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Kung Fu Beyond the World 221 Chapter 221 - No.2 High School Abstained

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"Okay, don't quarrel when you meet. Wu Sikong is a good student. Zhong Yihan is also very good. Both are good seedlings. Don't compare too much, you know?"

Seeing that the two principals were about to quarrel in public, Zhang Mingrui immediately stopped them.

In fact, Zhang Mingrui's impression of Lu Wu is still very good. Compared with Song Deqiu, he always likes to speculate. Lu Wu is the kind of person who is honest and capable.

Since Lu Wu became the principal of the No.3 High School, it has been less than two months, and the atmosphere of the entire school has changed.

Zhang Mingrui heard all this news.

If Song Deqiu becomes the No.3 high school principal, Zhang Mingrui's only expectation is that the situation in the school will not continue to get worse.

When Zhang Mingrui spoke, they both shut up.

But in the eyes of Song Deqiu, there was a flash of ruthlessness.

Even if Zhong Yihan is a genius once in a thousand years?

Geniuses who cannot grow up are, after all, just waste.

Today is really a good day. It can make No.1 high school return to the top one and abolish Zhong Yihan.

After Zhong Yihan was abolished, he tried to find a way to estrange the top class. In this way, the reform of the No.3 High School failed, and Lu Wu naturally lost his reputation. Then he would find some compensation for No.2 high school, and the No.1 high school would return to its peak.

And he Song Deqiu, his status will only become higher.

As Song Deqiu imagined, a fat figure ran over pantingly, apologizing again and again: "No, sorry, I am late."

Everyone recognizes that this middle-aged fat man is Xu Jiping, the vice-principal of No. 2 High School, but it is strange that there is no student of No. 2 High School behind him.

Zhang Mingrui was immediately displeased, and said, "What's the matter with your No.2 high school? What time is it? Why isn't anyone alone?"

Xu Jiping, deputy principal of the No.2 High School, sweated his forehead, and said carefully: "Zhang County principal, Chairman Liang, Principal Song, and Principal Lu, I'm really sorry, but this time we will abstain."

When he said this, Xu Jiping really aroused a lot of courage and forced his own righteousness to open the mouth.

The best student in their school has just reached vitality 2.

Wu Sikong's vitality has already been broken 3, so let's not talk about it. Zhong Yihan's vitality has already been 2.5 according to the previous statement.

Do they dare to compete?

You know, how many years did they have such a student with a vitality of 2, and all the leaders of the school attach great importance to.

Although according to the previous scoreline, vitality 2 is inadequate, and it is impossible to enter a key Kung Fu college like Xiangshui University.

But if work hard, can still get an ordinary Kung Fu college.

According to the practice of previous years, a gap of 0.5 vitality in the college entrance examination is important.

Those above 1.5 can go to the most ordinary Kung Fu colleges.

Those above 2.0 are better Kung Fu colleges.

Above 2.5, it is the key Kung Fu colleges.

As for 3.0 and above, that is the Top Four.

Therefore, for a school like the No.2 High School, the Top Four is definitely impossible, and the key colleges are also impossible. Then, being able to produce a student who can be admitted to a better Kung Fu college is already worth the firecracker celebration of the entire No.2 high school!
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Such a student is afraid that he will be hurt during training. How can let him participate in such a brutal competition? !!

Two opponents, one 2.5+ and one 3.

Can not win, and if the injury affects the training progress, they will regret it!

In addition, everyone knows very well that the so-called competition this time is actually the contradiction between the No.1 and No.3 high school. It has nothing to do with the No.2 high school!

Therefore, after discussion, the leaders abstained.

However, he believes that Zhang Mingrui and Liang Jinfeng also know the reason for their abstention. Xu Jiping's mentality has been adjusted well, and he is ready to be scolded.

Sure enough, a group of people on the podium heard the news of abstaining from the No.2 high school. None of them had a surprised expression on their face. Instead, they all looked like "I knew you would do this."

The competition of three schools was originally just a gimmick, so whether the No.2 high school came or not would have any impact.

However, Zhang Mingrui still had to pretend to be angry, in order to show the importance of tNo.2 high school, saying: "fighter, what you want is to fight! How can flowers in the greenhouse become strong? The country spends so much money on education every year, hoping fighters can shoulder their mission! We must defend our human civilization! It is too disappointing that the No.2 high school dare not even participate in a contest! The leaders of you must also reflect on it a bit!"

Xu Jiping nodded his head, "Yes, yes, thank you for edification, we will go back and reflect! you also know that there are few talented students. If rashly asked him to participate in such a competition, if his self-confidence is frustrated, and then he will lose his strength, it will be a great loss for our school ... "

The deputy principal made a speech that he had already prepared and even cooperated with the ups and downs emotion from time to time to express their regret that they could not participate in the competition.

Zhang Mingrui waved and did not let the vice-principal continue to say, "Okay, okay, I don't want to listen to your nonsense. After all, it is still the students who are too weak in your school. You look at the No.3 high school, The same reform, why are you so slow? "

"Yes, yes, this time I will definitely bring Zhang County Chief's words to the leaders, urging the school to reform as soon as possible."

Xu Jiping nodded and bowed his back, but he didn't take it to heart. Even if he said it, someone had to listen. He has no power in the school, otherwise, he wouldn't be pushed out to shame.

Seeing Xu Jiping as a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water, Zhang Mingrui doesn't want to embarrass him anymore. The No.2 high school didn't come, today's competition will continue. He looked at Liang Jinfeng and said:

"principal Liang, what do you think about this?"

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