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Kung Fu Beyond the World 263 Chapter 263 - The Powerful Yazun

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Du Tianqing and others stared at each other-do you think this statement is annoying? !!

The barrage was also mournful.

[Do not want to be classified as an assistant...]

[Brother, the assistant is very popular these days, isn't it?]

[You don't want to be, but I want to be!]

[Coach, I want to be an assistant!]

However, many viewers find Zhong Yihan's statement very reasonable.

This experience is a stage for future Kung Fu teachers to show themselves. Although there is a scoring mechanism, who will tell you ... the higher the score, the better?

The teachers wanted to see the abilities and potential of the students through this experience, not just the final score.

You can stay out of the fight by collecting herbs, so don't blame the teachers' comments on you, you will feel that you are a "dislike battle" person, and you will naturally be excluded from some circles.

However, these words are spoken out of Zhong Yihan's mouth, so why make people want to hit him?

Zhong Yihan took four people along the way and stopped, and found some herbs along the way. Then, about two or three kilometers away from the starting point, they first encountered the wandering barbarians in the mountains.

The barbarians and beasts in this test site were all captured by humans in Different World before being raised on the earth.

The purpose is to throw these out and serve as targets for human beings in the three-city competition.

It's a bit like the Roman arena.

Of course, this approach will naturally lead to a group of protests. Especially in the past few years, France maybe because of the ease of life, and it is particularly rich in such people who are shouting "using affection to beasts with love" every day.

However, at the beginning of last year, a spatial crack appeared in the city of Reims, France, and the entire Reims and the half of Paris on the side were blasted flat. This kind of person was significantly less.

Too much talk, get back to business.

These two dozen barbarians were apparently dropped here, perhaps because of their long-term upbringing. These barbarians apparently were not as fierce and offensive as barbarians from Different World.

Their body size is also smaller than that of the real barbarians in the Different World, and their activity level is not high. Most of them lay lazily on the ground after they were full, and they did not cut down trees to harvest resources.

Even the patrolling barbarians were perfunctory.

Zhong Yihan looked for it. There are several tall barbarians, who should be elites. Barbarians rarely hide their breath, so he can basically judge their strength, and the highest will not break 4.

Because on the earth, and no totem poles can receive the energy of the evil gods, can't they transform.

Zhong Yihan and they in the woods, and Yang Yuan wondered, "This is the barbarian? I still saw alive for the first time."

Ming Jiajia was a little nervous, and said, "How do I think, except that they have a lot of hair? They seem to be no different from humans."

In the end, Ming Jiajia was kind. She thought that she could kill it, but when she saw the real barbarian, she hesitated.

Du Tianqing solemnly said, "Jia Jia, what are you talking about? Do you know how many humans the barbarians eat?"

Ming Jiajia guilty: "I, I know."

The contradictions between the barbarians and humans can never be reconciled.

This is a racial war, which involves the survival of human beings. Sympathy can exist, but it is meaningless.

All Ming Jiajia knew, but she was still nervous.

Because facing the barbarians, and facing other creatures, the feeling is completely different.

When thinking of their own civilization, family, and even language and wisdom, Ming Jiajia felt strange.

At this time, a big hand rested on Ming Jiajia's shoulder, she looked back and found it was Zhong Yihan.

"In a word, don't treat barbarians as people."

Looking at Zhong Yihan's determined expression here, Ming Jiajia nodded, "I see."

Zhong Yihan knows that they must have passed this level, so he said: "This is the first group of barbarians, not high in strength, which is just right for you to practice. The next four of you will cooperate, and I provide archery support. Remember, just regard them as beasts, you have to be fierce, don't underestimate the enemy! "

The crowd nodded and then developed specific tactics in accordance with the training methods Zhang Shou gave them before.

After the discussion, the four took out their weapons, and Yang Yuan couldn't help but take a deep breath: "Damn, I'm suddenly nervous."

Du Tianqing laughed while holding his shield: "Lao Yang, you are in a bad state. Don't retreat for a while."

Yang Yuan answered: "You don't retreat, you can see the results of my practice of the time."

The four looked at Zhong Yihan, who nodded, confirming the start of the battle.

Without any explosive shouting, the four were like veteran leopards, rushing towards the tribe quickly and quietly.

This clock, Yihan, has put the arrow on the bow and is ready to support it.



In the studio, a director whispered: "Attention all units, the training team began to encounter the first batch of barbarians, ready for footage and editing."

Someone laughed: "The first wave of barbarians just tested them, and they were not strong enough to see how they played."

"Well, Yazun also met the barbarians."

"They went straight up, This is, they are really powerful!"

On the largest screen in the middle, the strong man Wang Wenpeng with a height of 1.9 meters in the Yazun team laughed aloud, holding a giant axe, and rushed up to the twenty or so barbarians in front!

Behind him, others followed.

Wang Wenpeng held two huge axes and raised his hand. The barbarian who bears the brunt even split the wooden stick in his hand!

Zhang Baosi followed, the spear pierced a hole like a snake and pierced a barbarian's throat like lightning.

Gao ******* quickly took the knife out of the scabbard, the barbarians who were close to each other had not had time to attack, they were killed.

The three men rushed forward, each one in a direction, directly cutting more than two dozen barbarians, and then fought each other.

The remaining Ying Nanyan and Bai Hao also followed. Ying Nanyan was dressed in a black dress, and her feet danced like flowers and butterflies. She immediately attracted the attention of the three barbarians.
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The barbarians' attacks didn't succeed, and the sword in her hand was flexed out, each time went straight to the key of the barbarians ...

As for Bai Hao, the long sword did not come out of the sheath until he came up, and a barbaric rushed at him.

Just listen to the sound of the sword.

The audience in front of the TV only felt that a flower was in front of them, and the barbarian clasped his throat and fell to the ground.

[Fast sword!]

The other two barbarians around him, after seeing the companion fell to the ground, rushed together with a glance.

People didn't see exactly how Bai Hao shot. The two barbarians also held their throats and fell behind him.

at the same time.

Ying Nanyan gently touched the ground, and the whole person flew up in the air, landed in front of Bai Hao, the sword was retracted, and she was handsome.

The three barbarians who had been fighting with her before seemed to be drunk at the moment.

Fast and chic!

It was just the lens just now. People didn't know what happened. When the lens turned back, the three-headed barbarians fell to the ground at the same time.

When this screen was broadcast, the barrage burst instantly!

[Her Majesty the Majesty!]

[Her Majesty, please take down my knees!]

[Thousands of years, dominate the rivers and lakes!]

[North of the Galaxy, Nanyan is the most beautiful!]

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