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Kung Fu Beyond the World 231 Chapter 231 - The Travel

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"Yihan, our family can have all of today ... it all depends on you! Thank you very much!"

Zhong Yihan quickly picked up the glass in front of him and said, "Dad, you're talking so hard, this is what I should do!"

The father and the son held up the cup, toasted Maotai in the cup, smiled at each other, and the whole dining table was filled with a warm atmosphere.

After Zhong Guohai was acquitted, the Zhong family didn't go to the banquet and dinner party as high-key as they thought. Instead, they kept their low-key and closed the door. The family made their own meal and opened two bottles of wine ...

It was so simple to celebrate.

This makes some people who originally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to be close to the Zhong family feel very unhappy, and feel that the Zhongjia family is really too stingy.

Today's Zhong family is not the Zhong family who couldn't even eat meat six months ago.

Everyone knows that with Zhong Yihan's strong rise, as long as no accidents occur, the Zhong family will have a bright future and become rich and noble.

Therefore, whoever feels that they have such a bit of affection with Zhong Family, this time they come to the door crazy to settle.

Some people want to borrow money, some say that they have a project that will make a lot of money, and then they pull the Zhong family to invest together. There are also people who "feel that Zhong Yihan is in a good position now, and just give my children some Kung Fu lessons ..."

The warmth of the people, the world is full of things, which makes Zhong Yihan's eyes wide open, but also makes the entire Zhong family troubled.

In the end, Zhong Yihan got angry and invited a lawyer to come. As long as the guest said to borrow money, the lawyer directly came out and took out the loan contract. The interest was calculated according to the interest rate of the private loan, and the corresponding collateral was required. Everything in accordance with the law.

Want to invite him to "tutoring homework", according to the market price, 10,000 yuan a class for half an hour, you pay, I can give you counseling.

In this way, suddenly scared away countless people who want to take advantage, and the Zhong family finally regained peace.

Of course, these people will definitely say bad things about the Zhong family after being driven away.

But ... who cares?

And most of these people are complaining in private at most. If they have done too much and reached the level of insult, then naturally there is the "Regulations on the Protection of Fighters" to teach them.

Zhong Guohai laughed: "I did not expect that we gave birth to such an excellent son! This life! It's worth it! "

Zhong Qiaoyue pouted and said, "Dad, I am very good, okay? Hey ... Although not as good as my brother, I am also talented!"

Zhong Guohai laughed: "Yes, yes, Qiaoyue is also a little genius! But the biggest credit is your brother!"

Zhong Yihan said with a smile: "I think the biggest credit is the mother. If there is no mother who has always supported this family, Qiaoyue and I will not have the results today."

"Yes, yes!" Zhong Qiaoyue yelled, "Mom is the best! Dad, you don't even mention mom, you need to drink more wine!"

Zhang Aimei smiled and patted her daughter, but Zhong Guohai patted his forehead, raised his glass, and said to Zhang Aimei: "Wife, this sentence was originally what I meant to say at the end ... Thank you!"

With tears in her eyes, Zhang Aimei held up the wine glass, and the two of them looked at each other with one drink.

In fact, like Zhong Guohai and Zhang Aimei, the couple, who have suffered for a total of twenty years, where do they need to express their gratitude?

The two were just a look, and they knew each other's minds.

Putting down the wine glass, Zhong Guohai looked at his son and said, "Yihan, there is something now, and I need you to refer to it."

"Dad, you say."

"This retrial proved my innocence, and the county chief also said that I would be compensated. Therefore, the county said that a new job was arranged for me in the government unit, which meant that if I worked for two years, I could be promoted. Do you think I should go? "

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Dad, you shouldn't ask me this question, but you should ask yourself, do you want to go?"

After a pause, Zhong Yihan added: "You don't have to worry about doing well. In fact, this is also kindness in the county, and it is also compensation to you. If you want to go, our whole family will support you. But if you want to relax, and family has money now, so you don't need to go to work anymore. "

Of course, Zhong Guohai knew that the arrangement in the county was completely based on his son's face, so besides being proud, he was somewhat embarrassed.

Zhang Aimei understood her husband's thoughts and laughed: "You can go. You might do something. As for the family, I can handle it, and you don't need to worry about it. "

Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue looked at each other with a smile. The former took out a bank card and said, "Mom, we don't need to worry about you now! This card is for you. You have worked hard for a lifetime and should take a break, even if you take a short break. "

"There are 500,000 in this card. It 's a travel fund for you. I also borrowed a fat flying car. Dad, don't you always think about going by car? I suggest you pack up your luggage, then take mother, to go play, when will you spend the 500,000, and when will you come back! "

Zhang Aimei laughed, "How can we do this? We went out to play, and who will cook for you? And Yihan, you are about to enter the college entrance examination at this time, I must be with you at this time!"

Zhong Yihan spread his hands and said, "What else do I need to accompany? To cook, Teacher Zhang has already ordered a nutritious meal long ago. Not to mention that my vitality is now three, and even the Top Four is basically ok. As for Qiaoyue, it is just the second year in junior high school and there is still one year before the entrance exam. So what are you worried about? "

Zhong Qiaoyue also said, "Mom, you were really too hard before. Now that brother is rich and you don't have to worry about his grades, you should take a break and enjoy your life. my brother and I are both grown-ups and can take care of ourselves! "

Zhang Aimei retorted silently and had to look for help to Zhong Guohai, but in fact, she was already a little moved.
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Zhong Guohai frowned and thought, and smiled. He took the card and laughed: "My son and daughter are saying very well, you've been busy for most of life, missed a lot of scenery in life, and it's time to make up for it. Now, wasn't it your favorite travel when you were young? Then we have a trip that makes up for your regrets when you were young! "

"But, Yihan is going to the college entrance exam soon ..."

"Then we will come back before the college entrance examination!" Zhong Guohai laughed. "Do you think Yihan needs us to worry about?"

Zhang Aimei froze a moment, then tears came out.

She wiped her tears and laughed: "When I was young, I wanted to take a trip. I had thought that I would not have this opportunity when I was older, but I didn't expect to be realized by my son!"

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