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Kung Fu Beyond the World 224 Chapter 224 - Absolute Strength

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Although he felt Wu Sikong's hostility towards himself earlier, Zhong Yihan still had some hopes. He hopes that this competition will not cause injury or death.

But Wu Sikong's move was dangerous and murderous. The knife just now completely exposed his murderous intention!

He wanted to kill him!

The clay figurine still has a temper, not to mention that Zhong Yihan was not a good temper.

Since you want to kill me, don't blame me!

Zhong Yihan took a step and cut it with one stroke!

This knife was like thunder, Wu Sikong only felt that he was full of sweat, and he felt the horror of the knife, and hurried to avoid it.

But where does Zhong Yihan give him this opportunity?

The long knife turned in the air and changed the split to sweep, which instantly blocked Wu Sikong's retreat.

In desperation, Wu Sikong had to fight hard!


With a crisp sound, Wu Sikong only felt a strong force coming, and went backward three steps in a row!

But this time, Zhong Yihan did not give him a chance to catch his breath, but kept up with it again and again!


Wu Sikong held up his knife and blocked the blow, only feeling shocked and his throat sweet.

Zhong Yihan did not hesitate to spare, but he followed it with a knife.


Wu Sikong blocked it again, but this time, a huge force stunned him and spit out blood.

Zhong Yihan was expressionless. Although Wu Sikong had been exposed now, he didn't care at all, but slashed again and cut it like before!

This time Wu Sikong never dared to stop but took the most direct and ugliest move ...

Donkey rolls!

Rolling to the side, avoiding the knife, and quickly got up to adjust the attitude and breathing.

It's just that Zhong Yihan will not give him such a chance to breathe. It is another knife. Although it was dodged by Wu Sikong, the follower kicked on Wu Sikong's lower abdomen, and he retreated a few steps!

At this point, the audience was already exclaimed, but on the stage, Zhong Yihan's offensive became more and more rapid, and Wu Sikong did not fight back for a while!

"What's the situation? Zhong Yihan actually beat Wu Sikong all over the ground! He vomited blood! This is too far off!"

In fact, when Zhong Yihan split the second knife, Song Deqiu, Lu Wu and Zhang Mingrui on the podium couldn't help but stand up. When they saw Wu Sikong being spitting blood and had to roll away to avoid it. Song Deqiu felt that it is impossible

"How is that possible ?! How is this possible ?!"

"This is not a simple technique ... it is all-round crushing!"

"Did Zhong Yihan hide his strength? His real vitality has actually reached three, even higher than three?"

"It's really possible to say that, Zhong Yihan has done this kind of thing. The last final exam was a false report of 1.9, and the result actually exceeded 2.5."

"Impossible, it is impossible for Sikong to lose, Sikong cheer, Sikong will win!"

Zhu Zhenxing and others are all dull.

"Zhong Yihan, hasn't he been adjusting the foundation during this time? Where did he improve his vitality?"

"Even if he improves his vitality ... He insignificantly hid and didn't say!"

For Zhong Yihan's hidden strength, Li Xinyu, Ming Jiajia, and others have already seen it.

This is already the normal state of Zhong Yihan. It is hidden during the abduction, hidden during the duel with Yun Chao, and the final exam is also hidden.

Other gifted students are anxious to tell their vitality to the whole world, he is like a thief, hiding every day!

Lu Wu laughed loudly: "Hahaha, I didn't expect Zhong Yihan to hide his strength. Wu Sikong is so embarrassed, it is really rare."

It is Lu Wu's happiest thing that Song Deqiu felt upset.

Zhang Shou felt that it is true, Zhong Yihan really hidden his strength, but because of the sidelines, and all the fighting rhythm was too fast, so he didn't see what happened.

Liang Jinfeng pondered for a moment and said, "Zhong Yihan's vitality is at least three!"

With that said, the entire rostrum was frightened.

As the only big Kung Fu fighter in the county, the chairman of the county Kung Fu association, everyone even Song Deqiu has to admit that Liang Jinfeng's eyesight is the most right here, no one can compare.

In addition, Liang Jinfeng's personality is also very pragmatic and never said randomly.

Therefore, he said that Zhong Yihan broke three, so there is at least a 80% chance that this guy's vitality really broke three!

Suddenly another student with a vitality of three. The county head Zhang Mingrui was immediately overjoyed: "Chairman Liang, are you telling the truth? Zhong Yihan's vitality is broken 3."

Liang Jinfeng nodded: "In my many years of experience, Zhong Yihan should not only break three but may even be higher. Otherwise, with Wu Sikong's strength, it is impossible to be crushed to the same level. "

Zhang Mingrui was suddenly excited. He thought that it was very rare to have a Wu Sikong in Anping County. Now with Zhong Yihan, and it may even be better. He fells very excitedly.

Could it be said that two people in Anping County will be admitted to the Top Four this year?
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Song Deqiu's face was unbelievable, and even some collapsed: "Break three? Impossible! He only reached 2.5 two months ago, how could he break three so quickly! I piled all the resources of No. 1 High School on Wu Sikong, and he grew up. It took almost two months for the vitality of 0.22! "

Speaking of this, Song Deqiu's eyes suddenly turned and said: "With Wu Sikong's strength, how could it be so embarrassing, it must be Zhong Yihan ..."

But before he said the word "cheating", he was suddenly interrupted by Lu Wu: "Principal Song! I also hope you speak through your mind, both Zhang County and Chairman Liang are here. If you want to repeat the tricks, don't blame me for slandering you. "

"What tricks are repeated, you are spitting blood!"

Zhang Mingrui was a little annoyed and said loudly: "Both of you shut up for me! As the principal, it 's noisy like a vixen who scolds the streets. What is it like? Principal Song, is it not good for us to have an extra student with vitality 3 in Anping County? If I remember well, Zhong Yihan was a student at your school! "

Song Deqiu suddenly felt cold, almost collapsed.

Zhang Mingrui took a look at Song Deqiu and did not go on, but his meaning was already obvious.

Song Deqiu, as the principal of No.1 high school, forced a student who would almost go to the top four to be driven away from No.1 high school, and there was still a conspiracy. What's it called?

Say it lightly, he knows nothing about students!

Say it seriously, there is a problem with the principal's character, ability, and vision!

The most important thing is that the principal's character, ability, and vision have problems!

Song Deqiu only felt that all of his back was sweaty. A cold wind blew. He calmed down again and looked at Zhong Yihan, his eyes are full of hate.

Zhong Yihan, everything is Zhong Yihan's fault!

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