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Kung Fu Beyond the World 230 Chapter 230 - The End of the Competition

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The noisy three schools' competition finally came to an end.

It shocked many people.

Before the competition, almost everyone believed that this was the time for the declining No.1 high school to re-emerge-Wu Sikong's vitality broke through three. What an exaggerated value?

In the past, the argument between him and Zhong Yihan disappeared instantly disappeared, and Wu Sikong became the deserved number one in the people's minds of the county again!

But the results of the competition came out ...

Zhong Yihan also broke three, and it was half a month earlier than Wu Sikong;

Zhong Yihan prevailed in the whole process;

Wu Sikong's emotions collapsed, and he demanded a duel with Zhong Yihan to determine the victory.

Wu Sikong was severely injured and Zhong Yihan was not injured...

After the news came out, almost everyone was crazy.

The reporters couldn't find Zhong Yihan for an interview, so they went to dig up his relatives, his neighbors, teachers from elementary and middle schools, and explore Zhong Yihan's past.

There are many people in Zhong family Villa. Relatives and former neighbors have brought gifts to the door. Speaking of Zhong Yihan, it 's an attitude of "Oh, I've seen your boy is extraordinary", probably just want to pretend to be close.

The students of No.3 High School walked outside with a high-spirited posture. Yihan is the first in the county, broke their vitality 3 and seriously injured Wu Sikong. This is the pride of No.3 High School!

Not convinced?

If you don't agree with me, find someone who has vitality 3?

If you don't agree with me, please come and fight with us, Yihan will only use a hand!

Wu Sikong was defeated by our Zhong Yihan. It is said that the news from the hospital, although life has been kept, it takes at least half a year to restore the normal state-as far as strength is restored, it is even more distant.

And even more terrible ...

It is said that through the inspection of the hospital and the judgment of several Kung Fu fighters, it was found that Wu Sikong was not just trauma to the chest cavity, but more serious, it was Zhong Yihan's stabbing knife that hurt his heart!

According to the estimates of the hospital, even if Wu Sikong's body recovers, he can no longer perform any strenuous exercise, because his heart pulse is damaged and cannot be completely repaired by modern medical conditions.

Therefore, even if Wu Sikong's body recovers, as long as the heartbeat exceeds 120, it may cause bleeding in the heart and endanger his life!

The heartbeat 120, and it is achieved by a little violent exercise. Even the fighters with high vitality usually have a slower heartbeat speed than ordinary people, but it is easy to accelerate the heartbeat during combat and practice.

That means ...

Even if Wu Sikong's injury is cured, he may never bid farewell to Kung Fu because he cannot exercise vigorously!

This news directly caused Wu Sikong's family members to completely collapse.

It is said that they wanted to find Zhong Yihan's troubles and even reported to the police, but they were immediately rushed back.

Before Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan duel, they signed the exemption clause, and thousands of people saw it with their own eyes. It was clear that Zhong Yihan had let him go, but Wu Sikong was seeking death by himself.

For a while, the Wu family, who was so busy, became quiet, but no one dared to go to Zhong Yihan's house to cause trouble.

On the campus of No.1 High School in Anping County, there was a slump.

Although it is the spring season now, both the teachers and students of No.1 High School feel a bitter chill.

Wu Sikong, who has been the first, lost.

The man who defeated him was a student of No.1 high school.

Now all the teachers in No. 1 High School dare not go out, because as soon as they go out, they can hear everyone talking, saying that No. 1 high school is eyeless, they forced the student in the county to be the first and will be admitted to the Top Four out of school!

The third day after the three schools competition.

Song Deqiu, the principal of No.1 High School, was arrested in Tai'an City and taken away for investigation. The investigation was based on "abuse of power, disregarding students' lives, and defrauding students without teacher morals."

During previous field training, Song Deqiu motioned for his nephew and fugitive to compromise, listed the students, and divided the students into three, six, and nine other things. It was also revealed.

It is said that when Song Deqiu was arrested, his face was desperate and his eyes were blind, and the whole person seemed to be walking dead.

Because at the end of the three schools competition, he knew his end and rushed to Tai'an that afternoon to find some of his "old friends" and "old leaders" to intercede.

As a result, he was ignored at all.

After a long afternoon and an evening, he didn't even see any of the "old friends" and "old leaders".

The principal of No.1 High School, in a blink of an eye, was betrayed by everyone—yes, it is said that he reported the student's division into three or six grades and compromised with the robbers, or his nephew Li Chenmin himself reported it.

Although the specific process is still under investigation, everyone knows that Song Deqiu is over.

The principal of the No. 1 High School originally had two students with a vitality of three, and even a group of elite backbones. It is said that if he didn't target Zhong Yihan, then this year, No.1 high school will definitely break the record in college entrance examination!

However, because of the momentary resentment in his heart, the road was staggered and crooked. Finally, he is over.

According to the internal information of the judicial authority, Song Deqiu will not die, but basically he would have to eat free prison meals in the second half of his life.

When Song Deqiu was arrested in this way, the students and teachers of No.1 High School were bitter.

The current one is completely a mess.

The principal was arrested, and the new principal has not yet decided. The teachers and cadres left in the school are basically close to Song Deqiu, so they are scared, for fear of implicated by Song Deqiu.

The teachers were panicked, let alone the students.
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Wu Sikong failed badly and was seriously injured. The previous elite all gone. Now the highest vitality student in the whole school is only 1.8!

It's not as good as the No.2 high school!

Now the students and parents of the No.1 high school are extremely nervous and desperately looking for a relationship. Even if they send their children to the No.2 or No.3 high school, they feel better than sending them to the No.1 high school.

When people talk about this, they will find that in just a few months, one of the core characters who has changed No.1 high school from prosperity to decline ...

That's Zhong Yihan.

Only Zhong Yihan!

A student who tossed a prestigious school of several decades into this, and looking at the history of the whole country, it seems that there is no similar case.

The rise of Zhong Yihan was even talked about.

Everyone wants to know how he is. From the 0.8 vitality when the third year just started, he has carried out a terrible triple jump in more than half a year, and now he broke the 3!

Was he deliberately hid before, or did he open up in high school?

There is even a gossip saying that during the summer vacation before the third year of high school, Zhong Yihan accidentally solidified an extraordinarily senior man, whose strength was at least a Kung Fu master...

Zhong Yihan just worshiped this big guy as a teacher, and he has achieved today's achievements!

Anyway, the rumors are flying wildly and vividly, and it is difficult for anyone to distinguish between true and false for a while.

The reporters even wanted to interview Zhong Yihan, but since the three schools competition, Zhong Yihan closed doors. No one but Zhu Zhenxing and they could enter the villa.

Half a month after the three schools competition, another news spread throughout Anping County.

Zhong Guohai, also Zhong Yihan's father, was jailed a year ago for "intentionally hurting someone".

However, the case is full of doubts and has been re-examined recently.

The plaintiff, Li's housekeeper personally appeared in court and confessed in court that he had bought witnesses and modified his testimony, and Zhong Guohai was innocent.

The court ruled that Zhong Guohai was acquitted and expressed a deep apology for the previous "misjudgment" and compensated him.

Li's housekeeper was sentenced to 20 years in prison for bribing witnesses and affecting judicial justice. Several officials involved were all removed from the office.

The owner of the Li family, Li Hanguo, had led the convoy to the prison gate to greet him the day Zhong Guohai was released.

Moreover, he was naked, carrying a wattle, and begged the Zhong family for forgiveness.

The news was published on the homepage of the newspaper with the largest circulation in the city. For a time, the name, Zhong Yihan, in Anping County and even the entire city of Tai'an, everyone knew him!

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