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Kung Fu Beyond the World 257 Chapter 257 - The Lost of Li Xinyu

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There is no way, Zhong Yihan's temperament is too conspicuous. Although they all changed into casual clothes, the five were together, and the popularity was extraordinary. It was normal to be targeted.

Du Tianqing froze for a moment and replied: "Um, yes."

"Ha ha, great, I am so lucky today, I actually met the geniuses who participated in the competition, you see, these geniuses are really a talent, especially these two beautiful girls, they are almost better than the stars."

The beauty anchor began to shoot with them while holding a mobile phone. Zhong Yihan was a bit disgusted with these, but watching Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan seemed to enjoy it.

At this time, the screen full of the barrage in the live broadcast room of this beauty anchor was brushing 666.

There was even a barrage asking for Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia mobile phone numbers.

But having said that, the beauty of this live-streaming girl is a bit too much, let alone Zhong Yihan, and even Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan's appearance on their mobile phones have properly turned into handsome boys.

The beauty anchor said loudly: "What are you waiting for, the gift plane is quickly brushed up, few, can I ask you a few questions?"

Li Xinyu was about to say no, and Du Tianqing sorted out his clothes. He said, "Of course."

"Thank you so much, which school do you guys belong to?"

"Anping No3 High School."

After hearing the answer, the anchor of the beauty noticed a momentary glance. She looked up at the ranking on the big screen. Anping No.3 High School was only ranked eighth, and she was a little disappointed.

She saw Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia so beautiful and thought she had met Ying Nanyan or Yan Yan.

If it were these two topical figures, her live-streaming popularity would have skyrocketed several times.

However, although the current rankings are not good, anyway, they are also geniuses who can enter the competition, and she will not neglect.

It's just a problem that was originally reserved and needs to be adjusted.

The beauty anchor thought for a while and thought: "As we all know, the most popular title in this competition is Yucai High School and Yazun High School. I don't know which school is more optimistic for you?"

Du Tianqing wanted to answer that it must be Yazun. At this time, Li Xinyu suddenly said: "Who said that the champion must be Yucai or Yazun, we Anping No. 3 High School are also very hopeful to win the championship."

Everyone was suddenly stunned.

Li Xinyu has always been very calm and rational on weekdays, but somehow today, she would say such words.

Although they all believe in Zhong Yihan's strength, they also know that this kind of competition is a team battle, and it is really very difficult to rely on one person to win the championship.

No matter how strong Zhong Yihan is, he can't just fight with five casually.

The barrage between the live broadcast exploded.

[Little sister is afraid that she hasn't woken up yet, how could she say such a big story?]

[The screen behind you shows that Anping County is estimated to be only eighth. I don't know where you are bragging about?]

[At least the spirit of fighting for the first place is certain.]

[The No.3 high school in Anping County, right, see how I teach you to be human the day after tomorrow!]

[It doesn't matter if you brag or brag, I just need my little sister's phone number!]

[Mobile number +1!]

[Mobile number +10086!]

The anchor lady said with an awkward smile, and said, "You have a good wish, but ..."

"It's nothing," Li Xinyu said flatly. "I believe in my teammates!"

After speaking, Li Xinyu turned and left.

"Hey, Xinyu, where are you going?"

"Wait for us."

The rest hurried to catch up, leaving only the anchor lady to stamp there: "Hey, Let's talk for a while!"

Li Xinyu also just started walking very quickly, and after almost walking a distance, she slowed down.

Zhong Yihan overtakes Li Xinyu and cares: "Xin Yu, are you all right?"

Li Xinyu said: "It's okay, I just have a little pressure, and it's ok to sleep. Yihan, you can play next. Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

Li Xinyu, who calmed down, restored the usual calm again, but Zhong Yihan always felt that she wanted to say something.

However, since Li Xinyu is unwilling to speak, he doesn't ask much. He can only say, "Then you take a good rest. You shouldn't have too much pressure in this competition, and no matter what happens, there is me."

"Well, I'm sorry, I shouldn't say those words just now."

"It's okay, I never care about the comments online."

Ming Jiajia said: "Well, I'll go back with you. Anyway, it's too late now, and I want to go back to sleep."

Li Xinyu nodded and returned to the hotel with Ming Jiajia first.

Yang Yuan and Du Tianqing looked at each other silently.

Li Xinyu should have something to say. Shouldn't Zhong Yihan accompany her to chat and listen to her at this time?

In fact, they both understand Li Xinyu's morbidity today.
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Probably Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan, they put too much pressure on her.

Li Xinyu is also a beauty and big beauty. Although her family is not as good as those two, it is also an unattainable level compared to ordinary people, but it is really worse than those two in terms of talent and aura far away.

Moreover, everyone is talking about Yazun, and everyone is talking about Yucai.

Li Xinyu also has a temper!

It is a pity that Zhong Yihan couldn't see it.

This may be a genius, focusing all your attention on practice ...

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia returned to the place where they lived. The former flew directly on the bed and stuffed head into the pillows.

Ming Jiajia sat next to her and didn't take the initiative to ask Li Xinyu why she was really unhappy, but silently accompanied her.

About a few minutes later, Li Xinyu said with some loss: "Jia Jia, another month, we will have the college entrance examination. Do you think we really have a chance to be admitted to the Top Four?"

Ming Jiajia seemed to understand the reason for Li Xinyu's unhappiness, so she asked, "Are you worried that Yihan will not be admitted to the same school with you?"

The same problem, Ming Jiajia has thought of countless times in her heart.

They are improving very fast now, at least before they changed, this speed of progress definitely made her happy.

But now, Ming Jiajia couldn't be happy.

Every time she saw the countdown to the college entrance examination on the wall of the training room, she felt a sense of panic and deep weakness.

Sometimes Ming Jiajia even selfishly thought that if Zhong Yihan's talent wasn't so abnormal, that would be great.

But then she was ashamed of having such a shameless thought so that every time she thought of it, she would fall into an inexplicable vortex of pain.

After all, she's progressing too slowly. If she can make it faster, maybe she doesn't have to worry about it.

Li Xinyu tilted head to the other side and looked at the decorative pattern on the wall. For the first time, he officially said: "Yes, I want to be admitted to Top four, but I know that with my current practice speed, the opportunity is slim. Perhaps only a genius like Ying Nanyan can be qualified to accompany Yihan for a long time ... "

Ming Jiajia said: "Xinyu, there is still a month before the college entrance examination. It is too early for you to be discouraged. Maybe a miracle will happen."

Li Xinyu laughed with a mockery: "You also said that it is a miracle. I never expected a miracle. Even if I am admitted to the top four, with my talent, how long I can keep up with Yihan?"

"Yihan made progress really too fast. I can't see the upper limit. To be honest, I have never been so tired as we are today. Although we and Yihan are friends now, I'm afraid it won't be long before he will become the existence we look up to. "

Li Xinyu lowered her head, and a tear fell down her cheek: "We are destined not to follow him, we are just small fish in the sea, and he is destined to turn into Kunpeng and fly away ..."

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