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It took only a short time for Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan's bet to spread among the nine teams participating in this competition.

Although many teams have been neglected and very unhappy with them, they also have to admit that Yucai and Yazun are indeed the teams with the most opportunity to insert flags. Once any of them has successfully flagged, the other teams don't want to seize it.

Some schools that had no intention of inserting flags learned new ideas about Yucai and Yazun.

The clams competed, and the fishermen benefited. In order to capture the flag, Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan will fight. If they could take advantage of the two after the battle, they would win.

In short, each team has its own ideas. Zhong Yihan's side, because Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan made a bet, which attracted most of the firepower.

After Yan Yan decided to bet, she did not persuade Zhong Yihan to join, she left directly.

The restaurant suddenly became much quieter, and everyone changed places to continue eating.

As for the loss just now ... Ms. Ying was there, where do they still care about this little money?

At this time, the leader of Tai'an No. 2 High School, Tang Xiao, took his people to the table.

Tang Xiao looked at Ying Nanyan and said, "Captain Ying, we heard the bet between you and Yan Yan just now. Since it is a city-to-city bet, as a member of Tai'an City, if you need help at any time, just say so. "

Ying Nanyan's face was not sad or happy, saying: "Thank you, Captain Tang, one more person, and one more force, it is clear that Xishui City has already been united, so we in Tai'an City should indeed be united."

Tang Xiao nodded absently and didn't talk any more, leading people away.

Zhong Yihan laughed: "Tai'an City No.2 High School also went directly."

Ying Nanyan shook head and sneered: "Tang Xiao can not be trusted. He now deliberately comes together, the intention is obvious, he wants to sit in the mountains and watch the tiger fight. If we are too fierce with the three schools in Xishui City, If the damage is great, or when we are entangled, he naturally has the opportunity to pick up leaks. "

Zhong Yihan also nodded. In fact, he also saw it. When Tang Xiao came over just now, there was no sincerity in his eyes.

This is not a place to talk in detail. Next, everyone was full and satiated. They found a tea room in the hotel and then discussed the details of the cooperation.

The two sides first introduced the detailed strength of their team frankly.

On the side of Yazun, Ying Nanyan has a vitality of 3.9, but only reported 3.52 to the outside to confuse her opponent;

The other four people, deputy captain Zhang Baosi 3.45, made good use of a long gun and had both offense and defense;

Gao ******* 3.34, a knife that can play three times in one second, and the knife goes straight to the key;

Wang Wenpeng 3.17, the weapon is a huge axe, taking the line of strength, invincible;

Bai Hao 2.95, although the vitality is only the lowest among the five, the real lethality is probably only comparable to Ying Nanyan.

Zhong Yihan also introduced himself here, he reported the vitality of 3.2 himself, as for the other four ... When introducing the vitality, they hooked heads one by one, and it really felt an unsightly feeling.

Fortunately, Nanyan said hello before, and Zhang Baosi and others also discovered the preparations over Xishui City when they just ate, so they didn't continue to ridicule.

Ying Nanyan promised that if they won this time, 50 jin spirit stone would give half to the No.3 high school, and the remaining half would be distributed to several other members of Yazun.

Zhong Yihan didn't want it, but later thought that they couldn't work for anything. After all, this is the honor of the school. More importantly, he owed Ying Nanyan's favor, but Du Tianqing and they didn't, so they should get some benefits, so he nodded in agreement.

After all, for the sister Ying, the value of 50 jins of spirit stones is really not too much.

The next step is to discuss the details of cooperation during the competition.

After all, no one knows which direction the two teams are entering from. If the luck is not good, the entrance of the two teams' lottery is just the opposite, which is very embarrassing.

Ying Nanyan meant that Yazun must have rushed to occupy the commanding heights and won the totem pole after inserting the flag.

Therefore, from the beginning of the game, Yazun went straight towards the center of the mountain and pushed straight all the way. She did not value the points earned during the journey.

Push all the way across!

And the No.3 high school led by Zhong Yihan, if the entrance and Yazun are too far away, then don't worry, they can slowly advance the points along the way, any way, there must be a lot of barbarians around the flag point, then they want to clean up It will definitely take a lot of time. Ying Nanyan can wait for Zhong Yihan to come together later.

And if the two parties are closer, then they meet on the road and act together.

Of course, if other teams are encountered along the way.

That's nothing to say, just fight!

Even if they meet the No.2 high school in Tai'an City, it depends on their attitude. If they have a good attitude, they should take it with them, if they have a bad attitude.

Nothing more.

Hit them!

After the cooperation content is determined, everyone will keep improving, and only need to wait for the day after tomorrow's competition to officially begin.


After the cooperation was confirmed, Li Xinyu, who could not sleep, pulled Zhong Yihan to hang out nearby.

The competition is an annual event of this era. Pedestrians sing and dance in the streets, cheering for the teams they support, looking forward to intertwining with anxiety, laughter, and applause.

In the middle of the square of the shopping street where the hotel is located, there is a huge screen that continuously scrolls the information of each team participating in the competition and the estimated ranking of its strength.

Yazun naturally ranks first, while Yucai High School is second.

Anping No. 3 High School, where Zhong Yihan is in, is ranked eighth in strength, second to last among the nine schools, and only higher than Qinggang No. 3 High School.

If it weren't for Zhong Yihan's reported vitality of 3.2, and Li Xinyu and their vitality, it is estimated that this eighth ranking will fall again.

Ming Jiajia was dissatisfied with such a ranking, saying: "Why, the seventh Tai'an No. 2 has the highest vitality and just broke 3. Why should we rank behind them?"

Li Xinyu laughed: "Maybe it's because their average vitality is higher than ours. This ranking should consider a more comprehensive strength."

Du Tianqing scorned: "wait for Yihan to show the real vitality and absolutely scare them. This kind of estimation based on surface data is really worthless."

Zhong Yihan roughly glanced at the estimated ranking. The first and second are Yazun and Yucai. There is nothing to pay attention to.

But this data is problematic at first glance.
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This ranking lists the vitality levels reported by all the players on the surface, of which Ying Nanyan's vitality is 3.52 and Yan Yan's vitality is 3.31.

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes.

Frankly, he didn't believe both of these figures.

Needless to say Ying Nanyan, Yazun has told him explicitly that Ying Nanyan's vitality has reached 3.9, and in a month, it will inevitably break 4!

What Yan Yan said ... Although he was not familiar with her, Zhong Yihan felt that she should be more than 3.3.

Looking further down, Xishui No. 2 High School and Qinggang No. 10 High School ranked third and fourth, and Xishui No. 1 High School ranked fifth.

Followed by Qinggang No. 5 High School is ranked sixth, Tai'an No. 2 High School is ranked seventh.

In other words, three of the top five schools are in Xishui City, and it is clear that these three schools have joined together to prepare for defeating Yazun, and even for the purpose of defeating Yazun, it doesn't matter who wins the final victory.

The pressure is indeed not small.

When the discussion was overwhelming, a young girl dressed in a beautiful dress holding a selfie stick walked in front of them and asked tentatively: "Excuse me, are you the students who participated in the competition?" "

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