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Kung Fu Beyond the World 232 Chapter 232 - The New Principal of No.1 High School

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In the afternoon, Zhu Zhenxing and others came to Zhong Yihan's house to gather.

Zhu Zhenxing said: "Uncle and aunt went on a tour?"

"Yes, after lunch, they packed up and left."

Zhu Zhenxing immediately relaxed. Although Zhong Guohai and Zhang Aimei are very kind, for young people, when they are playing together, few people really like to have parents around?

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, who are secretly competing, want to express themselves well in front of Zhang Aimei, and now feel much more relaxed.

Besides, the relationship between them and Zhong Yihan and others is already in the category of "good brothers".

In addition, practicing itself is physical exhaustion, so in front of the brothers, the two have long lost any ladylike images. They would lie on the ground when felt tired.

But when Zhang Aimei came, even if they were tired again, they had to quickly adjust to a lady's sitting position ...

With these two faces, Zhong Yihan felt tired of both of them.

Then Zhang Shou also came and brought a message.
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"The new principal of No.1 high school has been appointed."

The crowd stunned, and then they all said "Oh" and didn't care.

Because everyone knows that No. 1 High School is a complete mess now, even if a master-level strong is transferred to be the principal?

It is now more than two months before the college entrance examination, and it is impossible for the immortals to bring up the school.

Moreover, with Wu Sikong seriously injured and Song Deqiu in prison, their grievances with Yizhong have also been thoroughly over.

As for who will be the new principal of the No.1 High School, everyone does not care.

Seeing that everyone was acting improperly, Zhang Shou sneered and said, "This new principal, you can never guess who it is?"

The crowd still did not respond, each practicing their own.

Zhang Shou's forehead was beating, and it was hard for him to find the first-hand news. The bastards didn't even care about it!

He sneered, "The principal is ... Li Hanguo!"


Zhong Yihan exclaimed for the first time, and then everyone else stopped.

Zhang Shou smiled proudly so that you don't take me seriously?

Zhong Yihan hurried forward: "Mr. Zhang, why did Li Hanguo become the principal of No.1 High School?"

"Yeah, he is not in the education system. He is now a big pig farmer. Why should he be the principal?"

Zhang Shou coughed and deliberately said: "Oh, a little thirsty."

Everyone couldn't help rolling their eyes. Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia rushed to deliver tea, and everyone made a diligent look. Zhang Shou raised his eyebrows proudly and explained to everyone.

It turned out that the Tai'an Education Bureau intended to airborne a principal to Anping County No.1 High School.

But the problem is ...

Now everyone knows that Anping County No. 1 High School is already a thorough mess. There is no good teacher or an excellent student. Whoever takes this pot may directly fall into the pit.

So during this time, the Municipal Education Bureau can be described as very lively, and everyone who has some qualifications is actively running the door-don't carry this blame!

The leaders of the Education Bureau are also furious. They want to assign one casually. Those who are qualified are not willing to go, and those who are not qualified are not allowed to go.

After all, No. 1 High School is still very important for the entire Anping County and even Tai'an City. The leaders naturally do not want such a famous school to be destroyed, so people who do not have sufficient ability and qualifications will not arrange it casually.

Just when the Municipal Education Bureau was struggling with this, Li Hanguo suddenly found the door of the Education Bureau and expressed his willingness to take over the stall.

And he also made a guarantee that he was willing to donate 20 million to the No. 1 High School for the construction of No. 1 High School. ...

He said that if he could be the principal of No.1 High School, he would do his best to find resources to treat Wu Sikong!

"Rescue Wu Sikong ?!"

"No way! Isn't Wu Sikong's injury already diagnosed? It is said that his heart is damaged. Even if the trauma is cured, he can't practice Kung Fu in this life."

"Yes, the internal injury of the heart pulse is not curable at all by the current medical methods. Why did Li Hanguo ever say so?"

Zhang Shou glanced at everyone and said, "Wu Sikong's injury is indeed very serious. Modern medical methods really have no great effect on internal injuries. But Li Hanguo said that modern medical methods are useless and do not represent the treasures of Different World are useless! You know, some natural treasures of Different World are very amazing. Some things can make a person reborn, and some can even regenerate people with broken limbs! "

"And the current situation of Wu Sikong, the education department is very upset, but it is unrealistic for the education department to spend a lot of money to acquire the treasures that can cure him. This is not realistic. Li Hanguo was willing to pay to the rescue Wu Sikong, even more, willing to invest in No.1 high school. How could the education department refuse such a good thing that the pie fell from the sky? "

Everyone was speechless, Zhu Zhenxing muttered, "Is Li Hanguo silly? Has he spent so much money just to be a school principal?"

Zhang Shou spread his hands: "Who knows this? For the Education Bureau, Li Hanguo is willing to throw money and take over, plus he is a fighter, even if he is not a member of the education system, but he is also qualified. Even if it is a little out of order, but the matter is urgent! "

"Of course, the Education Bureau means to give him the name of" Acting Principal "first, but give him the real power and let him do it for a few months. if he doesn't work well, he will be fired "

Zhong Yihan frowned, and said, "Are you sure, Li Hanguo was talking about treating Wu Sikong? How is his confidence?"

"very strong, this is why the Education Bureau was willing to give him a try."

Zhong Yihan's brow frowned even more.

Because he couldn't help but think of Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu before.

Those two people, a comminuted fracture of the extremities, a fracture of the right arm, but in less than three days, not only did their bodies recover as before, but they also had powerful strength and became fallen people ...

Could it be that...

Zhang Shou saw that Zhong Yihan's face was not right, and said, "Yihan, what's wrong?"

Zhong Yihan hesitated, and said, "Nothing."

After all, he still didn't tell his doubts about Li Hanguo. In fact, since Song Guan told him last time that Li Hanguo's DNA test had no problem at all, Zhong Yihan also had some doubts and wondered whether he was too suspicious.

Then he also checked the information online and found that DNA testing is the most direct and effective way to judge the "fallen alienation".

So far, the success rate of testing is 100%, and there is no fault or omission.

So Li Hanguo should not be the person behind the scenes.

But what about this faint sense of crisis in the heart?

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