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At this time, the audience in the entire stadium stood up. Except for the timid girls, everyone else had their eyes widened to witness this historic moment.

It's just that the two people on the ring are just a touch.

The speed is fast, most people only feel a flash in front of them, and then they see the two people on the ring. They didn't know when they switched places. Now they are standing back to back on the ring, each holding a knife!

There was silence in the gym.

Who wins? !!

All students are concerned about this issue.

The Kung Fu fighters on the rostrum all showed a pity expression.

at this time.


The steel knife in Wu Sikong's hand was disconnected from the middle, and the knife surface fell on the ring.

Then, Wu Sikong showed a bitter smile on his face, kneeling on one knee, supporting his body with his right hand broken knife on the ground, and holding his chest with his left hand.

He smiled bitterly: "Still ... lose!"
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Then, only a lot of blood flow out of his fingers between his chest.

Liang Jinfeng shouted, "Save!"

Immediately the medical team was ready to rush to the stage, put Wu Sikong flat on the ground, and hurriedly gave him bleeding!

And Zhong Yihan turned around and looked at all this expressionlessly. After shaking his head slightly, he jumped directly from the ring.

Seeing his agility, he didn't seem to suffer any injuries!

At this time, the fat man, Yang Yuan, and others couldn't bear it anymore, and rushed up, especially Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia. The two girls suddenly burst into superhuman speed and came to Zhong Yihan. Touching right and left on him, exclaimed, "Yihan, are you not injured ?!"

Zhong Yihan smiled and shook his head: "No."

"Really not?"

Zhong Yihan laughed with a smile, full of vitality: "Really not! Wait for me, I'll go and say hello to principal Liang."

At this time, other students flocked up and then saw the misery of Wu Sikong on the ring.

Wu Sikong was lying there at this time, facing the ceiling of the stadium, his eyes were dull, and was almost out of focus. If it were not for his chest still slightly undulating, everyone would be dead.

And the injury on his chest ...

Someone saw through the cracks, and they were all frightened.

It is a very deep scar, and opened his chest directly, and could even see the beating heart faintly!

The medical staff used the hemostatic cotton madly, but a piece of cotton was instantly stained with blood, and then replaced with another piece, still ...

Fortunately, in order to prevent accidents, the Kung Fu Association has prepared blood bags matching Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan. Just to see Wu Sikong's injuries, the blood bags prepared before seem to be inadequate. Contact the Kung Fu association urgently, ready to organize people to donate blood on the spot!

Zhong Yihan ignored Wu Sikong.

After this knife, the two of them resented their grievances. Since then, they have never seen each other again.

He leaped lightly and came to the podium. The first thing he saw was Song Deqiu, who was as dead as mud, and looked like mud, and was slumped in his seat.

But at this time, Zhong Yihan was too lazy to care about this old thing.

Because he knew that Song Deqiu was over.

Watching Zhong Yihan come to power, Zhang Mingrui, Liang Jinfeng, Lu Wu, Zhang Shou, and others all gathered around.

Zhang Mingrui knew only a little about Kung Fu, and quickly asked, "Zhong Yihan, are you okay?"

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Thank you for your interest, I'm fine."

At this time, Liang Jinfeng and Zhang Shou suddenly stretched their hands, grabbed his two arms one by one, and pressed pulses on each other before they were finally relieved.

Liang Jinfeng praised: "The pulse is strong and strong, and it is really not injured. It is really powerful. In the face of Wu Sikong's knife, ordinary people may want to evade their front, but you are smashing it in front, and you are not injured, Zhong Yihan, You really didn't let me down! "

Zhang Shou also breathed a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly: "It's just too dangerous, hey, Wu Sikong ..."

Zhong Yihan apologized: "No way. In that case, I couldn't keep my hand for half a minute, but fortunately, Wu Sikong was indeed the first person in the county. He blocked me over 90% of the knife, so My knife, although he was seriously injured, should not endanger his life. "

Everyone was relieved, as long as his life was not endangered.

Zhang Mingrui immediately said: "Hurry to send Wu Sikong to the best hospital and treat him with the best treatment methods! I will pay for the treatment costs from the special appropriation for Kung Fu talents, even if he can't catch up with the college entrance examination this year, but after all, he has good foundation, with the current medical technology, he can rest for six months and a year, and he can still take the college entrance examination next year! "

Everyone nodded, but their minds were different.

After all, Wu Sikong experienced such a fiasco, his mental mood was broken, and it was not easy to want to recover again.

Not to mention such a serious injury. With the current medical conditions, life is natural, not endangered, but he wants to recover completely and return to the previous peak state ...

Zhang Mingrui is also very clear about this matter, but as the county chief, his attitude must be made, and let the students in the county know that as long as they have sufficient talent, strength, and talent, then the official won't give up on you.

Of course, the losers all have such treatment. As a victor, Zhong Yihan should be rewarded.

After all, this so-called three school competition was originally a thing that was made by No.1 high school. It is not a regular competition, and there is no special funding. Therefore, given more, the financial report will be not ok but given less...

It might as well not give.

But after all, Zhang Mingrui is the county head and has rich experience. He immediately thought that the material reward could not be given too much, so give the spiritual reward!

So Zhang Mingrui laughed: "Student Zhong, you are now the undisputed first in the county. You will be admitted to the Top Four this year, and it should be nailed down! I would like to congratulate you here first, waiting for you to get the admission notices, there was naturally a good gift in the county. But now ... "

Zhong Yihan was not stupid and said quickly: "Thank you, but it's just a game. I hurt people, and it has caused losses to the county. You don't blame me, I am grateful."

Zhang Mingrui smiled like a Maitreya Buddha. "During the competition, the knife has no eyes, not to mention you and the two are still struggling with full strength, so how can this blame you? Talented and strong students like you, if we don't reward you, it seems unreasonable. So, do you have anything that we need to help? Serve the outstanding students, let them avoid the troubles in life, concentrate on their practice, this is our county shat should be done here! "

Zhong Yihan thought about it, subconsciously looking at Zhang Shou, and Zhang Shou immediately understood what he meant. After thinking a little, he gave him a supportive look.

Zhong Yihan took a deep breath, made up his mind, and bowed deeply.

Zhang Mingrui was startled and reached out to help: "Mr. Zhong, what are you doing?"

Zhong Yihan didn't get up straight, but bent down, "I do need help, that's my father ..."

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