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Kung Fu Beyond the World 265 Chapter 265 - First Archer 1

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Yang Jianqiao, the deputy principal of Qinggang No. 10 High School, was stunned and found that it was the lead principal of Qinggang No. 3 High School, he immediately laughed.

Everyone is from Qinggang City. Naturally, they do not want to be completely snatched by Yazun and Yucai, so it is inevitable that they will praise each other.

Yang Jianqiao rushed to the head of Qinggang No. 3 High School and arched his hands, then made a humble appearance, and smiled, "Thanks for the praise, Baofang's archery is indeed okay. Well, this is our Wu Baofang!"

Yang Jianqiao pointed at the other screen, on which a team had also encountered the barbarians, and fighting had taken place.

One of the boys shot an arrow right in the throat of a barbarian, causing the barbarian to fall down while covering his throat.

Under his command, several students around him hurried forward, and the boy hiding behind the tree was another arrow and shot through another chest of a barbarian.

He adjusted his posture and pulled his bow and arrow again.


Another barbarian was shot through the heart.

"Good archery! All three arrows succeed!"


"It's even better than the student Zhong Yihan just now!"

"That is, this classmate Wu Baofang not only shoots accurately but also has a fast rate. Three arrows and three hits, and even within a few seconds, this is commendable. Once such talents are cultivated in the future, they are jungle snipers. Very powerful! "

"Compared to Zhong Yihan from Anping No. 3 High School, the accuracy is there, but the rate of fire is too slow, and it often takes a few tens of seconds to shoot. This efficiency is really worse than Wu Baofang."

Yang Jianqiao was very proud, as if he had been praised by himself, and laughed: "It's okay, okay, classmate Zhong is also very powerful, although he can't compare with Baofang."

Zhang Shou almost laughed, but he was too lazy to explain. Even the county chief winked and asked him to help Zhong Yihan talk and earn face, and he was too lazy to open the mouth.

Because he knows that the face of Anping No. 3 High School is not something he can say in a few words, and more importantly, no one in this group can see the abnormality of Zhong Yihan? !!

Oh, it's not completely no.

Yazun's leading teacher Wei Peng and Yucai 's leading teacher Wang Kun—a middle-aged man who has not been very talkative, has a lot of momentum, and now he frowns slightly, looking at the screen of Anping No.3 high school.

The strength of these two people is the highest among the teachers present, and their eyesight is also the most accurate.

So at a glance, Zhong Yihan didn't shoot slowly, but he was in control of the field at all!

Every time he shot, he must get stuck at the point where someone was attacked.

On several occasions, he also shot two or three arrows within a few seconds, but all hit the barbarians who attacked!

This shooting technique, how can you tell me his efficiency is too low? !!

He simply suppressed the audience with a bow, but only deliberately let a few teammates practice there, and he was protecting it.

Wei Peng flashed a little regret in his heart and knew that Zhong Yihan was so strong that he shouldn't have put such a high attitude at the beginning. Fortunately, Nan Yan had a good relationship with this kid ...

But this regret just passed away.

He snorted proudly, with Yazun's powerful strength, even if Zhong Yihan had stunning archery?

we do not need!

And Yucai's leading teacher, Wang Kun, flashed a sense of crisis in his eyes.

This kid is not polite before, and refused Yanyan in public?

Just this arch-suppression of the audience, no one in the younger generation of students he's ever met can match ... and the materials say that he is good at the knife?

This boy, walking with Yazun, is the enemy of their Yucai competition this time!

At this moment, during the battle on the side of Zhong Yihan, watching Li Xinyu and they beheaded and killed seven or eight barbarians, the scale of victory had tilted towards humans ...

But all of a sudden, a barbaric elite suddenly stunned a shot, avoiding Yang Yuan's stab in front of him, turned and flung towards Ming Jiajia on the other side!

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked, because from the live broadcast picture, Ming Jiajia was fighting an ordinary barbarian at this time, and it was too late to take care of herself.

The other three did not respond, but it was a coincidence that Zhong Yihan was standing between the elite barbarian and Ming Jiajia, and there were just two ordinary barbarians!

Everyone thought Ming Jiajia was going to be unlucky this time, either a slight injury or may affect the college entrance examination.

But just then.

Zhong Yihan's arrow shot out.


This arrow bypassing the two ordinary barbarians and also the trees, drawing a beautiful arc in the air, and then shooting through the head of the elite barbarians!

"Arc Arrow!"

"The arc arrow at the critical moment!"

"This is definitely a master! Only a master is so confident!"

At this time, the guide room was also exclaimed!

A director shouted, "Hurry up! Cut the main lens to No. 9 and it will be a wonderful moment!"

He said as he adjusted the slow motion of the arc arrow just now, and the whole studio was suddenly boiling.

This classic moment of battle must be given in slow motion.

Thirteen drones clearly captured the front and back moments of that arc arrow from different angles, up, down, left, and right, and then the guide group edited it at a very fast speed, and it became a classic instant shot.



Instantly exploded in front of the TV screen!

Then the barrage flew up.


[Yihan so awesome (Breaking sound)]

[Arc Arrow! It's an arc arrow!]

[Mom asked me why I was kneeling to watch the live broadcast ...]

[So powerful!]

In the VIP room, the leaders were also amazed and praised.

The county chief Zhang Mingrui was so happy to applaud and applauded vigorously: "Great! Great!"

Luo Hao, the mayor of Tai'an, also had a rare smile on his face at this time, applauding: "Wonderful! Beautiful arrow!"

He didn't pay attention to the No.3 high school in Anping County and had no hope at all.

Unexpectedly, this guy Zhong Yihan even gave him such a big surprise?

Not only did he has such a high accomplishment in collecting herbs, but also in archery?
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Good guy!

Suddenly, an idea arose in his mind.

If Yazun and Anping No. 3 High School are united, So what if Yucai jointed several other schools?

However, Luo Hao immediately laughed and thought, even though Yucai did a good job, but with such a powerful strength of Yazun, where do they need to join hands with others?

Isn't this a joke?

At this time, Yang Jianqiao, the vice-principal of Qinggang No. 10 High School, seemed to think that Zhong Yihan's arrow was too popular. Some jealous "Hey" two times, said: "This guy is pretty good, good luck!"

In one sentence, he attributed Zhong Yihan's arc arrow to luck, but Zhang Shou said: "I don't know how long it took Wu Baofang to study archery?"

Yang Jianqiao didn't know Zhang Shou, thinking that he was simply curious, so he made a proud look, saying: "Wu Baofang is a real archery genius. He has been practicing arrow since he was a child. It is for ten years."

Mo Kaiyuan praised: "Sure enough, genius also needs the diligence to bless, and Wu Baofang is very good."

Yang Jianqiao smiled proudly: "Thank you, Mayor Mo praised, Bao Fang 's child is hard-working, he shoots hundreds of arrows every day, and often stops when his arms are flushed. His archery level today is no luck. "

After that, he deliberately glanced at Zhang Shou.

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