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Seeing Zhong Yihan's agreement, Du Tianqing and others eagerly tried to cheer in unison.

As a student, the honor of being able to participate in the Three Cities Championship is second only to getting good results in the college entrance examination, and not everyone can have such an opportunity.

Only three teams are selected in a city, and each team has five members, so whether you or the school is not qualified, you can't participate.

"Zhong Yihan, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Xinyu, Jiajia ... you are exactly five!" Fan Dali laughed. "Brothers, I and the fat guy will cheer for you!"

Fan Dali is very self-aware, knowing that his vitality is 1.5, no matter how much he grows next month, he has no hope to participate in the competition, so naturally, he cheers for everyone.

Others are also excited, and they have decided to practice hard this month so as not to drag Zhong Yihan in the competition next month.

Zhang Shou saw them discussing almost, saying: "The rules of the competition are the same as the college entrance examination. This time the test site is in the Longines Mountains of Xishui City. A few days before the competition, the staff will put in hundreds of lower barbarians and beasts in the mountains as your prey. "

"The competition system uses a point system, killing an ordinary barbarian, and cutting off the left ear as evidence, you can get 1 point, and the elite barbarian has a special tattoo on their left ear, and kills the barbarian to get 5 points."

"Then it is collecting herbs and ores in the mountains, hunting and killing beasts, obtaining precious parts of the beasts, etc. This depends on the specific situation. In short, the more valuable things, the more points."

"The rule for the end of the game is on the hill in the center of the field, where there is a trip of more than two days from the entrance of each team into the mountain. There is also a group of barbarians who have been placed in advance, and some of them are powerful. The barbarian leader is responsible for guarding a totem pole. "

"This totem pole is your final goal. Whoever gets the totem pole and brings it to the final hilltop, puts the totem pole in the end position on the hilltop, and inserts the flag representing team, and play the gongs and drums next to it. The team that got the totem pole and successfully inserted the flag received 500 points for the end of the game. "

"As for the barbarian leader who guards the totem pole, because of strong strength, it is almost close to the strength of the fighter, so it is not mandatory to kill him. In previous years, the barbarian leader was usually sent away by the team that won last, then got totem pole and insert the flag. But there are exceptions. If the killing of the barbarian leader is successful, you will also receive an additional 500 points. "

"That's probably the rule. Anything else you don't understand?"

Everyone shook their heads. They are already familiar with this rule.

Because the next college entrance examination is also such a rule.
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Zhang Shou nodded and said: "Since you understand the rules, then our training intensity will increase, and we will also train your team's cooperation and fighting methods. I have re-developed the training plan for the five of you. Starting from today, each of you will triple your training intensity. "

"At the same time, starting from tomorrow, the class time will be adjusted to six in the morning every day. Those who are late will have an extra hour for each minute and the class time will remain the same, but you need to increase your evening study time. Don't think that I don't know about your medicated bath. Since the problem of sleeping was solved, so you need to increase the intensity of practice! "


Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu almost mourned in unison.

They did not expect that Zhang Shou was so cruel. The practice intensity is now abnormal enough, and he has to increase it even more.

On the other hand, Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing, who did not take the competition, laughed at them by side.

Zhang Shou glanced at Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing, with a sneer: "The two of you don't participate in the Three Cities Championship, which does not mean that you can relax. After all, the college entrance examination is the real event, so the intensity of your practice will be adjusted. "

"It's over!"

Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing almost sat down on the ground.

They seemed to see a dull life for the next two months.

Whether they can enter the university or not, they want to hurry up for the college entrance examination!

God, as long as they can get rid of Zhang Shou's claws as soon as possible, let them do anything!

Facts have proved that Zhang Shou's reform is not a joke.

Compared to the current plan, the so-called devil training before is as worthless as pediatrics.

On the first day of adjustment, a total of seven of them, only Zhong Yihan persevered in accordance with the plan, and the remaining six, even with the help of the medicated bath bag, completed at most two thirds, Zhu Zhenxing only completed a quarter.

After practicing one day, they went home for a short rest, and it was almost six o'clock in the morning. In order to avoid punishment, everyone hurried over again, but it was inevitable that there was negligence.

In order not to delay time, everyone would simply not go home afterward, eat, practice, and soak in the bath at Zhong Yihan's home. Anyway, with the bath bag, sleep time can be greatly reduced.

But the idea is good, but it is a bit difficult to implement.

The boys are ok, just say a word to the family, but Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia are girls. Originally, they had more opinions on the matter because they transferred to the No.3 high school. Now they suddenly said that they didn't go home, even one or two months?

Is this okay? !!

Their parents seriously suspected their baby daughter that they were cheated by boys, so they went to the No. 3 High School to learn about the situation.

Ming Jiajia's family conditions are relatively ordinary, but her father is also a fighter, but his character is more boring-of course, many people should know that the more such people who have the ability, but the more boring in weekdays, once have a temper, it's scary!

Li Xinyu was in great trouble.

From the grandfather Li Xinyu, the Li family is a prominent family of Anping County.

When it came to Li Xinyu's Dad, he was a senior official of the municipal committee, and her mother was a wealthy merchant with a strong family base. It can be described as a strong alliance, both sides are large families, and most of them are promising.

More importantly, Li Xinyu is the only girl in this generation of the Li family. She is beautiful and generous, and she is the youngest. Therefore, she was held as a pearl in the palm from birth.

It is said that in elementary school, Li Xinyu was bullied by a bad boy in the class. As a result, there was no need for an adult to show up. Her seven cousins acted together, and the boy was blocked in the men's toilet as a whole. In the afternoon, since then, the kid has avoided Li Xinyu ...

Now Li Xinyu's brothers have basically gone to college, but a lot of uncles, uncles, and aunts are all there. When they heard that the well-behaved Li Xinyu didn't go home at night, they immediately got angry.

So a large group of people blocked the entrance of the principal's room of the No. 3 High School and asked Lu Wu to explain.

Moreover, among this group of people, there are officials and Kung Fu fighters. Many people have a good relationship with Lu Wu. The two uncles of Li Xinyu were even classmates with Lu Wu at that time.

The relationship is so familiar, it is naturally not polite to scold him. Don't look at Lu Wu as a Kung Fu fighter and the principal of the No.3 high school, but he is still scolded, saying that he took students down— —Especially the two old classmates who have a good relationship with Lu Wu, didn't listen to Lu Wu's explanation at all, and they beat him up on the ground ...

Lu Wu had no choice but to call Zhang Shou to explain in person.

Zhang Shou also has no way.

In the end, he planned to keep it secret from parents and waited until the last moment to surprise everyone.

Don't mention surprise, let Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia explain.

Otherwise, watching Lu Wu's nose and swollen face in the video, I am afraid the surprise will become scared ...

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