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Kung Fu Beyond the World 25 Chapter 25 - Narrowly Escaped Death

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Zhong Yihan took the opportunity to roll a circle when he landed, and then took a long knife out of the sheath to adjust the combat posture.

However, many creatures from Different World are very fierce. Although the tooth canine beast was nailed with two arrows on its back, it still inspired its fierceness. After reacting, it ignored the injury on the body, but moved more fiercely, rushed over to Zhong Yihan.

At the same time, the tooth canine beast on the tree also quickly jumped down from the tree and wanted to reinforce.

Zhong Yihan knew that once he was surrounded by two beasts, he basically had to use the shuttle to run. He certainly didn't want to give up so easily.

So facing the injured beast, Zhong Yihan screamed with a knife and rushed straight up!

The beast jumps up high. This acceleration of the forward flutter skills is a hunting stunt of this type of animal. Based on the weight of several hundred kilograms and the speed of the sprint, this flutter is heavy, generally, prey will be killed directly.

Just when one person and one beast were about to hit each other, Zhong Yihan suddenly slipped on his feet, and his whole body fell to the ground, sliding along the ground.

The long knife in his hand was lifted high, and passed directly over the belly of the tooth canine beast above his head!


Blood and viscera fell to the ground. It was just that Zhong Yihan hadn't had time to be happy, and he saw a dark shadow and swooped over from the side—it was the tooth canine beast on the tree just now! !!

The tooth canine rushed straight up, and a paw hit his chest.
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Zhong Yihan uses the same move and can not avoid, he can only use his last strength to move his body to the side.

But it was useless. The claws of the tooth canine beast patted him straight on the chest. The huge impact force directly knocked him out. Zhong Yihan only felt that his internal organs were injured, and he rolled a few circles on the ground to remove the impact. Then hurriedly got up.

This hit is lightly, and his entire chest was stuffy, and he felt a little breathless.

What's more frightening is that there are three deep scratches on the leather of the chest, which can almost scratch the armor.

This is the first time he has faced such a dangerous situation. If his response was even slower, he is now almost the same as that tooth canine beast!

Only seeing the beast come down from the tree. It seemed that the eyes were irritated by the death of its companion. After adjusting its body, it rushed towards Zhong Yihan again.

At this moment, Zhong Yihan's breath was not stable, and he could only evade intimidation. He immediately got injured on his shoulder and back.

This time, the injury is not light, the back is hot and hot, the armor on the back is absolutely scratched and bleeding!

"No, I'm in a passive situation, let's run ..."

Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly in his heart. Although his current strength can fight with a tooth canine beast, in this passive situation, it is almost a dead end.

So Zhong Yihan meditated in his heart: "Teleport!"

But the familiar scene change situation did not appear, but the system made a mechanical sound:

"The shuttle is unavailable during battle. Please use it after the battle."

"WHAT ?!"

Zhong Yihan was almost faint. He was going to die almost immediately, and the system was saying something like that?

After surveying and hiding one claw of the tooth canine beast, Zhong Yihan yelled angrily: "System, what is the hell? What is the meaning of being unable to teleport in battle?"

The system said: "The core purpose of this system is to help the owner grow and become stronger. If it can be teleported freely during the battle, then the owner has a dependency, which makes you difficult to improve yourself."

"But I'm going to die now! If I died, you're completely done!"

"If the owner dies, the system will continue to look for the next owner, please do not worry."

"I X ^ * @ # &&& # * & (@ ..."

Zhong Yihan's incoherent speech was incoherent, and after taking another claw on his arm, he cursed: "Then you also explain it in advance! How can I know that you can't teleport during the battle without explaining it in advance? This is your BUG. I'm not convinced! "

The system was silent for a while, and said, "It is true that there is a bug in this system. We hereby compensate the owner for a 'full effect baptism', which can restore the owner 's full state to the peak. Please prepare for acceptance."

"What a full effect baptism ... Ah!"

Zhong Yihan suddenly made a scream because he was too late to dodge and was bitten on the arm by that tooth canine beast.

Those long canine teeth pierced the left arm directly!

The bloodthirsty expression appeared in the eyes of the beast, and the long fangs were forced to tear!

Zhong Yihan's entire left arm was torn from his body!

Zhong Yihan screamed fiercely, rolling on the ground in pain, this pain is completely beyond his ability to endure, if it was not for his strong will to support it, it would have been dizzy.

Instead, the tooth canine beast didn't rush forward anymore, but stood on the side, watching the painful "two-legged beast" rolling there.

Xia Ling, who was flying in the sky, saw this scene and burst into tears, desperately trying to save Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan felt that he was going to die. At this moment, instead of fear in his heart, he only felt guilty to his parents and sister.

"Sorry, Dad, Mom, and Qiao Yue ... I can't take care of you anymore!"

But just then, the sound of the system suddenly sounded:

"The full effect baptism begins, please prepare!"

A white light appeared on Zhong Yihan's body, and the severe pain of the broken arm disappeared instantly. Zhong Yihan stood up and saw that his broken arm also turned into white light, and then the light condensed on the broken arm.

Then, an arm exactly the same as before grows again.

Even the leather coat wrapped on the arm is exactly the same as before!

Just a few seconds before and after, the white light disappeared.

Zhong Yihan stood in place, looking at the lost and recovered arm, and found that not only the injuries on his arm were healed, but all the wounds on his back and waist had disappeared.

As if everything was just a dream.

But it is an extremely real dream.

He would never forget the pain of tearing his arms!

The tooth canine beast opposite him was also silly at the moment. Although it had a certain level of intelligence, it was pitifully low and it was impossible to understand why the "two-legged beast" had been seriously injured, but suddenly recovering again?

How can you even connect a broken arm?

If the tooth canine beast can talk, they will scold!

How to fight? !!

Xia Ling flying in the sky was also froze, staring blankly at Zhong Yihan below.

"Master ... Master, are you okay ?!"

Zhong Yihan only reacted this time, and this is the system's compensation, he just did not expect that the system's compensation turned out to be so nice, which made him difficult to hate the system again.

After all, what is lost will be especially cherished. Just now Zhong Yihan really thought he would die here.

He turned back to Xia Ling in the sky and smiled: "I'm all right, Xia Ling, rest assured!"

Then he picked up the knife and stared at the tooth canine beast on the opposite side, with a faint smile on his face.

"I have never been so miserable in my life, son of a bitch, it's your turn now!"

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