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Kung Fu Beyond the World 245 Chapter 245 - One Month later

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For a month, it reached the end of the 28th.

There are three days left, which is the annual "Three Cities Championship".

After a month of high-intensity practice, everyone' is completely tired, but it was finally time to witness the results.

Du Tianqing 2.63, Yang Yuan 2.63, Li Xinyu 2.53, Ming Jiajia 2.49, and Fan Dali 1.71.

The biggest increase was Ming Jiajia. Compared with a month ago, the increase was 0.32. The lowest was Fan Dali, but it also had a 0.2 increase.

The other three individuals also each increased by about 0.28.

As for Zhu Zhenxing ...

Everyone ignored him directly because he again found various excuses and ran away lazily.

"Haha, Lao Du, I have the same vitality now as you!" Yang Yuan was very proud.

"Don't be complacent, I will surpass you soon." Du Tianqing pretended to disdain.

"Jia Jia, You are a little pervert! It's 0.4 between you and me! Ah ah ah!" Li Xinyu was a little crazy.

"I'm still the weakest, I'm afraid of dragging everyone down." Ming Jiajia was still ashamed.

"You are too low for 2.49? How can I still live with this 1.7?" Fan Dali thinks that he is the hardest one.

Facts have proved that Zhang Shou's militarization training is still very effective, and everyone has made great progress.

Of course, the biggest improvement is still Zhong Yihan.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 4.35

Dexterity: 3.77

Constitution: 3.96

Spirit: 4.12

Comprehensive vitality: 4.05


Continuous Arrow (Elementary): 1695/5000

Thunder Knife (Elementary): 1457/5000

Small moving steps (Elementary): 1286/5000

Tiger Claw (Elementary): 701/5000

Looking at the vitality measuring instrument, the measurement results starting with four, Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, or everyone, just glanced and then continued their conversation.

They have long been accustomed to Zhong Yihan's perversion. After all, even they have grown a vitality of 0.2 to 0.3 a month. Zhong Yihan only grew by about 0.5, which seems to be a little low.

After recording the data of Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou was very excited and said, "Yihan, congratulations on breaking vitality 4. You can now be regarded as the strongest group of students in the entire province! It seems this time for the competition, you are very hopeful to enter the top three and get bonuses! "

Zhang Shou originally expected Zhong Yihan to reach 4 before the college entrance examination, but now it seems that his prediction has to be adjusted again.

With Zhong Yihan's progress, it looks like it should be able to reach 4.5 before the college entrance examination.

The vitality is 4.5. When Zhang Shou entered the college entrance examination, the vitality was only 2.3. The final admission was Xiangshui University-the admission score was much lower than it is now, but it was close to twice the gap, which was too exaggerated.

If Zhong Yihan really can reach the vitality of 4.5, then looking at the whole of the province, it should be the top ten level!

When talking about the top 3 in the competition, Zhang Shou still said conservatively. In fact, with Zhong Yihan's current strength, it should have surpassed Yazun's Ying Nanyan, plus Zhong Yihan's magical archery. If it does not happen anything unexpected, maybe they can get first.

Zhong Yihan was very calm and said, "Teacher Zhang, this kind of competition does not depend on strength. We have to look at luck and the team, but with our current team, it is enough to cope with the majority of team fights. I have to say that Teacher Zhang, your militarization management is really great. "

Zhang Shou pretends pretentiously, "That is of course. I don't have any real skills, how can I be your teacher."

Praised by such a genius as Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou was still very proud.

After Zhong Yihan becomes a big Kung Fu fighter or even a Kung Fu master, will he be considered a famous teacher?

Coupled with Du Tianqing, they will also grow up to be strong. If he thinks about the scenes where various masters gather together, Zhang Shou is still a little excited.

Unfortunately, Zhu Zhenxing's talents and interests are not here, and Zhang Shou will not embarrass him.

Zhong Yihan said, "Yes, Teacher Zhang, as for my vitality broke 4..."

Zhang Shou said directly, "I know, keep it secret for you."

Zhong Yihan still has a strength of 3.2 to others. When his vitality reached 3.5 before, although Zhang Shou, Li Xinyu and they knew, they did not report to the school at his request.

Everyone expressed their understanding and approval of Zhong Yihan's behavior, after all, he always did.

And think about it a little bit excited ...

After measuring the vitality of Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou clapped his hands to calm everyone down.

"The battle for the competition will start in two days. Let 's set off with Yzzun High School tomorrow for Xishui City. As a team teacher, I will go with you. As for today ... you have worked hard for a month, then take a break today. But say it well in advance, play today, but don't go too far. Gather at Zhong Yihan 's house at 9 pm, take a good rest, and set off tomorrow morning! "


Everyone cheered in unison.

One month of high-intensity practice, several times they almost thought that they could not keep up.
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The physical limit is one aspect, and it is more mental stress.

Seriously, Zhang Shou can be called a devil.

If they can't complete his plan as required, the food will be halved, and there will be 80 boards.

Of course, the 80th board is a bit exaggerated, but the horror of the 80th round against Zhang Shou has been experienced by everyone here, including Zhong Yihan.

Zhang Shou has a fighter's strength. Every time fight with him, it is the abuse.

No matter who you are, Zhang Shou always fights with you and teaches you with a strength that is 20% higher than you.

However, because of this, their actual combat capabilities have made great progress.

Now that they can finally take a day off, it is really a rare opportunity for everyone to relax.

Fan Dali suggested: "Lao Du, Lao Yang, Xin Yu, Jia Jia, and Lao Zhu, Yi Han, how about going to the bar to drink?"

Fan Dali likes wine. Once he rests, he can't wait to organize everyone out.

Zhu Zhenxing came up lazily and wanted to go to sleep well and then meet his idol.

But when he thinks of the situation like today, if everyone goes to play together, it seems that he is not good by himself, so he does not speak.

Du Tianqing shook out a finger and shook, "It's so boring. Why don't we go to the nightclub directly? The nightclub is where we should go!"

Ming Jiajia frowned. "Nightclub? Too noisy? I think going to the playground is better than going to the nightclub."

Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu are now close friends, and their opinions are basically the same.

Yang Yuandao: "Actually, I want to go to the arcade more. Recently, a VR game is quite popular."

Zhong Yihan didn't say anything. He wasn't really interested in playing.

They discussed for a long time and did not discuss a unified result, so they decided to freely combine activities.

In this way, the people were divided into three groups, Ming Jiajia, and Li Xinyu went to the playground, Yang Yuan, Du Tianqing and Fan vigorously went to the game hall, and Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing stayed at home.

Tomorrow, they will go to Xishui City.

Zhong Yihan also felt that he would take a good rest and adjust his state.

After all, work and rest must be combined!

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