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Kung Fu Beyond the World 280 Chapter 280 - The Helper Comes

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Tang Xiao looked back, only scared.

Because the barbaric leader came to his feet not far away, picked up a stone and smashed at him severely.

Tang Xiao hurriedly hid away, and a stone hit him next to him.

Seeing that the barbarian chief had to lower his body to pick up stones, Tang Xiao scared and climbed up madly.

Fortunately, he was only a short distance from the top of the hillside. With such a full burst, he climbed up in a few seconds, and then quickly dropped the rope, lying on the floor, panting, and still coughing.
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The barbarian leader's strength was really great. The stone just now smashed him into an internal wound and could not stop coughing up blood.

But it doesn't matter, he knows he won, and no one can stop him anymore!

"Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!" Tang Xiao laughed at the drone. "I won, Tai'an classmates, I will win soon!"

At this time, Tai'an No. 2 High School was also silent.

Even Tang Xiao's fans bowed head at this moment, not knowing how to help Tang Xiao to justify.

Other students were even more embarrassed and wanted to swear, but didn't know what to swear, so they had to hug their heads and not speak.

The atmosphere around the No.2 high school in Tai'an was as depressed as the dead.

Ying Nanyan and others were scolding at the moment.

"Asshole, I must kill him! I must kill him!"

"There is no chance. He got a totem pole for five hundred points. The scores of our two are added together, which is at most three hundred points. The difference is too far!"

"I'm not willing! even let such a mean guy win the championship! I'm not convinced!"

"Hey, this is the battle between the crickets and the fishermen."

"Well! This is not a fisherman, this is a mean guy! A mean guy!"

Ying Nanyan looked at Yan Yan: "What should we do? Is it right now to abstain, or to fight?"

She glanced at the barbarians blocked by the smoke of the help bomb, and sighed, "Now we will kill more barbarians, it doesn't make sense."

Yan Yan didn't speak, and Shen Tuxuan who was holding the shield suddenly shouted, "Are you going to give up ?! The championship is not a big thing, but when I was very young, My grandpa told me that no matter what the circumstances, if you give up yourself, even if you lose, it will be a shame to lose! "

The crowd was refreshed, and Yan Yan cried out: "Yes! It is not the end of the matter, we must not give up! Ying Nanyan, how about you ?!"

Ying Nanyan lifted the sword in her hand and sneered: "Yan Yan, I don't agree with you, but I admire you for having a good teammate! Let's go! Kill a bloody path! I saw Tang Xiao was injured just now, and he has difficulty moving. We may be able to catch up! "

Everyone came to the spirit in an instant, rushing to the front with Shen Tuxuan, several others cheering up behind them, burst out of the smoke belt, and a few barbarians died under the weapons of the crowd in an instant.

Tang Xiao hadn't left at this time. He was moved by a smashed internal organ of the barbarian leader and suffered a lot of injuries. He was lying there to rest.

Seeing Ying Nanyan and others rush out at this moment, he knew immediately that these people must not give up.

He sneered, and stood up, holding back loudly, "Yes, Captain Yan, Captain Yan, why do you do such an invalid thing? I won, five hundred points, why do you chase me ?!"

But none of the people below ignored him. Everyone was hurrying to kill the barbarian in front.

The determination and momentum that erupted in them really moved the audience in front of the TV!

Tang Xiao sneered but didn't take it seriously.

Because there are thirty or forty barbarians below, and each one is powerful, and one barbaric leader is there.

It is difficult for them to break through these barbarians.

Sure enough, they rushed too fast and were anxious to kill a blood path, but when the barbarians swarmed up, facing so many barbarians, even if Shen Tuxuan opened the road with a shield in front, it was impossible to prevent attacks from all directions.

Suddenly everyone was injured, although the injury was not serious.

"Oops, How many more barbarians are there!"

"There are about twenty more, hold on!"

"Didn't you see that barbarian leader was also attracted? This leader's strength is infinitely close to Kung Fu fighter. We are not opponents, let alone other barbarians!"

"I attracted the barbarian leader. These ordinary barbarians depend on you!"

Ying Nanyan yelled, ran out of the team, rushed towards the tall barbarian leader, and yelled, "come with me!"

Sure enough, the leader was attracted and taken away by her, and everyone's psychological pressure was suddenly relieved a lot.

After all, this barbarian leader, from the beginning, everyone did not have the idea of competing with it, just want to lead it away, after all, in the history of the competition, no barbarian leader has ever been killed.

It is too powerful, and the strength is infinitely close to fighter, not their students can compete against.

But without such a powerful fighting force as Ying Nanyan with a vitality close to 4, the remaining barbarians put more pressure on everyone.

Shen Tuxuan was already bloodstained at the corner of his mouth at this time. After all, he was at the forefront to resist the barbarians' offensive. Even if someone had a human-shield in one, he could remove most of the barbarian forces, but it took too long. He still suffered some internal injuries.

Generally, players under this kind of internal injury must abstain to save their strength, but at the moment Shen Tuxuan didn't think about abstaining.

Not only him, everyone else is hurt, but no one wants to abstain!

Many viewers cried in front of the TV.

Knowing this group of people is using their final battle to defend their dignity!

Just then, a barbarian turned around and gave the archer a hammer. The archer was blown out and spit blood. Seeing that the barbarian was going to follow up and kill himself, he had to hit a rescue bomb.

There is one less, still an archer.

Without long-range containment, the next battle is even more difficult!

Yan Yan gritted her teeth, and the spear moves in her hands were a bit messy. She didn't know how long she could hold on, but she had no intention of abstaining!

Suddenly, a barbarian rushed out from the side and was shot through by Yan Yan, and another barbarian rushed up. Yan Yan subconsciously drew the spear and stabbed, but did not pull the long spear in her hand.

It turned out that the first barbarian had very strong vitality, and her stab was slightly crooked, and the barbarian was holding the spear tightly without letting go.

Yan Yan had been exhausted at this time, but she was unable to draw the spear back.

Seeing that the other barbarian was about to hit her with a big stick, Yan Yan could not hide and closed her eyes subconsciously.

Yan Yan only heard the wind, and then felt something is on the face, as if some liquid had sprayed on her face.

She opened her eyes and found that the barbarian was in front of her, the left eye was shot through by a feather arrow.

The arrow shot directly from its left eye and inserted it into its head.

The barbarians did not even struggle, and they fell to the ground.

Yan Yan froze, haven't their archers quit?

Where's the arrow?

At this moment, a voice sounded on the hillside beside the crowd:

"Well, did I miss something? Why are you only there, and Yazun and Yucai are fighting together?"

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