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Kung Fu Beyond the World 233 Chapter 233 - The Secrets of the Two Worlds 1

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At the same time.

In the underground secret space of the Li family pig farm in the suburbs.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Wu Sikong, who looked like a mummy wrapped in his chest, suddenly opened his eyes wide when he saw this amazing scene underground.

Li Hanguo stood next to him, and said gloomily, "Wu Sikong, you now have only two choices. First, I let you go and you pretended that you haven't seen anything, and then lie in bed like a futile, slowly heal your wounds, and I'm not afraid that you will tell to others, because you are already a disabled person, and no one will believe you. Even if your trauma is good, your Kung Fu path has also been broken. From then on, you can't do exercised vigorously. You can't even move bricks like an ordinary person in this life. You can only live like a muddy mud for a lifetime! "

"Second, join us, believe in my god, join us and become our brother! My God will give divine power, not only can heal your injuries, let you recover as before, but also make you gain powerful power you can't even dream of! "

Wu Sikong's face full of horror took a deep breath.

He is not as vulgar as Xie Wengong. He was the strongest student in the county, and he knows much knowledge. Not to mention that he has already become a Kung Fu learner, and possesses a certificate, which can unlock some information that ordinary people simply cannot know on the Kung Fu forum.

So when entering this underground base, Wu Sikong felt wrong.

And now after listening to Li Hanguo's words, he was immediately 100% sure: "You believe in evil gods? Become fallen?!"

Li Hanguo smiled and opened his arms. "What is positive? What is evil?! Is the power of the great deities understandable by humans like ants ?! I tell you, the winner is justice! Just like you Like Zhong Yihan's duel, he won, he is justice, you lose, no one cares about your pain! "

Hearing Zhong Yihan's name, Wu Sikong subconsciously shook his fist.

Li Hanguo continued: "This is the case between people, country, the civilization, and the world! Maybe you think that the current human civilization is very powerful and has a good chance, but I tell you that the progress of the evil god invasion of the earth dimension is less than ten percent ... Do you still think so ?! "

Wu Sikong's face looked terrified.

The term invasion of the dimension, ordinary people do not know, but he does.

According to the research of scientists, the current fusion of the two worlds is actually a more advanced dimensional world, which erodes and annexes the dimensional world where the earth is.

Dimensional cracks appearing all over the world are the products of dimensional invasion and breaking the barriers of space.

However, he was the first to hear about the progress of the dimensional invasion.

Li Hanguo laughed: "Every complete dimensional world is protected by a solid barrier of space. This barrier of space is extremely powerful. It is the fusion reaction and the supernova eruption that cannot be broken. However, the great evil gods have their own methods and use the power of the entire world to break through another dimension and open up the barriers of space! "

"The space crack you see now is just a gap created when the dimension wall was just opened. In fact, this gap still has a certain protective function. It can restrict powerful creatures and cannot pass through this gap. However, As the space barriers are slowly engulfed and melted, the progress of the dimensional invasion is expanding ... "

"The rules of the two worlds also begin to harmonize. The effect of thermal weapons on the earth will become worse and worse, and the creatures that can pass through the cracks in space will become more and more powerful! By that time, Do you think humans can win?! "

Wu Sikong just felt that his body was soaked with cold sweat. He couldn't help but said, "Don't lie to me. The human army has experienced killing evil gods in other countries in West Africa and Southeast Asia! You said that evil gods cannot pass through the dimension. Wall, where did the slain devil come from? "

Li Hanguo smiled and said, "Yes, there are two evil gods falling on the earth. But that is the lowest level! Do you think the power of evil gods is the same? I tell you, between different levels of evil gods, you can't even imagine! "

"Moreover, the two evil gods who were killed on the earth are also somewhat aggrieved. I said before that the degree of opening of the space cracks will limit powerful biological shuttles. This is the protection mechanism of the earth dimension, and This protection mechanism is only effective for the evil god. Therefore, if the evil god wants to pass through the crack to the earth now, he must suppress his own power, and, just as the rules of the Different World are extremely unfriendly to the earth, the rules of the earth are also very unfriendly to evil god! "

"So the evil god's divine power was suppressed very much on the earth. The two evil gods came to the earth and paid a huge price for themselves, but the divine power could not be exerted. They could only rely on the strong physical body to fight. Therefore, they failed under the top weapons of the earth. "

"Because of this, other evil gods faced the strength of the earth and began to lay out, and I was the waiter selected by the great god Lazili! We laid out, sacrificed, and developed forces on the earth, provide space location, and the god gave us great power! "

"Now the space cracks in Qinggang are the crystallization of my layout over the past few years! Once the last step is completed, Lazili can project his avatar onto the earth, occupy this site and slowly digest it ... eventually, the Lazili come, then no one on earth can resist us anymore! "

Wu Sikong was chilling all over, and said, "Are you not afraid to be known by the Kung Fu Association? At that time, the saint of mankind will come, and the evil god you believe in will only come as an avatar. How can he be an opponent of the saint of humanity?"

"Ha ha ha ha! Wu Sikong, Wu Sikong, I feel the hesitation in your heart. You are the most talented person, and I will explain to you an exception."

Li Hanguo sneered: "saint? Huh! That's just the wishful thinking of human beings. Yes, the strength of the saint is comparable to that of the gods, but what level of the gods ?! According to the division of Different World, it is only the lower god who has just started! "
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"And my god Lazili, is a powerful median god! The median god's avatar, even if the strength is only part of himself, it is not what the so-called saint on earth can resist. ! "

"You should also know that there are fifty-seven space cracks on the earth today ... oh no, counting this in Qinggang, there are a total of fifty-eight space cracks."

Having said that, Li Hanguo laughed: "I'm not afraid to tell you this secret. Most of the fifty-eight space cracks are formed naturally, but there is also a small number, like me, believers of the gods. Secretly planned and manipulated. "

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