barbarians ...

Damn it all!

Therefore, his approach is the same as that of Mongolia 's famous "bow cavalry". Don't look at him every time he is chased by a group of barbarians, but he can harvest a few remotely through bows and arrows every time, even ten barbarians.

In this way, harvest a little every day. Over this period of time, there are not many young and brutal barbarians in the entire tribe.

And pitiful to say, the leader of that tribe, the four-armed leader, who was harassed by Zhong Yihan during this time was collapsed.

Although this leader is blessed by the power of the evil god, it can summon the black tentacles condensed by the energy of the evil god. The power is greatly increased, and the moves are more strange, making the melee more difficult.

But the problem is that Zhong Yihan has no intention to fight with it at all.

Instead, he has been leaning on the long-range bow and arrow and shot his poor men a little bit in the distance.

Whenever the leader chased out, Zhong Yihan ran away long ago.

Poor leader, the power is great, but the speed is really not worth mentioning, coupled with the black technology "rope gun" in the hands of Zhong Yihan, in such a densely populated mountain range, let the leader goes after Zhong Yihan, which is too difficult.

Although the barbarians have strong reproductive abilities, they are only compared with humans, but they cannot be born in a few minutes.

Therefore, the barbarians in the top of the mountain decreased rapidly. So far, only the last barbarians, pregnant barbarian females and cubs, and the last leader are left in the tribe.

The top of the mountain at this time was already in depression.
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The cubs of the barbarians were crying there because of hunger, and the malnourished barbarians were lying on the ground and humming constantly.

The leader walked around anxiously. It had a certain IQ. It knew that the entire tribe was facing the calamity, but the enemy was too insidious and sly, and it never fought directly.

It turned to the totem pole, but for some reason, the totem pole didn't respond.

Finally, it couldn't sit still.

It must go out and find food for the entire tribe.

Because the barbarian food is particularly large, and they do not have the habit of preserving food on weekdays, if they no longer have food to supplement, they will be starved to death one by one.

This is also a trick learned by Zhong Yihan at the Kung Fu Forum.

Human beings have been studying how to deal with barbarians and beasts, and the advantage of human beings is that they will summarize various experiences.

Zhong Yihan was on the treetop of a mountain in the distance, watching the four-armed leader under the strange light of the purple moon, stepping down the mountain, looking for prey.

On a silent night, especially around the top of the hill where this barbarian tribe is located, the vegetation was hollowed out, so almost no bugs could be heard.

But he could faintly hear the hungry cries of the barbarian cubs falling in the distance.

There are also some female barbarians who are annoyed by the cubs crying. They pull the cubs and beat them up, and then the cubs cry even harder.

Zhong Yihan looked under the tree. He had already prepared something, and he suddenly relented, but his face became firm again.

Killing the enemy's old, weak women and children is a taboo of civilization in any human civilization.

But this taboo does not apply to barbarians.

It was said at the Kung Fu Forum that human beings have not thought about domesticating the barbarians, just like domesticating wild beasts, turning these barbarians into their own use.

But all this domestication has failed.

It is said that the genes of these barbarians are full of a very tyrannical factor, they will attack the vitality of all religions different from it, and their nature is destruction.

This is a race that cannot be communicated with, nor can it be domesticated.

Even if the young cubs are born and have not opened their eyes, they are taken by humans to raise them, they also do not regard the tamer as the master.

Therefore, after countless domestication failures, humans are disappointed with this race.

There is no possibility of peaceful coexistence between the two!

Then, the attitude towards these barbarians is very simple.

Non-my race, its heart must be different.


Chopping the grass to eradicate it!

But how to overcome the guilt in the heart?

Zhong Yihan jumped down from the tree, then picked up something that was already prepared, and came to the edge of the cliff.

Just below this cliff is a barbarian tribe on the top of the mountain not far away.

It took him half a day to make a simple trebuchet here.

And at his feet, it was a few barrels of gasoline.

Although many advanced weapons on the earth cannot be used in Different World, they are mainly electronics, explosives, and the like. The chemical reactions in this world are many times weaker than on the earth.

But traditional mechanical assistance, as well as traditional gasoline and the like, are still useful.

However, gasoline incendiary bombs do not have much effect on high-ranking barbarians. They can only be used to deal with these low-ranking barbarians.

The trebuchet has been adjusted by Zhong Yihan for a long time. With the help of new elastic materials on the earth, these gasoline barrels can be shot into the opposite tribe.

"See his life, can not bear to see his death."

This sentence comes from Mencius.

A gentleman is far away from the kitchen, which is not a simple literal meaning that a gentleman should stay away from the kitchen.

It means that if a gentleman has compassion, even if he wants to eat meat, don't listen to the sorrow of the animal and see the death of the animal with his own eyes.

This sentence was extended and became a creed for many gentlemen and fighters.

He really wants to kill the cubs of the barbarians. This is against his heart and his long-term moral practice, but he has to kill for the sake of human civilization.

Therefore, the only thing he can do is not to watch them die, and not listen to their sorrow.

Some people may think this is a cover-up, but this is the only way.

Zhong Yihan read it again, and then cut the rope of the trebuchet.


Several petrol tanks were thrown out. Although one was thrown away, the others fell on the tribe on the top of the hill opposite.

Then he lit a fire arrow and shot at it.


The flames soared, and the entire tribe turned into a sea of fire!

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