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Kung Fu Beyond the World 227 Chapter 227 - Broken Mental Mood

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Song Deqiu's understanding of Wu Sikong was too deep.

Therefore, his words may seem to be comforting, but it is actually concealing mischief!

Especially the last sentence, "In this small Anping County, Zhong Yihan has been such an opponent that you can't beat, let alone the whole world" ...

The meaning of this sentence is obviously to say that you can't even defeat Zhong Yihan, and you still want to become a world-class top powerhouse? !!

This sentence is not arbitrary.

Because there is something that others don't know, Song Deqiu is very clear.

That is, Wu Sikong made a life plan for himself in his early years.

First, he was admitted to the Top Four, and then worked hard to become a fighter with a vitality of 5 in a year or so. Before graduating from university, a vitality of 10 broke into a big fighter. Then joined a local Kung Fu association and went into the Different World to go through and find out more and more advanced resources.

It took another five years or so to break vitality 20 and become a Kung Fu master...

In this way, step by step, steady and steady, and eventually become the strong name of the country and even the world!

Of course, this is only an approximate time plan. In fact, Wu Sikong is confident that his speed can be faster.

Because it is well known that the growth of vitality is going to be faster and faster with the improvement of human strength, experience, skills, and resources.

In particular, with the blessing of a strong heart, he will grow faster!

However, Song Deqiu's remarks changed the concept and apparently was comfort, but in fact, it was mocking.

Laugh at him, even Zhong Yihan can beat him, then his life's dream will never be completed!

For Song Deqiu's old official person, which has been around for many years, and he knows Wu Sikong so well, such a word actually angered Wu Sikong completely.

Liang Jinfeng realized something was wrong at the beginning, but by the time he fully reacted, it was too late.

Wu Sikong yelled, and when he raised his head again, his eyes were red, like a wounded beast. He stared at Zhong Yihan, raised his knife, and said loudly, "Yes, Zhong Yihan, if I can't win you, I will lose all momentum and confidence! Maybe even my vitality will drop, but you can use your momentum to defeat me and make progress! After this battle, maybe your mental strength is enough to go further! And the gap between me and you will grow bigger and bigger, I'm afraid I can't hope to catch up with my whole life! "

"My heart for victory has been lost. The only thing I can do now is to break the boat and fight with you in desperation. Even if we both lose, it is enough to comfort my heart for victory! Otherwise, if you go out intact, my strength will fall back. I don't know how long it will take to recover! "

"The road to Kung Fu is about sailing against the water. If I don't advance, I will retreat! So, let's fight! For my Kung Fu future, even if I missed the college entrance examination this year? I know that I have fallen into a predicament. If I don't break it, my Kung Fu road will be difficult! so Zhong Yihan ... come to battle! "

Wu Sikong's words shocked the audience.

The big brothers on the podium came here one by one. The county head Zhang Mingrui even disregarded his identity and persuaded himself: "Student Wu Sikong, you are too extreme! You have a bright future, Don't think so! "

Liang Jinfeng had no time to manage Song Deqiu at the moment, and frowned, "Wu Sikong, your mental mood has collapsed. Even if you beat Zhong Yihan, you barely maintained it, but will you never lose again in this life? You forcefully rely on victory to support your practice desire, this is a tightrope walk! You are no longer suitable for practice, you should find a psychiatrist to enlighten you. "

Lu Wu also advised: "Student Wu Sikong, I witness you grew up, but your mentality is indeed very problematic now. I emphasized with you in early years that fighters should not want to win or lose a moment, you need to broaden your horizons. Your current mentality is just like what principal Liang said. Even if you really defeat Zhong Yihan, what can you do? "

Zhang Shou was even more straightforward. He jumped directly onto the stage and pulled Zhong Yihan and left: "Yihan, let's go. You won today's game, and we all testify for you. Wu Sikong is already a madman, so you don't need to fight."

Zhong Yihan was not pulled by him, but said slowly: "Mr. Zhang, if I leave like this, then I don't know what others say about me.!"

Zhang Shou hesitated and immediately understood what Zhong Yihan meant.

Although Wu Sikong is indeed at a disadvantage now, after all, the battle did not end, was forcibly interrupted, and then the official announcement of Zhong Yihan's victory ... this victory, then there is not convinced.
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It can be imagined that at that time, there must be some people who pick things up-such as reporters, such as Song Deqiu-will definitely take this issue as an essay, slandering Zhong Yihan's "first in the county" is "guaranteed", there is a shady.

Although Zhong Yihan didn't pay much attention to this "county first" name, he absolutely didn't like being questioned for nothing.

And the most important thing is Wu Sikong.

None of these big men present wanted Wu Sikong to die like this genius and was afraid that he and Zhong Yihan would both lose, so the starting point was indeed a good one.

It's just that Zhong Yihan has never been a good-tempered person. Wu Sikong has provoked him and talked about this. If he retreats, then he will really lose his face.

Why should I abandon my face and walk you down the steps? Is our relationship so good?

Zhang Shou immediately released Zhong Yihan's arm, sighed, and jumped off the ring.

Zhong Yihan looked at Wu Sikong and said, "Wu Sikong, in fact, I still have a little respect for you. After all, in the past few years, I have been listening to your legends, treating you as an idol and being motivated. Even I broke the vitality 3 before you, but I did not underestimate you. But ... this is not the reason why I want to let you and fulfill you! "

Zhong Yihan picked up the Tang knife and said coldly, "Since you are already staring at me now, and you believe that you must defeat me to save yourself, then I can give you this opportunity, but I hope that you will not regret it later!"

Zhang Mingrui and others were shocked: "Student Zhong Yihan, don't be impulsive!"

Liang Jinfeng frowned, "Zhong Yihan, are you serious?"

Lu Wu was even more flustered: "Zhong Yihan, don't fool around like him!"

This sentence made Wu Sikong suddenly more furious: "fool around?! Do you think Do you think I'm playing around?"


The broad knife in Wu Sikong's hand hit the ground fiercely, yelling: "Zhong Yihan, come to fight! Today you and I, at most, only one person can get off the ring!"

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