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Kung Fu Beyond the World 247 Chapter 247 - Proud Yazun

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Lu Wu and Zhang Shou looked at each other with a bitter smile. Zhang Shou said: "Principal, how do you think about going with Yazun? Yazun's temper ..."

Lu Wu sighed: "I don't even think about it, we are close. We will take care of each other at that time, but I don't know ..."

The two looked silent.

But now that things have happened, there is no reason to regret it.

Yazun does have arrogant capital, but the No.3 high school is not a soft persimmon that is pinched by anyone.

Then take a step and look at it!

Yazun Middle School deserves to be rich, and the prepared flying buses are all Hongqi's latest luxury airbuses. This bus can take sixty passengers according to the standard, but when Zhong Yihan got on the bus, they were shocked.

The interior of the bus was completely modified, and the original side-by-side seats of sixty people were all removed, and replaced with double leather aviation seats like the first class of an airplane.

And the distance between the front and back is very large, you can put the chair down and lie down to rest.

With this layout, the bus that could originally take sixty people now has only twenty places, but the whole sense of luxury comes out, and the space is large and not crowded at all.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Shou and Lu Wu looked at each other again and saw a bitter smile in the other's eyes.

It is indeed Yazun High School. It is really rich and wealthy. This bus, with its transformation, has an estimated cost of 20-30 million.

Wei Peng was furious outside, snorted, went straight into the bus and sat down, while a middle-aged man stood up from his position and stretched out his hand and laughed: "Principal Lu, Teacher Zhang, how are you, I'm Liu Canhui , Deputy Principal of Yazun High School, this time leading the team. "

The two quickly stepped forward to shake hands but thought that Yazun High School was awesome. Even the county chief of Anping County rushed to the scene in person, but Yazun only sent a deputy headmaster to be the leader.

Moreover, it can be clearly seen that Liu Canhui is not a fighter, it should be a purely civilian staff who is in charge of administrative affairs.

However, Liu Canhui's attitude was obviously very kind, smiling, and he took the initiative to introduce it to everyone: "I'll first introduce our team members to the No.3 high school. This is the captain Ying Nanyan, this It is deputy captain Zhang Baosi. The three are Gao *******, Wang Wenpeng, and Bai Hao, of which only Bai Hao has a vitality of 2.9, and the other four are good seedlings with a vitality of 3. "

Several people in the No.3 high school followed his introduction and looked at them one by one.

Deputy Captain Zhang Baosi looked calm and immovable.

Gao ******* was dyed with yellow hair, with a proud expression.

Wang Wenpeng is a super-strong man, sitting in two positions by himself, sitting like a hill, with the muscles on both arms exposed, as tight as rocks, the most prominent is his big bald head, shiny Bright, not even a few eyebrows.

Bai Hao is a cold-faced boy, very handsome, but he never raised his head, but closed his eyes and wiped the sword in his hand with a cloth.

Lu Wu and Zhang Shouqiang resisted the urge to roll their eyes. Is this a show?

Must be showing off!

Four of the five team members had a vitality of 3, which is simply awesome!

Of the five, only Ying Nanyan stood up and stretched out his hand generously: "hello, Mr. Lu, Mr. Zhang."

The other four sat in their chairs securely and didn't come up to say hello.

Lu Wu resisted the dissatisfaction and introduced Nanyan: "These are the contestants of our school this time, this is our captain ..."

"Zhong Yihan." Ying Nanyan took the lead and stretched out his hand, smiling, "It's been a long time."

Zhong Yihan shook hands with her and laughed: "Sister Ying is very good-looking. Want to make a breakthrough recently?"

Lu Wu made a stern look: "I forgot that you knew each other before."

At this time, an unyielding voice sounded in the seat behind the bus: "The famous Zhong Yihan, who doesn't know?"

The crowd looked around, and Gao *******, with his yellow hair, said disdainfully, "The vitality broke 3 that the publicity is so big. It's the first student in Anping County. Hey, I'm wondering, we are not far away from Anping. Have you counted us? "

Wang Wenpeng and Zhang Baosi next to him laughed, and they laughed with a bit of ridicule. Only the vice-captain Bai Hao sat there with a cold face, without opening his eyes from beginning to end. Caress the long sword in his hand.

Ying Nanyan frowned slightly and said, "Gao *******, Zhong Yihan is my friend, pay attention to your words."

Gao ******* leaned on the back of the chair and said lazily: "It's not that I don't give you face, but I don't understand. We came here early in the morning and waited for 20 minutes. In order to wait for these guys? Third High? Hey, No,3 high school also deserves to waste time? "

Ying Nanyan's face sank, and she said, "I'm the captain. I decided to the alliance with the No.3 high school, so from now on, all of them will be our comrades. Pay attention to your words."

This remark immediately caused the noise of several people.

Zhang Baosi frowned slightly: "Isn't this necessary?"

Gao ******* screamed: "You want to cooperate with the No.3 high school? We have such strong strength, why should we cooperate with the weakest school?"

Wang Wenpeng scratched his bald head and said sternly: "Big sister, even if we cooperate, we should find a stronger teammate, not a weak chicken like the No.3 high school, right?"

All the No.3 high school members were a little angry, after all, whoever was called a weak chicken would not be happy.

But Wang Wenpeng smiled kindly and said, "Oh, Zhong Yihan has broken your vitality. You are not a weak chicken."

Du Tianqing and others rolled their eyes straight with anger, but he was obviously a serious one saying this without any sarcasm.

However, although Lu Wu and others were angry, they did not have any temper.

After all, Yazun has own proud capital.

They are the first of the three cities and have been the champions for 13 consecutive years.

Yazun has always used own strength to compete with all other schools, so where does he need to alliance with others?

Therefore, the students of Yazun always have their own pride.
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And as they said, this time the team of Yazun High School is the strongest, with four people having a vitality of 3, and Ying Nanyan as the captain has reached a terrible 3.9!

With such strength, why should they alliance with others?

Lost the prestige and force of Yazun!

Ying Nanyan frowned. Although she was the captain, she couldn't hold everyone to listen to her. Of course, she has this ability and capital, but she just didn't want to do it.

At this time, Zhong Yihan said: "Sister Ying, I know your kindness, but in this competition, we are actually trying to broaden our horizons and have a long-term knowledge. As for ranking, we are not forcing. Alliance or something, forget it. "

Zhong Yihan's tone was bland, but Zhang Shou listening was frowning.

What does it mean not to force? He said that competition is very important.

However, Zhang Shou agrees with Zhong Yihan very much about cooperation.

With the current strength of their school, in fact, the strength of Zhong Yihan, as long as there is no accident, it will only shine in this competition.

If this glory is discounted because of cooperation with Yazun, and others think that the No.3 high school is solely relying on the thigh of Yazun, it will be bad.

Instead of cooperating, it is better to crush and destroy the prestige of Yazun.

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