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Kung Fu Beyond the World 246 Chapter 246 - Set off

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Early the next morning, everyone packed their luggage, prepared their equipment, put on red and black school uniforms, and then gathered together at the gate of No. 3 High School.

This time to go to Xishui City to participate in the three-city championship, both the school and the county attaches great importance.

The headmaster Lu Wu leads the team himself. Even the county chief Zhang Mingrui would rush to Xishui City on the day of the game to personally cheer for them.

The reason why Zhong Yihan went to the school first was to meet with Lu Wu, and the second was to ...

The school was full of people at this time.

Seeing Zhong Yihan coming over, the students from the No.3 high school gave their warmest applause and cheers.

"Han brother come on!"

"Han, blow them up!"

"Han brother! Get the first!"

"Han brother is great! Han brother is invincible! Han brother you are the most handsome!"

"Han brother Han brother I love you!"

Especially when seeing the girls in the crowd who shouted "Han brother I love you", Du Tianqing laughed: "Yihan also has a fan group!"

Zhong Yihan is very speechless. He is a boring person and doesn't like being so noisy, but after all, it is also the will of others. He had to raise his hand to everyone and wave it twice.

Then the cheers were even louder.

Lu Wu laughed: "Yihan's popularity is now higher than that of Wu Sikong before."

"Wu Sikong? Hehe!" Zhang Shou is proud, but he knew that Zhong Yihan's vitality had now broken 4, and the thought of Wu Sikong's vitality breaking three before could be so advocated, it was ridiculous to think about it.

But he was a little depressed because Zhong Yihan broke 4 and he agreed that Zhong Yihan couldn't say, so one thing was only in his heart, and he was a little autistic.

Then Lu Wu made an impassioned declaration, which roughly means that this time, participating in the three cities championship is the glory of the entire school, and Zhong Yihan will live up to everyone's expectations, and strive to get good results ...

Then, a few people boarded the speeding car and went to the suburbs to meet with Yazun High School.

Zhong Yihan had visited Yazun a few times before, but for the first time had a bird's eye view of the entire Yazun campus.

"Wow, so beautiful!"

"Well, the area is so big, so beautiful!"

Two girls, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia took the lead in expressing their sighs. The boys were also excited and yearning. Only Lu Wu and Zhang Shou smiled bitterly.

Sitting on a flying car and seeing the entire Yazun campus, the first feeling is big, and the second feeling is beautiful.

No way, Yazun is rich!

As the most famous and highest-paid private college among the three cities, and the founder is still a powerful Kung Fu master, Yazun has done it from the beginning according to one word, that is expensive!

Unlike ordinary schools built in the city, the land that can be planned by high school is extremely limited.

Since the beginning, Yazun has been following such a plain surrounded by mountains and rivers on the outskirts of Anping County, covering an area of more than 2,000 acres.

Viewed from the sky, there are not many high-rise buildings in Yazun High School, and they are mainly some teaching buildings, scientific research buildings, etc. The dormitories in the school are basically three-story apartment buildings in a row. There are dedicated villa areas for elite teachers, as well as for those who are particularly wealthy.

The greening rate of the entire Yazun is close to 50%, and you have not noticed when walking on the ground, but you can see from the air that the entire campus is green and there is a huge artificial lake.

This scenery alone has crushed other schools.

Not to mention that Yazun's teachers are the undisputed strongest among the three cities.

If conditions permit, who doesn't want to take classes in such a school?

Even Zhong Yihan had some regrets at this moment. It was really a great regret in life that he didn't come to such a beautiful place to go to school.

The flying car landed directly in Yazun's huge parking lot, and then someone came up to meet it immediately.

A male teacher in his thirties looked up, with a smile on his face with a little pride: "Is the principal Lu and Teacher Zhang of the No.3 High School? I am Wei Peng. This time the deputy leader, the school bus is ready. Now that the students are here, we are waiting for you. "

Lu Wu and Zhang Shou greeted him quickly, saying: "It was Teacher Wei, so long."

This is not polite, but Wei Peng is indeed very powerful.
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Wei Peng is a graduate of Xiangshui University. He was known as a genius at that time. Now that he has graduated for more than ten years, he is said to have great hopes of becoming a big Kung Fu fighter and one of the most famous elite teachers of Yazun High School.

Wei Peng's expression seemed to be non-smiling, saying: "Which is Zhong Yihan?"

Several people turned their attention to Zhong Yihan, carrying a large travel bag behind him. Zhong Yihan hurried forward and stretched out his hand, "Hello Teacher Wei."

Wei Peng did not take his hand, but looked at him up and down, nodded, and said, "Yes, you can break the vitality of three without Yazun. You are still the first in these years, but don't be too proud. Ying Nanyan is now a vitality of 3.9. Therefore, Zhong should continue to work hard! "

Immediately, Zhong Yihan's face was not very good-looking, and everyone else was the same. Wei Peng was too proud.

But this is the territory of others, so everyone had to put up with it.

Wei Peng did not feel that there was anything wrong with him. He continued: "It is not enough to be gifted alone. The platform for growth is also very important. So, Zhong, do you want to consider coming to Yazun? There is the best education here. Conditions and circumstances will definitely be great for your growth. "

Lu Wu and Zhang Shou were furious. This was digging students in front of them, really think they were dead?

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Thank you for your kindness, but I don't have to. I stayed well in the No. 3 High School. And now I have gone to Yazun and got the results in the college entrance examination. Does the result belong to Yazun or No.3 high school? "

Wei Peng did not expect Zhong Yihan to give up his face so coldly, he snorted, "Don't forget that you were a student of No. 1 High School before!"

Zhong Yihan replied in a hurry: "In the No.1 high school, I was also taught by Teacher Zhang Shou, and it was the same to go to the No.3 high school. Yazun is so powerful. I haven't seen any teacher who can just make a student of vitality, bring 3 in half a year? If there is, then it is not impossible to go to Yazun. "

Wei Peng suddenly felt dumb.

Zhong Yihan's past experience, no one knows the entire city of Taian today, from 0.8 to 3 in half a year, let alone Anping County. Looking at the history of the province, there is no such legendary character experience.

Therefore, Wei Peng couldn't find a word to justify, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense to him and sneered: "Then I will look at the next three cities championship and what ranking you can get... Don't think that vitality is terrible if you break 3, and I tell you that four of the five students who participated in broke 3, and one is just a little worse. Hum! "

After that, Wei Peng turned and walked towards the next luxury bus.

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