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Kung Fu Beyond the World 260 Chapter 260 - The Competition Begins

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It's not just these people watching the live broadcast.

At this time, at least 70% of the TVs in every city across the country are broadcasting the live broadcast of the local competition.

In many cities, schools and squares broadcast live broadcast signals from the big screen.

The screen at this time is being drawn.

This time the lottery was not about nine teams but the three cities were separated.

There are three small balls in a wooden barrel with numbers 1, 2, and 3 printed on it. Xishui City is Group A, Tai'an City is Group B, and Qinggang City is Group C.

On the entire map, the three groups of ABC are completely separated, so that any two teams in the same city cannot be divided into adjacent entrances.

Ying Nanyan got A3, Zhong Yihan got A1.

From the map, A3 is located at 8 o'clock in the southwest, and A1 is at 12 o'clock.

The distance between the two is not too far, but not close.

Ying Nanyan and Zhong Yihan looked at each other and did not speak, but everything was clear.

Each team has a map, and the red dot in the center of the map is the flag capture point.

In addition, there is no hint on the map about the distribution of barbarian tribes, and locations such as herbs.

Then, the crowds got into the team and were sent to their teams into the starting point of the mountains.

The next step is a routine inspection. Weapons and equipment are carried by the team members themselves, but in addition, their mobile phones and any modern equipment are taken away, and then everyone is given an empty backpack, an empty kettle, and five rounds of survival bombs.

The five people Zhong Yihan wore were all black, close-fitting combat suits with red markings on their chests and backs. In addition to the obvious "Anping No. 3 High School" words and school badge, there were also huge "Taian No. 3 Pharmaceutical Factory."


The three teams of Tai'an participating in this time are all sponsored by Tai'an No.3 Pharmaceutical Factory.

These tens of thousands of dollars of combat suits are provided by the sponsors. In addition, the No.3 high school in Anping County also received two million advertising sponsorship fees-although it is not comparable to the 10 million sponsorship fees received by Yazun, but ss the first time to participate in the competition, and the bottom-ranked team, two million is not small.

After the inspection, each team boarded the flying car and drove to the entrance of each team.

At ten o'clock in the morning, with the roar of seven salutes, the game officially started!

Zhong Yihan divided the five rounds of survival bombs into the crowd before entering the mountain: "One round of survival bombs per person, so it is more convenient in the event of an accident."

Du Tianqing stood straight, took the survival bomb respectfully with both hands, and bowed, "Thank you, Captain."

Yang Yuan raised Du Tianqing with his arm and said inexplicably: "What's the matter with you?"

Du Tianqing leaned next to Yang Yuan's ear, covering his mouth with his hand and saying, "It's a live broadcast here, of course, I want to be gentle."

Yang Yuan blinked in front of his eyes, glanced at the drone that was shooting in real-time, and whispered, "That 's also true, you are smart, thank you, Captain!"

Yang Yuan passed away and saluted Zhong Yihan directly, and Zhong Yihan kicked him.

"The two of you, please be normal."

"Yes, Sir!"

Not to mention the strangeness of the two, each team enters from its own entrance and then determines the location of the final flag point according to the map and the direction of the sun.

"We are going south along this road, I'm in the middle, Du you are in the front, Yang Yuan is in charge of the behind." Zhong Yihan ordered, "This is the periphery, there should be no strange beasts and barbarians, but be careful of snake and ants, and no accident. "

"Yes, Captain!"

Zhong Yihan was too lazy to talk about them and turned to Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu: "One of the most important things in the wild is water. According to the map, there is a small stream about five miles south. Let's go there to add water sources. "


"Listen to you."

The executive guide responsible for monitoring the No.3 high school in Anping County nodded, and cut out the picture just before sending it to the main station.

The live broadcast is also very particular.

There are a total of nine teams. There can only be one main live broadcast for the public. To whom?

Everyone knows that in this highly eye-catching situation, more lenses can add a wave of presence.

Therefore, in the beginning, the guides chose popular schools such as Yazun and Yucai, or high-popular students, and given multiple shots, other schools often only passed by.

And even though it 's a live broadcast, there are actually a few minutes of delay between the live broadcast screen and the scene.

This delay is used to schedule the source for the directors of each group. After all, for nine teams, only one of them must appear on the main screen, so the directors will each select the team whose camera is aimed at, and then send a good scene to the main station, and then the central station will schedule the broadcast.

This is also beneficial, that is, if there is an unexpected event that is not suitable for the audience to watch, these minutes can also be used to buffer.

Therefore, as soon as the captains come in, they arrange tactics and orderly pictures. It is definitely worth playing.

So soon, the footage scheduled by Zhong Yihan appeared on the live broadcast screen, and of course, it was given less than five seconds in total, but these shots still triggered a burst of cheers and barrage from the audience in front of the TV in Anping County.

[Han brother mighty!]

[Han is so handsome!]

[Han brother looks so handsome with serious tactics!]

[Yihan, come on!]

These barrage guides will also be selectively released after the screening, but obviously Zhong Yihan's popularity is pretty good in Anping County.

Then the picture turned around ... and again to Yazun led by Ying Nanyan.

The ten-second shot was a picture of Yazun's students walking on the mountain road, and then the shot was everything, which gave Yan Yan the leading talent.

At this time, professional narrators also started to intervene, talking about the grudges of Yazun and Yucai, and the stalks of Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan.

So that the next barrage is full of:

[Her Majesty the Queen is invincible!]

[Yan Yan is so handsome.]

[North of the galaxy, Nanyan is the most beautiful!]

[South of the galaxy, burning for Yan!]

This is still a screened barrage, otherwise, only the editor in question will know how many fans the "North and South Yan" have.

Of course, there are some parents and teachers who have taught their children/students one after another and let them learn well. This is the "children/students of other people" ...

Participants such as Zhong Yihan did not know the specifics of the live broadcast and did not have the time to manage it.

Because they soon met a beast looks like a large mouse, and was shot by Du Tianqing with a shield, then Ming Jiajia followed, and killed it.

Of course, this picture was cut into the live broadcast, and the two commentators praised: "The performance of the No.3 high school in Anping County is still good. You see that they are very stable, and they are not panic when they are in danger. They still have strength."

However, this praise is also mentioned casually, because then, several other schools were attacked by beasts on the road, and they were handled lightly.

The commentator praised: "After all, students who are eligible to participate in the competition, this basic combat awareness and level are good!"

Yang Yuan cut off the head of the big mouse, put it in his bag, and smiled, "One point is in hand!"

Everyone laughed and ignored him, and was about to go forward.
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Zhong Yihan suddenly raised his hand and said, "Wait, Yang, don't step on!"

Yang Yuan froze, Zhong Yihan ran up from behind, rescued a grass from his raised right foot, dug it out, and laughed: "Xiao Yuntao, a low-level spirit grass, almost worthy of two points. "

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