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Kung Fu Beyond the World 223 Chapter 223 - Fateful Battle

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The fate of the battle.

Since the end of last semester, Zhong Yihan defeated Xiong Bo on the ring, and after such a big incident, his reputation has spread throughout Anping County. It can be said that everyone knows him.

And Wu Sikong, Anping County's first genius with vitality breaks 3 in five years, came from a poor family and can rely on the talent to reach this level today.

With his talent, let alone Yazun, he could go to Hengshui, but he stayed at ease in the small county, which proves that Wu Sikong is not only talented but also has a stable mind. He knows how to choose is the best.

Ever since the last final exam incident of No.1 High School, the argument of Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong has never stopped.

For many people, the experience of these two people can be called a legend, so this battle is also what they consider to be a "fate battle."

However, they did not know that neither of them on the stage thought so.

The words of the two on the ring were not loud. Most of them did not hear them unless they were close to each other.

They just saw that the fighting intentions of the two people on the stage seemed to be sufficient and they could not help shouting loudly to cheer on the two people on the stage.

"Yihan looks warlike enough. I don't know how does he can fight Wu Sikong."

Zhu Zhenxing and their group of people sat together, and they have been worried since they learned that today's competition will take place.

Li Xinyu said: "When Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan are their vitality, the gap of a few tenths is not the key factor in determining the outcome. More depends on their own strength. Although Yihan did not have time to improve his vitality during this time, a lot of foundation has been made up, and an increase in strength is inevitable. "

Although Li Xinyu's analysis was clear, the dignified look on her beautiful face betrayed her inner concern.

If change to a student who usually breaks the vitality by three, Zhong Yihan's win rate may be very large, but unfortunately, his opponent is Wu Sikong, an existence known as only practice Kung Fu.

Wu Sikong's actual combat level was all trained with a real fight. Unlike the rich second-generation generations, which were piled up by medicines.

On the ring platform, as the referee picked up the whistle in his hand, the entire training hall suddenly quieted down.

It was like the tranquility before the storm. Everyone held their breath, waiting quietly for the start of the battle.

Zhong Yihan was holding Tang Knife and his hands were standing upright. He seemed relaxed but actually was cautious.

Wu Sikong did not attack immediately, but held a knife in one hand and set his hook in the other.

Wu Sikong's weapon was a steel broad knife, with a simple blade and no decoration.

Accompanied by his white suit, he is quite masterful.

Zhong Yihan, who has undergone basic adjustments during this period, can see that Wu Sikong's starting style is almost impeccable, whether it is a horse step or a waist.

Although Wu Sikong said in his mouth that Zhong Yihan was not qualified to compare with him, once he started the fight, he remained cautious.

The desire for fighting has penetrated into Wu Sikong's bone marrow.

Beep! !! !!

The whistle sounded and the game officially started!

The moment the whistle sounded, Wu Sikong took a step forward and slashed into Zhong Yihan's chest!

The knife was extremely fast, the air rubbed against the blade, and a dull buzz sounded.

Zhong Yihan's face remained unchanged. The Tang Knifed in his hand was close to his arm. While the opponent's broad knife attacked, his right arm was stretched out to block with the Tang knife, while his body turned slightly, allowing the opponent's broad knife to slide along the Tang knife.

The two knives collided, and the fire splattered.

Zhong Yihan looked as usual, but Wu Sikong was a little surprised.

He used 70% strength, but Zhong Yihan was able to easily remove the power.

Is his knife skill so good that he has worked hard, or is Zhong Yihan's own strength not inferior to himself?

But Wu Sikong didn't think too much, followed by a punch in his left arm, and Zhong Yihan took the same punch.


The two punches collided, Zhong Yihan stayed in place, and Wu Sikong was shocked by three steps.

Wu Sikong's left hand twitched slightly, but he was numb by Zhong Yihan!

The audience, who thought the competition would be ended by Wu Sikong quickly, did not expect that the two men would fight back and forth, and even Zhong Yihan has the upper hand.

"You see, Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan fist against each other. It's actually Wu Sikong who retreated. Zhong Yihan didn't even move his two feet!"
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"It must have been Wu Sikong's careless. How could he use his full strength at first? It was just Wu Sikong's tentative attack."

"Yes, Si Kong is invincible, how could he lose to Zhong Yihan."

"Sikong is first, Sikong will win!"

On the podium, Liang Jinfeng nodded with a smile. Zhong Yihan's combat ability is really good. It is not easy to gain the upper hand with weak strength.

"Huh, it was just a fluke."

Song Deqiu drank water, but his face was still very relaxed. After all, no matter how he thought, Wu Sikong, who had broken vitality 3, could not lose.

Wu Sikong shook his left hand slightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, and said, "Your combat ability is actually good."

"You're good."

Wu Sikong was very unhappy with Zhong Yihan's bland attitude. He gave a loud scream, and it was like a lightning strike.

Zhong Yihan took a slip, avoiding the blade, and his backhand also slashed across.

Under the immediate change of Wu Sikong's moves, the two immediately continue to fight.

Off stage, Yang Yuan sighed: "Yihan's actual combat is really strong. In the face of Wu Sikong, he is not weak. we obviously practice together. Why can he be so strong?"

Du Tianqing said: "So Zhong Yihan is a genius, not only his talent but also his understanding of the battle."

Ming Jiajia, who was the most nervous at first, said happily, "It's great, Yihan might have a chance to win."

Fan Dali shook his head: "In the beginning, both sides were only tentative. Wu Sikong was famous for only caring about Kung Fu. His strength was based on actual combat. Yihan is the same. In addition, the vitality gap is not big, the next battle. It will only be more difficult. "

Li Xinyu's fist clenched tightly, her eyes stared at the ring, for fear that Zhong Yihan would be injured. She just hopes Wu Sikong doesn't be too hard, otherwise don't blame her for revenge.

"Zhong Yihan, you die!"

Wu Sikong suddenly turned around and then pressed down to cut off Zhong Yihan's legs.

This knife became unexpected, and at Wu Sikong's speed, the normal situation would definitely be successful.

But to his surprise, Zhong Yihan's legs suddenly disappeared from the spot!

Wu Sikong cut it with a knife, hurriedly looked up, but found that Zhong Yihan was actually standing in front of him, and the Tang knife in his hand had been chopped at him.

Just a moment ago, Zhong Yihan used a small moving step within a small range, so it will give people the illusion of suddenly disappearing.

Seeing this scene, Liang Jinfeng frowned slightly.

This guy, actually has such footwork.

As a big Kung Fu fighter, he was the only one who saw that Zhong Yihan used footwork.

Nirvana was avoided, Wu Sikong obviously felt that something was wrong, but he didn't have time to react, and Zhong Yihan's knife was about to fall.

In a hurry, Wu Sikong changed his hand for a knife and then fought hard.


At the intersection of the two knives, Wu Sikong used his full strength to bounce Zhong Yihan, and then he jumped two steps to distance him from Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan stood in place without chasing.

When Wu Sikong attacked his leg just now, there was a clear intention to kill. If he hadn't escaped just now, he had no doubt that the other party would really cut off his leg.

"You want to kill me ?!"

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