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Kung Fu Beyond the World 228 Chapter 228 - Final Battle

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The leaders panicked and wanted to stop the fight.

But a word from Wu Sikong made them finally die. Wu Sikong said: "Even if you can stop me for a while, you can't stop me for a lifetime! Even if this battle is canceled today, I will continue every day. I will wait at the door of Zhong Yihan's house, you can not stop me forever! "

It is impossible to stop him for a lifetime. In fact, the county chief Zhang Mingrui just wanted to stop him for three months. When the college entrance examination was over, the results came out ...

What do you love to do!

But in the face of Wu Sikong's determination, he was obviously powerless.

In addition, Zhong Yihan was a little bit angry by Wu Sikong at the moment. Even though Zhang Mingrui personally came to persuade, Zhong Yihan was also in the attitude of "I don't give you face, but Wu Sikong is too bullying."

In the end, Zhang Mingrui could only speak with emotion, turned his head back to the podium, and couldn't say anything.

The chief gave up, and it was even more useless for others to speak.

So Liang Jinfeng announced that after five minutes, continue the duel!

After announcing the news, Liang Jinfeng Tieqing walked down, and clicked Song Deqiu fiercely with his fingers, and said coldly, "Song Deqiu, you are so cruel! Such a good seed, you should even give up! "

Song Deqiu was innocent: "I said, principal Liang, what do you mean by this? Everyone heard what I said just now. I was clearly persuading Wu Sikong to give up, but he had too strong self-esteem. Does this have anything to do with me? He's my student, the hope of No.1 high school, wouldn't I harm him? "

Liang Jinfeng hummed coldly and did not argue with him, but came to Zhang Mingrui and whispered a few words.

Zhang Mingrui's complexion suddenly changed, and the look towards Song Deqiu became disgusted.

Song Deqiu swallowed his mouth and wanted to explain, but Zhang Mingrui spits heavily and turned his head away from looking at him.

Everyone is an old fox. If they didn't respond just now, it doesn't mean that they will be kept in the drum. Although Song Deqiu is hiding very well, there are all kinds of reasons for him.

But what about that?

No matter how many reasons you have, I believe my own judgment!

Seeing that the county magistrate took a sip regardless of the image, Song Deqiu suddenly became afraid. He realized that he was playing hard, and he felt a deep regret in his heart, and even wanted to persuade Wu Sikong back.

But Lu Wu and Zhang Shou, who also reacted, sneered and blocked him, for fear that he would come to power, and then say something irritating to Wu Sikong.

"It's over, it's all over!"

Song Deqiu's face showed a look of despair. It really happened to be awkward. It is estimated that the county head has counted all the charges on himself, even if he has no evidence, but offending the county head, his career will be completely broken !!

At this time, the audience on the stage naturally did not know what the big guys on the podium think. At this moment, they were already excited. At this time, everyone's feeling was completely different from that before the match.

Wu Sikong's fans were all downcast at this moment, and some people even turned their eyes around, secretly chatting with girlfriend, and found that Zhong Yihan was actually handsome.

The students in No.3 high school are even more excited. They used to hold a glimmer of hope to cheer Han Brother, but they did not expect to witness this historic moment!

Now, even Wu Sikong's fans have to admit ...

So far, Wu Sikong completely dropped off the altar.

Next, even if he can win Zhong Yihan, his "county number one" is not as bright as before.

Moreover, with Zhong Yihan's strength, there are not many people who are really optimistic about Wu Sikong now. Most people think that it is the best result that they both lose!!

Some girls who really supported Wu Sikong were already crying now.

They are not deaf and blind, and they have learned from the discussions of others that the next battle will likely ruin Wu Sikong's Kung Fu career.

The girls were crying and didn't understand how things suddenly turned into this.

On the stage.

Wu Sikong sat on the stool with his eyes closed. At this time, he could not hear the noise around the ring but entered a state of ecstasy.

His mood had calmed down, and his anger at Zhong Yihan had subsided.

But he did not regret choosing this battle because he knew that what he had just said was true.

Zhong Yihan has become his demon. If he cannot defeat him, this demon will completely trap himself, for fear that the Kung Fu strength will not retreat!

In five minutes, it took almost a blink of an eye.

Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan came into the ring, at this time the expressions on their faces were very calm.

Wu Sikong hugged his fist, "Please!"

Zhong Yihan responded: "Please!"

The two spoke this word and then backed up each other. Wu Sikong raised his broad knife, and Zhong Yihan also held the Tang knife.

Around the ring, there was silence.

Some little girls are even scared to open their eyes.


With a ringing bell, the final decisive battle finally began!

Both of them didn't rush up but stood in place.
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Wu Sikong raised his broad knife. At the same time, the momentum on his body began to climb madly, and the temperament of the whole person also changed greatly.

Zhong Yihan also raised his knife to respond, and his momentum began to rise. The students sitting on the side opposite him, close to the ring, felt that they felt like thorns on their backs for a while. On the podium.

Liang Jinfeng, Lu Wu, and Zhang Shou, as well as some other fighters who had sufficient strength, all glared, but then sighed again and couldn't help turning head and giving Song Deqiu a severe look.

Obviously, the two students on the ring are geniuses. They are young and not only have high vitality, but they are also exceptionally talented in combat. They even mastered the "knife momentum"!

You know, there are some freshmen from key universities and even the Top Four, and not many of them can master the knife momentum — and some students from Kung Fu University may not be able to master it when they have been in the university for four years.

And not only did the two men on the ring master, but they were able to use it in battle!

What an amazing talent is this?

It's just that the two tigers contend, there will be one injury or even both defeats!

Song Deqiu, it is your fault!

At this time, Wu Sikong on the ring suddenly opened his eyes.

This momentum seems to be very long, but in fact, it is only seven or eight seconds, which is already very fast for a student!

The moment Wu Sikong opened his eyes, Zhong Yihan also opened his eyes.

The two met their eyes and screamed at the same time.

Then, they saw their bodies sway, but they were both rushing forward!


A golden iron symphony rang through the stadium!

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