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VIP room.

Jiang Shenling, the deputy principal of Qinggang No. 3 High School, sighed bitterly, then picked up the red wine just sent by the secretary and took a big sip.

Several other people in Qinggang who had a good relationship with him came up to comfort him.

After all, the strength is poor, which is also no way out.

Qinggang No. 3 High School is the weakest overall team among the nine teams participating in the competition this time.

Although the vitality of the five of them is between 2.7 and 2.9, which is relatively average, this is higher than the average score of the No.3 high school in Anping County-but they are the only one of the nine teams without a player with a vitality of 3.

The overall strength of a team can not only look at the average.

The role played by a strong player may be greater than the role played by three or four ordinary players.

So before that, everyone in Qinggang No. 3 High School was mentally prepared, that is, this time to come to the competition, the main purpose is to see, as for the results, do not make any demands.

Now that the first student has been eliminated, there is no way to do it, after all, it cannot affect the next college entrance examination.

However, Jiang Shenling looked enviously at Lu Wu.

He is also a fighter. Naturally, he can see that in fact, the overall strength of Anping No. 3 High School is worse than his school. In the battle with the barbarians, there were at least seven or eight dangers.

However, Zhong Yihan, a powerful archer in Anping No. 3 High School, was in control of the field, and he managed to keep the team with his own strength!

this is too scary!

Qinggang No. 3 High School needs a Zhong Yihan.

Thinking of this, Jiang Shenling walked towards Lu Wu with a glass of wine, humbly respected, and smiled bitterly: "Principal Lu, I really envy you!"

Lu Wu naturally knew what he meant, and quickly picked up the cup and smiled: "Actually, your students are doing very well, but some people cannot just use common sense."

"Ah, I also know that genius is rare, but I still hope to communicate with your school in the future!"

Lu Wu was overjoyed and Duanbei said, "of course!"

The two clink glasses and smile at each other.

At this time, there was an official from the organizing committee in the director's office: "The first player to be eliminated appeared. From then on, it entered the competition point where the players were eliminated successively. Both the medical team and the emergency rescue team be prepared for the situation, Don't appear dead situation. "

"Yes, I'll arrange it!"

Players and teachers also know that for each participating team, the real test has just begun.

In the next thirty kilometers, there are many beasts scattered. These strange beasts do not stay together like the barbarians but will follow the instincts of their beasts to hunt in this forest.

So next, the players encountering beasts are often sudden events.

This actually tests the overall strength of a team.

Add elements like exhaustion and hunger.

So the real test has just begun.

But for the audience, just relax a little, take a break, go to the toilet and eat something.

At this time it was almost noon, and it was almost lunchtime.

In the VIP room, the secretary had already arranged a sumptuous lunch for them, and the leaders watched the performance of the players while eating.

For the players, it is also necessary to eat something to supplement their physical strength.

The mode of the three cities' competition is derived from the experience of leveling up after the college entrance examination.

Although this experience will not affect students' admission to Kung Fu colleges, the education department still puts this experience as a play-off in the college entrance examination, which is actually far-reaching.

After all, this is the college entrance examination, the most important exam for people.

How many people attach great importance to the college entrance examination, which is beyond imagination.

Putting the field experience into the college entrance examination, even if it is just a play-off, is enough to show that the education department attaches great importance to field practice.

Times are different after all.

The core purpose of the country's vigorous training of Kung Fu talents is far from being as simple as "building a healthy body", but to improve the overall strength of the people and to survive and continue the entire human civilization!

Therefore, only a few "pseudo-Kung Fu fighter" who have a high vitality but practical combat ability are not worth mentioning. This is definitely not what high-level officials want to see.

What the top executives really want to train are real soldiers!

What is the core meaning of field training?

From the beginning, the top of the country wanted to use this method to make all people take the Different World as their imaginary enemy. They hope that every student, from the moment of learning Kung Fu, will be ready to go to the Different World and capture it !!

They even went pessimistic and said that if the earth fell someday.

These students have been trained in field survival and combat since they were young and may have the opportunity to leave a trace of fire for human civilization.

What they think of is definitely called forethought and good intentions.

How do you survive when you are alone in the Different World, there are no sources of fire, no seasonings, no drugs, no food, and only the weapons you carry?

Fighting is only part of the experience, and the real core of this experience is survival!

By the creek, Li Xinyu had already raised a fire.

Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan are dissecting a goat-like beast with a dagger.

This beast they encountered on the road and was shot into the eye by Zhong Yihan with an arrow, so it became everyone's lunch ingredients.

Although there is no salt or seasoning, Zhong Yihan collected some wild vegetables and wild seasonings, such as mountain pepper and gerbera, but it was enough to add flavor to the lamb.

"I miss the fat guy a bit." Yang Yuan took a sip and roasted the mutton, frowning and smashing the meat down. "The fat guy who has the best cooking skills. Unlike Lao Du, roasted half-baked and unripe, not delicious! "

"Half-baked, you still eat? This is a beast, okay! The muscles are more developed than the living creatures on the earth, and the fibers are stronger. There is nothing too good in this wild. Just eat! "

Zhong Yihan was also a little helpless, and cooking was really not his strong point, and Du Tianqing was right. The conditions in this wild country are limited, and has food is really good.

But everyone did not relax their vigilance when eating.

The first eating was Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan and Ming Jiajia, while Zhong Yihan and Li Xinyu stood aside, and each person was responsible for alerting in one direction.

This is also true of other teams. Some people eat first, and one or two are on guard.
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This approach is indeed not in vain.

Just when a few people were enjoying their meals, the three tooth canine beasts were attracted by the strong smell of roasted meat and quietly surrounded them.

At this time, Zhong Yihan's field experience can be seen.

The place where they chose to camp was a high place beside a stream with a high field of view, and the surrounding 360 degrees could be seen at a glance.

Therefore, although the three tooth canine beasts approached the bush carefully, they were discovered by Zhong Yihan and Li Xinyu.

"Xinyu, it's your turn."

Li Xinyu nodded, rushed up with a pair of knives, killing three without any hesitation.

After all, the tooth canine beasts are very weak among the beasts. When Zhong Yihan had a vitality of 1.5 before, he killed them like cutting vegetables.

Everyone applauded.

Du Tianqing laughed: "Xin Yu, your knives are getting sharper."

Li Xinyu smiled and didn't speak.

Just then, a loud eagle crow suddenly sounded in the sky.

The crowd looked up, then their faces changed.

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