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Kung Fu Beyond the World 282 Chapter 282 - Championship

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Tang Xiao took the totem pole, dragged his seriously injured body, and grunted to the front of the mountain, only tired and sweaty, panting.

He sneered and said to himself: "What Yazun, what Yucai, and what Zhong Yihan! Are all my stepping stones! Hahahaha, I made a clever turnaround in this competition, and I will be remembered in history!"

He glanced back nervously and found that no one followed, and he laughed wildly.

One hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters ...

Finally, he dragged the totem pole to the end of the mountain top, there was a very conspicuous red circle, and there was a huge gong beside the red circle.

Tang Xiao put the totem pole into the red circle, and then took out a flag with "Taian No. 2 High School" from the backpack behind him and inserted it at the top of the totem pole.

Then he picked up the hammer and slammed it on the causeway!


There was a loud gong, and the drone in the sky sent a broadcast spreading across the valley:

"The No.2 high school of Tai'an City successfully inserted the flag and scored 500 points. This three-city competition was successfully concluded!"

"Please players in the field to stop all unnecessary actions, and not to attack each other. The organizing committee will immediately send flying cars to pick you up. Please bring your own backpacks and equipment, and the organizing committee will check your loot. Afterward, the final score will be judged. "

The broadcast was repeated three times and finally quieted down.

Tang Xiao stood on the top of the mountain and laughed loudly. The laughter touched the injury and suddenly he coughed violently.

At this time, flying cars came from a distance and landed in the valley, picking up the players one by one.

Because there is only Tang Xiao at the top of the mountain, he enjoys the service of a single bicycle.

The barrage at this time had already exploded.


[I have never seen such a brazen person!]

[Tai'an No. 2 High School, even if you win this championship? You betrayed your comrades in arms, you are not worthy of this championship!]

[The lungs are going to explode! Strongly protested that Tai'an No. 2 High School won the championship this time!]

[Shame of Tai'an!]

[I'm a student of Tai'an No. 2 High School. I should have been happy to see the senior win the final victory, but I couldn't be happy anyway. Not only me, but all the students around me watching the live broadcast are also deeply ashamed!]

[The championship is so important? Important enough to betray the trust of partners?]

[From now on, Tang Xiao will be added to the blacklist nationwide. Who dares to team with him again? Aren't you afraid of being stabbed from behind?]

The flying car soon landed at the command post outside the mountains.

Tang Xiao stepped out of the car with a smug smile and found that everyone looked at him with cold eyes, full of contempt.

Even some of his teammates at the school were complex at this time, and none of them came forward to celebrate.

Tang Xiao was very angry, but forced himself to hypnotize himself: "I'm right, I'm right for victory, I'm not wrong!"

After so many hypnotic repetitions, Tang Xiao said loudly, "I won! We Tai'an No. 2 High School made history!"

No one cheered, no one applauded, and strangely, no one scolded him.
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The nine participating schools, except Tang Xiao, a total of 44 students, plus other teachers, leaders, and the staff of the organizing committee all looked at him coldly, and their eyes were full of inexplicable meaning. .

This kind of look made Tang smile more than scold him.

Especially when he saw Ying Nanyan, Yan Yan and Zhong Yihan sitting there all looking disdainful, Tang Xiao broke out completely.

"What do you see? You are all losers! I won! YES! This time I won! I led Taian No. 2 High School to make history! How? Are you not convinced? Are you not convinced ?! Hahaha, you are all LOSER! Only me is the final winner! "

Ying Nanyan turned her head and didn't even bother to look at him.

Yan Yan also turned her head, looked at Ying Nanyan, and suddenly smiled, "we really watched a good show today."

Ying Nanyan froze slightly for a while. She hasn't heard Yan Yan talk to her so kind for many years.

But then she understood.

This competition was actually a baptism to her and to Yan Yan.

She smiled and said, "Yes, interesting!"

The two looked at each other and smiled, and it was not so unpleasant to see each other.

At this time, the referee started to calculate the trophy points of each team.

"Yazun, hunting 87 ordinary barbarians and 9 elite barbarians, with a score of 132 points. Herbs and other beast resources scored 73 points, with a total score of 205 points."

Tang Xiao sneered in his heart. he didn't expect that Yazun broke 200 points by hunting, which is really awesome-but there is one of him.

The referee continued to report loudly without emotion: "Yucai High School, hunted 64 ordinary barbarians, 7 elite barbarians, and scored 99 points. Herbs and other beast resources scored 56 points, total score, 155 points."

"In Xishui No.1, hunt down 43 ordinary barbarians and 5 elite barbarians with a score of 68 points. Herbs, alien beast resources, 54 points, total points, 122 points."

"Xi Shui No. 2 High School ... The total score, 134 points."

"Qinggang No. 10 High ... the total score, 47 points."

"Qinggang No. 5 High School ... The total score, 63 points."

"Qinggang No. 3 High School ... The total score, 31 points."

After finishing the above seven schools, the referee glanced at Tang Xiao and said aloud:

"Tai'an No. 2 High School, because the loot was handed over to Yazun in exchange for the captain's retention, there is no basic point. Additional points, the flag was successfully inserted, obtained 500 points, total points, 500 points!


Tang Xiao cheered loudly. Five hundred percent. Even if Yazun and Yucai were added together, they couldn't win!

But embarrassingly, he was the only one to cheer.

Even some of his teammates and teachers at the same school were embarrassed.

Tang Xiao looked at his teammates and said loudly: "What are you doing? Cheers! Hurry! Cheer! We won! We have 500 points! First! Hahaha, we made history! Cheers!"

A few teammates looked awkward and could not wait to put their heads in the ground.

At this time, the referee cried: "The last school ... Anping No. 3 High School."

Tang Xiao sneered, "What else is there to read? We are the champions!"

The referee ignored him and continued his expressionless voice: "Anping No. 3 High School, hunting 53 ordinary barbarians, 9 elite barbarians, scoring 98 points. Herbs and beasts, 123 points, accumulating regular points 221 points! "

Tang Xiao was suddenly shocked.

How could he think that Anping No. 3 High School scored so high in the field of herbs and beasts?

And killed so many barbarians, in the end, they had 221 points!

Higher than Yazun? !!

But he immediately laughed, and made a middle finger to Zhong Yihan: "What about 221 points? I got 500 points! You haven't even half of mine!"

Then he laughed out loud.

But no one laughed with him.

Everyone around him looked at him with pity and contempt.

The referee gave Tang Xiao a cold smile and said: "I have not finished the announcement, don't worry."

Then, the referee took a deep breath and said loudly: "Anping No. 3 High School, regular points are 221 points. Additional points, kill the barbarian leader, get 500 points, total points ... 721 points!"

Having said that, the referee yelled with all his strength:

"Congratulations to Anping No. 3 High School for winning the championship in this three-city competition!"

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