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Kung Fu Beyond the World 225 Chapter 225 - The Meaning of the Heart of the Strong

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At this time on the ring, the situation was already very clear.

Zhong Yihan attacked Wu Sikong. Wu Sikong was so busy that his mentality almost collapsed!

In the meantime, Wu Sikong wanted to fight back several times, and even struck his arm with a knife, and wanted to exchange injuries with Zhong Yihan, but Zhong Yihan resolved the offensive.

Although Wu Sikong's combat experience is extremely rich, Zhong Yihan's combat experience is not weak at all.

Not to mention that there is clearly a certain gap in strength between the two, and in combat skills, Zhong Yihan turned out to be a complete crush!

Some of the little girls in the audience almost cried.

Now everyone can see clearly that Zhong Yihan turned out to be an overwhelming advantage in the face of Wu Sikong!

Obviously, Zhong Yihan's vitality, strength, and even skills are above Wu Sikong.

What makes Wu Sikong even more frightening is that Zhong Yihan's set of knife skills, as well as the footwork just now, and even the battle experience are all better than him!

Especially his weird footwork and the occasional violent knife attack!

That weird move allowed him to move out of thin air. Although there was only a distance of one or two meters, the masters contended, and the two sides calculated without error, let alone one or two meters, often one or two centimeters, decide on the outcome of the battle.

The knife he accidentally used was as thunderous as lightning, and he was very struggling to cope. And there seems to be an odd force on the knife. Even if he blocked by the knife, that force can penetrate into his body through weapons and destroy it!

how can that be? !!

How could Zhong Yihan be so strong? !!


The two were fighting again, Zhong Yihan didn't move, but Wu Sikong, who was struck by the first-level thunder knife method, took a few steps back to the edge of the ring, only to feel the shock in the inner concubine was earthshaking!


Another blood spurted out.

Wu Sikong's face collapsed and shouted, "What's your vitality ?! Tell me what your vitality is ?!"

Zhong Yihan looked at him and said, "You found? Originally, I didn't want to be so high-profile. It's not easy for you to come to this step. But since you can't tolerate me, I might as well tell you ..."

"You are not the only one who broke the vitality 3!"

"Half a month ago, my vitality already broke three!"

Zhong Yihan's voice rang through the stadium, and everyone stopped.

Zhong Yihan's vitality is also broken 3?

And still half a month ago? !!

The whole gym was stupid.

The fans of Wu Sikong wanted to refute but found that they could not say a word.

What else to refute?

Looking at the battle on the ring and watching Wu Sikong look so embarrassed, isn't it already obvious?

"I knew it..."


Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali and others whispered. Except for the big guys on the podium, who got the news from Liang Jinfeng in advance, everyone else was the least surprised.

Of course, it can't be said that they are completely unsurprised--they are already mentally prepared.

After all, Zhong Yihan has done too many such hidden things, and they are all numb!

There were many reporters present, and they were crazy at the moment.

Another student broke vitality 3!

And when it comes to reporters, they are all well-informed people. They have heard of Zhong Yihan's origins and his legendary experience. Even before, some reporters went to Zhong Yihan's house and wanted to interview him. They were all declined.

At that time, some reporters were not very happy, and they thought that Zhong Yihan was too arrogant to go for a long time.

But now they are being beaten, they not only are not annoyed, but they rushed to the edge of the platform one by one, and the flashing lights "sniffed", almost reflecting the entire stadium into the open air.

On the ring, Wu Sikong just felt that he was shaking and almost collapsed!

Break three ...

He broke three months ago? !!

Is this Zhong Yihan growing so fast?

Even faster than him!

So what's the point of trying hard until now? !!

Wu Sikong's way is the heart of the strong.

It is not that the heart of the strong cannot be defeated, but it depends defeated by whom.

With Wu Sikong's arrogance, he would not think that he is truly invincible. Far away from it, there are several people in Yazun High School just outside the city who can rival him-he secretly inquired, during the New Year, at that time, Ying Nanyan's vitality was already 3.4, which was 0.5 times higher than him ...

When the vitality is below 5, that is, below the level of the fight, 0.5 is a grade!

So Wu Sikong knew that he was not Ying Nanyan's opponent, but this did not affect his strong heart.

Because he knew Ying Nanyan's background and knew that the resources that Ying Nanyan enjoyed on weekdays.

Instead, Ying Nanyan's presence will make him more motivated to catch up and surpass!

This is the meaning of the heart of the strong.

The heart of the strong is not ignoring everything, but courageous and unyielding!

In fact, to the truly strong, the heart of the strong is actually a "normal mind".

He firmly believes that he will succeed, that that he is well-informed, and that he will never persevere even in the face of the strong.

Zhong Yihan also has such a strong heart!

However, for Wu Sikong, his strong heart has gone astray.

Because he lost a "normal heart."

He can be defeated to a rich person like Ying Nanyan, but he must not be defeated to a grass root like Zhong Yihan-this is in itself an extremely radical mentality.

Therefore, when he found that he had lost to Zhong Yihan, and that he had lost all round ...

His "heart of the strong" was also broken.

Feeling the collapse of Wu Sikong's hollow state, Zhong Yihan sighed and withdrew Tang knife, and said, "Your mentality has collapsed, so ... you lose."

Wu Sikong stunned and roared: "I didn't lose! Zhong Yihan, come here, I will fight you for three hundred rounds! I will lose? Funny! I will lose to you? Come, come, come Fight! "

Zhong Yihan ignored him, but turned around and left.

Wu Sikong was furious: "Zhong Yihan! Stop! I told you to stop, did you hear me ?! Even if I lose, that depends on your strength. It is by no means a word of yours, I will give up! "

Zhong Yihan paused for a moment, Wu Sikong said angrily: "Zhong Yihan! At the end of last semester, you defeated Xiong Bo with a knife momentum. Now I also have a knife momentum. How dare you take my knife?! "

Zhong Yihan turned back: "Knife momentum?"

"Yes!" Wu Sikong said angrily, "You have already controlled the knife momentum, how dare you compete with me?"

Zhong Yihan frowned: "You should know that the knife momentum competition is not a trivial matter. You and I are not even Kung Fu fighters now, and it is difficult to control strength, so in this way, one person must be seriously injured!"

"So what? Are you afraid ?!"

Zhong Yihan shook his head: "You don't need to provoke me, because I believe the loser will not be me. But you can figure it out. If you lose, I can't control my strength. You will be seriously injured or killed! It is only less than three months from the college entrance examination. With your current strength, you will be admitted to the Top Four. Do you really want to bet on your future for the fight?!!"
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