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Everyone was very happy to find a herb, but no one took it seriously. After all, this thing can only be regarded as an unexpected delight.

But after five minutes.

Zhong Yihan found something in the back of a big tree: "cypress, low-level spirit grass."

After a few more minutes.

Under a boulder: "Anemone, low-level spirit grass."


When the crowd walked five kilometers and came to the edge of the water, Zhong Yihan found two sweet narcissus.

Yang Yuan once again took the picked herbs from Zhong Yihan, took off his backpack and counted, and found that there were more than 20 low-level spiritual grasses alone: "Sweet narcissus, cypress, and anemone..., Yihan, are you sure these are low-level spirit grasses? When did you learn about these herbs? "

Zhong Yihan said casually: "Six months ago."

Yang Yuan froze a moment: "Aren't you learning matrix formation at that time?"

However, Yang Yuan clearly remembers that when the Zhong Yihan was studying matrix formation, he delayed his practice.

Li Xinyu and Du Tianqing naturally remembered.

Looking back now, at the time of the abduction, Zhong Yihan's herbs in their team bag were indeed too many. At that time, because of the abduction, they didn't pay much attention to it. Now they think of it, it seemed that it didn't take long for the training to start, but they had collected so many.

Zhong Yihan said: "Oh, I learn it, by the way, don't care about this, as I said, find it quickly."

Du Tianqing said happily: "I didn't expect that you are still a great herb expert, so maybe we can get a lot of points just by looking for herbs."

Ming Jiajia covered her mouth and chuckled, thinking that you have never seen Zhong Yihan's true strength.

The director also found this scene, and quickly clipped the picture of Yang Yuan's half pack of herbs, and edited their dialogue to the live broadcast window.

The barrage suddenly increased.

[How does this Anping No.3 high school already have so many herbs? Cheating?]

[It's impossible to cheat in this game. They have a herb expert. No wonder they have the strength to dare to participate in the competition!]

[wonderful, this team might be able to make the top five.]

In the senior guest room not far from the live broadcast room, this time the leaders are sitting here, watching the live broadcast image transmitted by the drone.

Unlike those who watch ordinary live broadcasts, they can only see one screen.

There are ten large screens in the VIP room. In addition to the normal one, the live screen is displayed on the screen in the VIP room.

They can see the performance of each team.

Seeing Zhong Yihan's situation, Mo Kaiyuan of Xishui City laughed and said, "Mayor Luo, actually, there is a herb expert hidden in the No.3 high school team. Zhong Yihan. He is amazed to know so much about a variety of herb habits. "

Mo Kaiyuan didn't pay attention to Zhong Yihan's team at first, but now it seems that he is negligent and there is a team that can participate in the competition, which is easy to deal with.

Without a card, they wouldn't be so confident.

Luo Hao is also very surprised. His focus has always been on Yazun High School. He knows nothing about Zhong Yihan except the name and vitality of the other party: "I don't know this either, Zhang, this Zhong Yihan, to what extent is his knowledge of herbs? "

Zhong Yihan's performance aroused some interest from Luo Hao, after all, it was also his team, which was a surprise.

Zhang Mingrui didn't expect that he would be asked suddenly. How could he know such things as Zhong Yihan and hurriedly turned and turned to Zhang Shou: "Mr. Zhang, you took him for three years, you should know him best."

Zhang Shou was speechless.

Hehe, I know a fart.

He concealed me even with vitality, you dare to believe? !!
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But he can't say that. Zhang Shou thought about it, Zhong Yihan can configure the medicated bath bag by himself, so it seems normal for him to recognize the herb: "As far as I know, there are at least twenty or thirty kinds."

Zhang Shou's words are not nonsense. There are at least a dozen medicinal materials in the medicated bath bag alone. It should not be an exaggeration to recognize so many.

But the result caused a strong reaction from everyone.

"Well, twenty or thirty species, so young."

"I have a relative who studies medicinal herbs. Although he knows a lot about medicinal herbs, he can't be as skilled in using them as this student. This student can find medicinal herbs so proficiently. It's beyond the reach of average students and even college students. "

"The guy is awesome!"

"This guy is good, all-rounder. This is it!"



at the same time.

Three middle-aged men, Liang Jinfeng, Liu Wenbin and Song Guan, wore "Zhong Yihan come on" headbands and stood in front of the TV.

Seeing the live broadcast scene, Zhong Yihan instructed everyone to look for the scene of the herb. Liang Jinfeng laughed: "Zhong Yihan, I didn't expect to find the herb so well."

In the Kung Fu association, there is a special medical inspection department. To enter this department, the most important auditing standard is the mastery of the knowledge of herbs.

In addition to the necessary knowledge of traditional medicine, need to have knowledge of 25 basic herbs of Different World.

But just knowing the knowledge does not mean that you can translate it into your own experience.

Recalling the fear of being dominated by the herb discipline when he was in college, Song Guan looked complex: "The richness of the herb species in the competition field is at least three times that of Twin Mountain, but I heard that the number of each species is controlled to a very small range. Zhong Yihan walked all the way, looking all the way, so far he has found at least thirteen herbs, but he cannot just know these thirteen ... "

Liu Wenbin's research on medicinal herbs was quite deep, and he nodded in agreement immediately: "I suddenly understand that President Liang has been desperately trying to get Zhong Yihan to enter the Kung Fu association. What you see is just the surface. Zhong Yihan not only knows a lot of herbs. From the starting point of Zhong Yihan to the current position, if I see correctly, all the herbs that can be found along the way were found by Zhong Yihan, and most of them were hidden deeply. Even if it 's me, it 's easy to ignore if I don't look for it. "

Of course, because it is a high school competition, the types of herbs on the mountain are limited to low-level.

But even for low-level herbs, there are still so many species that many students majoring in herbs learn to collapse.

Song Guan did not expect that Liu Wenbin's evaluation of Zhong Yihan was so high. He was very surprised: "Would it not mean that Zhong Yihan's mastery of herbs has already reached the university level?"

Liu Wenbin snorted: "Saying college level is simply insulting him. To me, Zhong Yihan's knowledge of herbs may already stand on his own. You know, even in our medical examination department, many people's understanding of herbs is just staying at the book level. Hey, what a pity, if I could have known this earlier, I would have taken Zhong Yihan as an apprentice, but now, the more amazing he is, the lower the chance of joining the Kung Fu association. "

Liang Jinfeng didn't speak, just smiled at Liu Wenbin.

On the one side, Song Guan turned his back on his lips, thinking that both of you still want Zhong Yihan to be an apprentice?


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