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Kung Fu Beyond the World 242 Chapter 242 - Re-entry into the Different World

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After all, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia did not say that a group of elders really couldn't do anything about them.

After all, they are girls. What can you do? Can't you hang them up and take a leash?

But there must always be an explanation.

Li Xinyu can only vaguely say that she and Ming Jiajia have made such rapid progress, and indeed use some secret methods, but these methods are trade secrets and must not be leaked. As long as you know that these methods really do great help to them, and it's all harmless.

Li Xinyu has always been principled, and the elders have nothing good to do about what she doesn't say.

But they did not have any reason to ask further.

After all, Li Xinyu said that there was a trade secret, and her vitality had increased by 0.4 in two months, and she had no negative impact on her body. If use this gimmick to advertise, let alone 0.4, even if it rises by 0.3 in two months, it is also a lot of people willing to spend money to improve.

Even if it costs millions of dollars a month, for the wealthy, it is at the expense!

So when Li Xinyu talked about this, if someone asked the question, it wasn't just a question of rudeness.

Of course, some people also think carefully, even if it is not for commercial interests, they will also consider it for their own children, thinking whether or not to let the children also get on the free ride, as for the money, it does not matter.

But Li Xinyu was embarrassed, after all, this matter was not her decision.

In the end, Li Xinyu's uncle, Li Junsheng spoke.

"Xinyu can be taken care of by her classmates. This is good fortune. It is the blessing of Xinyu. We have to be grateful, and this matter is not what Xinyu can decide. That Zhong Yihan, the young man is very capable, I look forward I met him after the college entrance examination, but now is not the time to disturb others. "

"I know that some of you have thought carefully, but you have hidden it for me. He is willing to help Xinyu, it 's mutual affection but not duty. Whoever feels that others have helped Xinyu is also obliged to help you. In the future, don't say that you are a relative of my Li's family, my Li's family can't afford to lose this person! "

"Moreover, if anyone is careful and moves his hands in the back so that Xinyu has lost this opportunity, then don't blame me for being an uncle and not giving him face!"

Li Junsheng's status in the Li family is still very high. He said it so clearly. Everyone naturally dared not to refute it. They also put away the thoughtful and could only lament in their hearts that Li Xinyu's life was really good.

It was Li Xinyu's parents, who were smiling and laughing, discussing when they should come in person, bring gifts and the like, and thank the classmate Zhong Yihan.

And by the way, they also wondered what the boy the daughter likes is-of course, this will not be said, but everyone knows it.

Ming Jiajia's father was a little taciturn, but at this time he couldn't help but pat Ming Jiajia's shoulder, saying, "Girl, practice well, Dad blames you wrongly."

So, this matter ends here.

Then everyone went to thank Lu Wu, especially the two school classmates of Lu Wu. At this moment, the hippie smiled and pulled him to drink. As for the injury on Lu Wu's face ... Well, they don't have a relationship.

Lu Wu couldn't laugh or cry, but he was finally relieved.

This small injury is not a thing for a warrior at all, and it is almost OK after sleep.

But Li Junsheng was putting too much pressure on him.

Fortunately, the matter was solved perfectly. Instead, he was blessed by the disaster. He kept business cards with these people and had a friendship. This is a very important connection.

Especially being able to get acquainted with Li Junsheng, that was really an unexpected delight!

A fighter-level strongman, and a real figure in the military, being able to get to know such people will greatly help his future development!

So, this matter ended so happily.

After learning that Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia will represent the No.3 high school of Anping County next month and participate in the Three Cities Championship, everyone said that they would watch the live broadcast and cheer for them.

Of course, after experiencing such a thing, the name "Zhong Yihan" was also remembered by everyone.

Li Junsheng said that they were not allowed to disturb him before the college entrance examination, but everyone also had a mind, just taking advantage of this competition, to see how extraordinary the guy named Zhong Yihan was!



The matter was settled in this way, and Zhang Shou could finally let go of his hands and practice one of the teaching methods he always wanted to try—military management.

Feeling bitter when triple the intensity?

Hum, the real hardships are still behind.
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Every time a group of geniuses sighed, Zhang Shou couldn't help but smile.

Unfortunately, the only imperfection is the abnormality of Zhong Yihan. The practice progress is always a lot faster than everyone.

He must also go to bed with the medicated bath bag, but the sleep time has been greatly reduced.

When Zhong Yihan was in the night, he would spend 200 system points to buy a "stand-in puppet", and then put it on the bed and go to experience in Different World by himself.

And the puppet, even if the fat guy and others sneak into the bedroom secretly, they will think he is sleeping, and they won't wake them up so badly.

And this puppet can be recycled when not in use.

Based on his eight-hour trip to the Different World in one night, a puppet can be used for three days, which is quite a good deal.

In fact, Zhong Yihan didn't want to do this, but the secret about the system and the secret that he can freely travel to Different World are really difficult to tell others.

There is also a problem that the destruction speed of the three barbarian tribes in Different World is too fast. If it is not cleared in time, he is afraid that it will take another week to expand to the underground cave he found.

By then he would have lost a very important stronghold.

Therefore, in a recent period of time, Zhong Yihan's goal in a Different World has changed from beast to barbarian.

After practicing, as usual, today, Zhong Yihan went back to the bedroom to take a bath.

And Xia Ling was sleeping in her little kingdom. During this time, Zhong Yihan was busy and had no time to care about her. This time it was necessary to bring Xia Ling because of dealing with the barbarians.

He walked into the playroom, and Xia Ling was lying on the cot, sleeping under the pink quilt.

Zhong Yihan lifted the quilt and found that she was still wearing a pink dress, which was a new model bought by Zhong Yihan not long ago.

The previous old models were thrown aside by Xia Ling into a pile of clothes, or worn on those Barbie dolls.

Zhong Yihan wants to tease her and shouts in Xia Ling's ear: "Hey, Xiao Hei is coming!"

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