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Kung Fu Beyond the World 24 Chapter 24 - A Fierce Battle

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Zhong Yihan was overjoyed.

Before that, he only added vitality of less than 0.02 a month, but after getting this system, it took only one week, and he has fully increased the vitality by 0.15!

This growth rate is simply terrible!

He picked up the recurve bow on the ground and tried to pull it, and found that his strength was indeed much greater than before.

An arrow shot, the steel arrow pierced the trunk, and the tail continued to shake.

"Bow and arrow fire faster than before, now the strength is a bit much greater..." Zhong Yihan thought, "It is time to expand! Or even have no system points!"

Purchased a shuttle at the last four points, and Zhong Yihan packed up his equipment and took Xia Ling to go deeper.
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An evil rabbit beast was nailed to the ground. The other evil rabbits around it reacted and flew towards Zhong Yihan immediately.

But it was an arrow, another evil rabbit beast was also killed by the steel arrow from the skull, nailed to the ground, and died.

But there were three evil rabbits, showing their sharp teeth, rushing towards Zhong Yihan.

The distance is only 50 meters, and the three evil rabbits have rushed to Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan took the long bow back to his back and pulled out the Tang knife to welcome him.

Just a few knifes and the three evil rabbits died tragically on the ground and were recycled by Zhong Yihan to the system.

It was only a minute.

"I'm really stronger!"

Zhong Yihan felt the fighting just now. Obviously, the increase in vitality and strength made his shooting faster and more flexible.

After all, the outer skin defense of this evil rabbit beast is not so thick, and the tang knife in his hand is a special blade, so as long as the move is ok, even a light stroke will make beasts blood.

The main thing is that the evil rabbit beast is too flexible. The previous few injuries were because his knife couldn't keep up with their speed.

Now, when dealing with two or three evil rabbits at the same time, Zhong Yihan has the confidence to kill them without injury.

"Master, there are a few rabbits there! One, two, three, four, four! Come on!"

"Master, there is also a nest of rabbits there!"

"Ah! The master runs away! There are big dogs in front, seven or eight big dogs together!"

With Xia Lingfei as a "radar" in the sky, Zhong Yihan is more familiar with the movements and distribution of the surrounding beasts. As long as the evil rabbits are not more than a dozen of them, he is not afraid, but basically he must run away when meeting tooth canine beasts.

In this way, the efficiency of hunting is greatly improved.

In just over an hour, a total of forty-nine evil rabbits died under his arrows or knife, and his system points once again reached 50 points.

So, Zhong Yihan bought another strength fruit from the mall and ate it.

At this time, Xia Ling said loudly in the sky: "Master, there are three big dogs in that direction, let's run away!"


Zhong Yihan thought for a moment, picked up his bow, and said, "Don't have to run, just three tooth canine beasts, it's possible to fight!"

"Ah? Master, do you want to hit them? Okay, okay, Xia Ling will help!"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes, thinking that it is better that you don't be counterproductive.

But this cannot be said, so Zhong Yi said: "Okay, Xia Ling, look at the surroundings, find a taller tree that is closer to the big dogs, but we will not be found. "


After Xia Ling agreed happily, he flew forward, and soon returned: "Master, there is a big tree there, which is very suitable!"

Zhong Yihan followed Xia Ling to the big tree and found that the tree was four or five floors high, with lush foliage and thick trunks, and it really was a good tree.

He climbed lightly along the branches and then saw the three tooth canine beasts lying on the grass, and estimated the distance, which was about forty meters.

This distance is very suitable!

"Xia Ling, fly a little higher and hide away. Don't take part in the battle later, I'll do it!"

"Doesn't the master need Xia Ling to help?"

"You've helped me a lot, so you can fly high and watch it!"

Xia Ling nodded again and flew up.

Zhong Yihan bent his bow and took an arrow, aiming at the one with the largest volume among the three tooth canine beasts in the distance.

After eating two strength fruits, Zhong Yihan increased the strength of his arms by 20 kilograms, so the speed of the steel arrow was faster and the accuracy was better.

This arrow was shot directly from the eye of the tooth canine beast, straight into the brain, and it couldn't die anymore.

The other two tooth canine beasts suddenly panicked when they saw their companion die suddenly, and stared at Zhong Yihan at the same time.

Zhong Yihan didn't hesitate, and immediately caught up with another arrow, and randomly chose a tooth canine beast to shoot it.

But unfortunately, that tooth canine beast was prepared, and this arrow could not hit the target.

And these two arrows completely exposed the position of Zhong Yihan, two tooth canine beasts howling and rushed towards the big tree where he was.

Zhong Yihan continued to bend his bow and arrow and shot two arrows on the way when the two beasts rushed over, but unfortunately, his hit rate for the moving target was still too low, and the beasts were fast, so these two The arrow was completely useless.

In a blink of an eye, the two beasts rushed under the tree, and then ...

One of them pushed back and kicked, and rushed to the tree. After a few ups and downs, it came to the thick branch that Zhong Yihan stepped on.

The agility is more than one grade higher than that of the evil rabbit beast!

Zhong Yihan stood on the tree without a support point, and could only bluff and intimidate the beasts in place. It didn't dare to come up easily, but he also suffered in his heart.

"This guy climbs a tree so agilely. This kind of tree is completely the home of the opponent. I have to go down!"

However, there is still a tooth canine beast watching from below, two beasts formed a trap.

Zhong Yihan jumped directly from the tree and smashed straight towards the beast below.

The beast below saw the prey, overjoyed, and quickly took two steps to the side, and then waited for the prey to fall in front of itself.

But at this moment, Zhong Yihan in the air suddenly shook his hands, and the three steel arrows were thrown out by him as a hidden weapon!

This time the tooth canine beast hurriedly dodged, but it was too late, and they were directly hit by two steel arrows.

Although the force of Zhong Yihan's "swinging arrow" with his hand is completely incomparable with that of a strong bow, the weight of the steel arrow itself is not light. The arrow is made of alloy, sharp, and has blood channels and inverted thorn.

Therefore, these two arrows were inserted into the back of the fangs and beasts. Although they could not be killed immediately, they were also seriously injured.

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