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Kung Fu Beyond the World 281 Chapter 281 - The Choice of Zhong Yihan

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The crowd looked around and saw only one person holding a bow and an arrow, standing on the edge of the hillside.

When he raised his hand with an arrow, a barbarian fell to the ground.

Three arrows.

All three barbarians died.

"Zhong Yihan, you're here!"

"Well, Zhong Yihan, I love you! Why are you here now!"

Leaning on the mountain wall, Gao ******* and others saw Zhong Yihan and couldn't help cheering loudly.

It's stun for Zhong Yihan ... Why is he so popular? !!

Yan Yan said loudly: "Zhong Yihan, help us!"

In the distance, Ying Nanyan also shouted: "Zhong Yihan, Tang Xiao grabbed the totem pole with despicable means, and you catch up with speed, kill him! He was injured and could not run fast! "

Tang Xiao hadn't left yet and was shocked when he saw Zhong Yihan.

His injuries had not been fully recovered, but at this time he also knew that he couldn't wait any longer. He quickly carried his totem pole and limped towards the top of the mountain.

He kept comforting himself.

There is such a big pit between Zhong Yihan and himself. If he runs around in a circle, it will take at least ten minutes, and he cannot catch up with himself.

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly, although it was not clear what happened, he also saw Tang Xiao carrying the totem pole to the top of the mountain.

If he was sent to the mountain by the totem pole, Tai'an No. 2 High School would get a full five hundred points!

The scores of other teams cannot be compared with him anyway.

Subconsciously, he was going to bypass this big pit and catch up, but at this time, the barbarians below rushed up again, watching Yan Yan, Shen Tuxuan, and Bai Hao in danger.

Zhong Yihan stopped walking, and the two arrows shot again, killing two barbarians.

Shen Tuxuan spit out blood, blocked her with a shield, and yelled, "That classmate! Don't care about us, go after Tang Xiao!"

Yan Yan also said: "Zhong Yihan, Hurry to chase Tang Xiao!"

Tang Xiao looked back and saw this scene. he laughed and said, "Do you know why you lost? It is because of the mercifulness! Hahaha! I am gone, Zhong Yihan, you Anping No.3 high school Always a LOSER! "

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly, instead of seeing Tang Xiao limping, he continued to shoot arrows from a height.

His shooting skills are more powerful. With his joining, the pressure on Shen Tuxuan and others was much less.

Yan Yan sighed and smiled bitterly: "Zhong Yihan, I've got your affection today!"

Zhong Yihan then said: "It looks like you are all at the end of the crossbow. Although I don't know why you still don't abstain, I can't let you fight here with the barbarians desperately, facing the danger of injury or even death. And I'm going to fight for the so-called champion. That thing has no meaning compared to everyone's safety. "

There was a 666 on the barrage. As the game came to an end, there was no delay in the live broadcast.

[Zhong Yihan is so handsome! This is the correct three views!]

[Love love! My brother Han is awesome!]

[Yes, a championship is nothing! Where can it be more important than human life?]

[This is the character that the Kung Fu learners should have!]

Zhong Yihan now had no reservation at all, just like a cold archery machine.

He stood high, and there was no barbaric interference from him, so the barbarians below were all living targets to him.

One arrow shoot one barbarian!

He didn't even need to use the skill of continuous arrows to kill these barbarians easily.

With his help, the pressure from the crowd below also abruptly reduced.

Especially Bai Hao, there was no pressure at the moment, and he even showed his powerful killing ability.

One sword killed one barbarian.

The fewer the barbarians, the less the pressure on everyone, and the more the fighting power erupts.

But in three or five minutes, the remaining twenty barbarians fell to the ground.

At this time, Tang Xiao in the distance had long disappeared.

Yan Yan and Shen Tuxuan had already exhausted their physical strength at this time, thanks to a will to support them, and finally killed the barbarians. They all sat down on the ground and smiled bitterly.


"That's right, it's over, let Tang Xiao that bastard win. But the boy can't be proud for a long time. After the game, I went to Tai'an and squeezed his eggs out!"

Alas, it wasn't Shen Tuxuan who was 1.9 meters, but Yan Yan ...

Zhong Yihan couldn't help sweating a bit, but at this time, he also roughly judged what Tang Xiao had done before.

Throwing a player down led everyone else to jump down and had to confront the barbarians, while he went around behind himself and stole the totem pole.

Good means!

It's really a good means!


He is not human!

This approach has no humanity at all, even if he wins?

A champion of a tri-city race, who cares?

In order to be able to do such a thing for the champion of such a game, God knows how he will do mad things for greater glory or benefits in the future? !!

Yan Yan scolded for a while, but also tired, and sighed: "Really uncomfortable, let this asshole steal the championship."

Zhong Yihan paused and said, "How can you be sure that the competition is not over yet? Tang Xiao must be the champion?"
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Yan Yan gave him a white look: "Otherwise? If you chased after him, maybe you could kill him, but now ... I'm afraid he's almost reached the top of the mountain, right?"

"So what? Five hundred percent, we're not completely lost hope."

Yan Yan was about to yell at her but suddenly hesitated.

Not only her, but everyone else also stunned and looked at Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan was looking into the distance, and still lingering with the barbarian leader. Ying Nanyan, Ying Nanyan was also surprised, and said quickly: "This is impossible!"

Zhong Yihan showed a white tooth: "If you don't try it, how can you know it's impossible?"

Yan Yan was surprised, "Your boy is crazy ?!"

A smile also appeared on Shen Tuxuan's face, saying: "Interesting, I ... oh!"

He braced himself to want to stand, but leg softened.

After all, he had exhausted all his strength just now, and now that the enemy was wiped out, he couldn't lift it anymore after he was relieved.

This is also true of other people. Yan Yan and Bai Hao couldn't stand up, even Ying Nanyan.

Yan Yan punched the ground with a punch and cursed: "Damn! I knew that there was still this road, we didn't expect it! But none of us had any energy and had no time to recover for us! Otherwise, we act together, we may win! "

Zhong Yihan smiled, showing a hint of pride in his eyes, saying:

"Then let me try it myself!"

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