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Kung Fu Beyond the World 264 Chapter 264 - Calm Yucai

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Twenty barbarians encountered Yazun as if they were chopped melon and vegetables, almost in an instant, they were killed.

The corpse was everywhere.

On the side of Yazun, let alone injuries, five people seemed to not use strength.

The barrage was full of wonder.

[This is the strength of No. 1 Yazun in the three cities? !!]

[So terrible, terrible! Is this our opponent of Yucai? What a strong power!]

[We have Yan Yan!]

[It's really hard to imagine. All of them are the same grade. How can the gap in strength be so large.]

[Yazun mighty! Yazun always comes first!]

[Long live Yazun!]

[North of the Galaxy, Nanyan is the most beautiful!]

There was also a shock in the VIP room, and Luo Hao, the mayor of Tai'an City, could not close his mouth with a smile.

The two leaders of Yazun, Vice-principal Liu Canhui and teacher Wei Peng also showed reserved smiles.

The leaders of other schools are very serious, and Yazun's strength is really strong.

Lu Wu and Zhang Shou looked at each other, both of them smiled bitterly, shook their heads and thought, "can't compare, really can't compare."

At this time, Yucai High School on the camera also encountered barbarians.

However, compared with Yazun just now, they have destroyed more than two dozen barbarous quickly.

Yucai High School's performance was "weak" a lot.

They relied on a tall and mighty student holding a shield to serve as an MT, came forward to attract firepower, several others attacked separately, and an archer was behind to support them.

Among them, Yan Yan rushed in front of the team with a steel gun. Although brave, overall it was steady. A team is like a whole, so the battle scene is naturally not as exciting as it was just now.

So at one time, [the north of the galaxy, the most beautiful Nanyan] in the live broadcast screen had a lot of barrage moments.

However, it is worth mentioning that Yucai High School is very stable in dealing with barbarians. Like a machine, some people are responsible for pulling monsters, some are responsible for raids, and some are interspersed and cut to disrupt the barbarians' formations on the opposite side.

Twenty minutes later, the barbarians had died in the team of Yucai High School and had barely used the advantages of being a barbarian.

Only Yucai High School won neatly, but lacked a burst point, so the barrage response was average.

However, laymen watched the excitement, and insiders watched the doorway.

Not to mention that the VIP room's vision of the entire battlefield is much larger than ordinary people.

Ordinary people can only see the single-screen footage that the director finally cut out, while the VIPs in the VIP room see the entire audience.

Luo Hao first applauded: "The students of Yucai High School performed perfectly. With tacit understanding, it was like one, powerful, powerful!"

Mo Kaiyuan, the mayor of Xishui City, also showed a smile on his face, saying, "But it can't be compared with the classmates of Yazun. The chopper team, haha, it's amazing!"

The chopper team refers to Yazun, all five of whom are attacking fighters.

Ordinary teams often have an MT who is responsible for defying the monsters, at least a long range-just like Yucai.

The two old foxes looked at each other and saw the vigilance of each other.

Yes, Luo Hao was also alert.

Yazun's performance is amazing, but only those who look at the crowd will find Yucai's performance more boring.

All of the present here are knowledgeable. In their eyes, the five people in Yucai High School just showed that they were too calm.

Calm is not like a student at all, but rather a battle-hardened soldier!

Their cooperation is clear-cut, with clear responsibilities, and they are not greedy for meritorious efforts. This is better than most teams!

In particular, the student with the shield in front of them blocked the forefront with one person's strength. Although he is strong, the movement was very dexterous. The shield in his hand seemed to be spiritual. It was easy to block the front seven or eight barbarians.

He is very powerful!
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Not only Luo Hao, but other people have also remembered Yucai's student holding a shield. Seeing the information, his name is Shen Tuxuan.

Therefore, Luo Hao and Wei Peng also became vigilant at this moment, knowing that Yucai must be very strong.

At this time, Lu Wu, who was sitting in the back row, whispered to Zhang Shou: "Look, Lao Zhang, this is a trouble, Yucai is too stable!"

Zhang Shou nodded heavily.

The shield-bearing Shen Tuxuan shows that his vitality is 3.3, but his appearance is calm maybe Zhong Yihan's rival.

Sure enough, there is nothing wrong with fame. Although Yucai is only the second, his overall strength is more than one grade higher than that of Anping No. 3 high school.

At this time, in the top screen, Du Tianqing and others had already dealt with the barbarians.

He was holding the shield, rushed to the front, and stopped the attack of two barbarians-yes, in this team, Du Tianqing was the MT responsible for pulling the monsters.

It is just obvious that the defense techniques of Du Tianqing's monsters and shields are much weaker than those of Shen Tuxuan. Not only is there a huge gap in strength, but the gap in technology is even more obvious.

And Yang Yuan, Ming Jiajia, and Li Xinyu all rushed up according to the formation, each facing other barbarians.

Yang Yuan 's weapon is a thick-backed sword, which follows the line of strength. Ming Jiajia 's weapon is a thin knife, followed by the agile line, and Li Xinyu is a double-knife with both offense and defense.

However, in the eyes of the VIPs in the VIP room, the performance of Anping No. 3 High School was quite average.

After all, Du Tianqing did not deal with the barbarian experience and attracted a lot of barbarians, so he and Yang Yuan, Li Xinyu, and Ming Jiajia were surrounded by dozens of barbarian groups in an instant.

Because it was the first time to fight with the barbarians, the battle at the beginning seemed a bit difficult. Du Tianqing held the shield at the forefront and could only look left and right to barely support it.

The people behind him were somewhat flustered.

Fortunately, there was Zhong Yihan's long-range support. After the omission was supplemented by Zhong Yihan with his bow and arrow, their mentality gradually stabilized, and their cooperation became more tacit.

Mo Kaiyuan nodded and praised: "It can be seen that most of the players in Anping No. 3 High School should be the first actual combat, but they can master the rhythm in such a short period of time, indicating that the foundation is solid, and they should also be trained in advance. "

Mo Kaiyuan also has the strength of a Kung Fu fighter. In addition, he has been a mayor for so many years, and his eyesight is still very good.

Therefore, his words also attracted the approval of many people.

The county magistrate Zhang Mingrui was very happy at the moment. He didn't know the true strength of Zhong Yihan, so he didn't know what step the No.3 high school could reach this time.


Just then, a barbarian who tried to sneak in Li Xinyu from behind was shot straight through his head with an arrow.

At this moment someone snorted and praised: "This guy has good archery skills!"

"Yeah, that arrow was at least 80 meters away, and it was a sneak attack from behind. a barbarian was killed with a single arrow!"

"Looking at his behavior, within a hundred meters, he shoots with unfailing accuracy, right?"

"shoot with unfailing accuracy can only be regarded as a good foundation, and it is far from enough to say a master."

"If there is a master of archery. There is one of this group of experienced students-Wu Baofang in Qinggang No. 10 High School, not only shoots with unfailing accuracy within 200 meters but also has continuous arrows. Amazing. Am I right, principal Yang? "

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