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Kung Fu Beyond the World 222 Chapter 222 - Wu Sikong's Resentmen

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Liang Jinfeng smiled: "This time this is a temporary event, we can't force if you can't come. This time the No.2 high school abstained, then the remaining things will be simple. Let Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong fight. Let's watch it. These two talented performers. I believe they will go all out."

Zhang Mingrui nodded and looked at Xu Jiping: "But since you are already here, don't leave in a hurry. Next, take a closer look at the gap between the schools. If you go back, you will know the direction of reform."

"Yes, yes, I must take a good look, take a closer look, and not miss a detail."

Xu Jiping quickly nodded to the vacant seat on the podium, paying attention to watching.

Zhang Mingrui said to Song Deqiu: "Since the No.2 high school does not come, then competition can almost begin. It will be fine for me to announce the abdication of No.2 high school."


Song Deqiu glanced at the vice principal of No.2 High School and took the microphone to the podium.

"Everyone be quiet, be quiet, our competition will begin soon, and I will give you one minute to sit in the seat ..."

Song Deqiu maintained order for a while. After the students were almost seated, he said with a high voice: "Today is the first Competition of Anping County. We are fortunate to have the Zhang County Mayor speak and everyone applauds! "

After speaking, Song Deqiu applauded first, followed by the applause of the students.

In warm applause, Zhang Mingrui came to the stage, took the microphone and pressed his hand.

"Classmates, my name is Zhang Mingrui. I am the county head of Anping County. I see that Anping County is getting better ..."

Zhang Mingrui deserves to be a frequent speaker on stage. For nearly half an hour, he did not read the manuscript or get stuck.

However, what is said is also the same, such as the current status of the fighters, the significance of the fighters now, what kind of benefits a strong fighter can bring to civilization, etc ...

At the end of the speech, Zhang Mingrui said about the abstention of the No.2 school.

"But unfortunately, the No.2 high school was unable to participate in the competition this time due to some reasons."

Originally the sleepy students, when they heard the news of abstention, their attention was suddenly pulled back.

Especially the students of No.1 High School have already been talking at this time.

"The No.2 high school actually abstained?"

"With the strength of the No.2 high school, it is normal to abstain."

"It's the same, Wu Sikong is too strong. But then, isn't there only two people duel? The legendary battle of fate, but unfortunately the two are too far apart and there is no suspense in the outcome."

"Who said no, if put it in the final exam of the last semester, maybe it's more interesting."

"Oh, if I have so many practicing resources, and I can definitely compete with Zhong Yihan."
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"You can only blame you for being weak if you don't have any resources, and the resources are allocated by the school. What does it have to do with Sikong? Is it because he is too good?"

"What's so good? If you're too good, you can't let others live?"

At present, the attitude of the student towards Wu Sikong can be basically divided into three groups.

One faction is Wu Sikong's fans. No matter what Wu Sikong says or does, they support him unconditionally.

One group has an indifferent attitude. The talents of these are very ordinary, so there was little hope of being admitted to Kung Fu University, so the adjustment of the concentration of resources has no effect on them. In contrast, they have no feeling with Wu Sikong, Just living in their own small circle.

The last group is students who have such talents but are not in a good family.

Their families are ordinary, and they can't say that they will transfer to another school. However, after staying in No.1 high school, they found that all the resources were given to Wu Sikong, and they naturally hated him.

The students of the three factions sit together and easily quarrel.

However, after arguing, one thing has to be acknowledged, that is, the meaning of Wu Sikong's vitality breaking three.

Many people now believe that Wu Sikong is likely to refresh the upper limit of the vitality of the college entrance examination in Anping County.

With more than three months to go before the college entrance examination, Wu Sikong will definitely be able to take it a step further and increase his vitality by 0.2 or 0.3. This is definitely not a problem!

At this point, Zhang Mingrui on the podium finally finished his nonsense and shouted:

"Here are our two protagonists today, Wu Sikong and Zhong Yihan on the ring!"

Suddenly, there was applause in the stadium!

Among the warm applause, Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong walked up from the diagonal of the central platform.

Zhong Yihan didn't have many accidents about the abstention from the No.2 High school, let alone contempt.

In his view, it is in itself the wisest choice.

And Wu Sikong obviously didn't care about the life and death of No.2 High School. After he came to ring, he stared at Zhong Yihan sneeringly and sneered: "This battle has finally arrived!"

"Yeah," Zhong Yihan replied lightly. "Actually, I didn't want to fight with you."

"That's because you know you can't win me at all!" Wu Sikong snarled. "What kind of thing are you? But with a little success, you dare to be compared with me ?!"

Wu Sikong pointed to the audience and sneered: "Can you hear what they are saying? It is a fateful battle. What a joke! You are only a younger generation who didn't know how to know until the third year of high school. Even if you win Xiong Bo and Qian Hansong? Do you really think you can sit on an equal footing with me? "

"I, Wu Sikong, has been the first since childhood! It was the first since the first grade of primary school! The first grade in junior high school is the first in the county, and the high school is also the first in the county! Even Yazun Middle School provides ten thousand scholarships come to invite me! What about you, Zhong Yihan? Until the beginning of the third year of high school, the vitality was only 0.8, which is my level of junior high school! "

"What destiny is there between you and me ?! If there is a fate, then your fate is doomed to be defeated by me!"

"Today I will let you know who is the true No.1 in Anping County!"

Zhong Yihan felt the thick hostility and resentment from Wu Sikong. He closed his eyes, sighed slightly, then made up his mind and pulled out the Tang knife:

"That being the case, it would be useless to say more ..."

"Come on!"

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