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Kung Fu Beyond the World 23 Chapter 23 - Taking Frui

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After five minutes ...

The fangs and beasts were ripped apart and blood was flowing to the ground.

And Zhong Yihan was covering his left arm, sitting on the floor and panting.

Xia Ling cried and flew to Zhong Yihan and asked anxiously, "Master, how are you? Master, are you okay?"

"Okay, I'm fine, don't cry, don't cry!" Zhong Yihan said helplessly. "It's just that arm was hung by its fangs. It was protected by leather armor and was not seriously injured."

Of course, his injury was not limited to this part of his arm. His chest, waist, and thighs were struck by the canines or sharp claws of the tooth canine beast during the battle.

Fortunately, he also has experience in fighting beasts now, and he has been evasive a few times, which has not caused much damage.

But bruises are inevitable, but this small injury is not a problem for Zhong Yihan at all.

He is distressed by Xia Ling now, but the girl's tears are a treasure, so much has just flowed, all wasted!

After a while, Xia Ling was finally soothed, and Zhong Yihan calmed down and walked to the corpse of that tooth canine beast to recycle.

[One dead "Tooth Canine Beast" was found. Purchase price: 3 system points. Want to sell?]

"Is it only three systems?"

Zhong Yihan frowned. The threat of this tooth canine beast was definitely greater than that of the three evil rabbit beasts, but the problem was that the system offered such a price, and he couldn't bargain.

So angry!

Zhong Yihan still chose to sell, because he really has no better way, and after obtaining these three system points, he now has a full system of 104 points.

If he hadn't bought a bottle of recovery potion before, he should have 114 points.

The 10-point recovery potion has been replaced with a 3-point tooth canine beast, which is not a loss, because he is now full of strength and can fight again, and the main thing is ...

After killing this tooth canine beast directly, his fear of this creature has been greatly reduced. Now Zhong Yihan is already thinking about whether to expand the scope of the search outside because he is not so afraid of tooth canine beast now.

From this point, it is actually earned.
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After all, people are like this. They have a subconscious fear of unknown things. After a real battle, it is found that although the tooth canine beasts are just so so, the fear has been greatly reduced.

Of course, Zhong Yihan did not carelessly.

Because there was still a bit of a thrill in that battle just now. If it wasn't for the time when he slaughtered the evil rabbit beast every day, regardless of his mentality and knife method, he had made great progress. If it was the state he had just entered into the Different World, he is afraid he is dead now.

What's more frightening is that according to his previous observations, most of the tooth canine beasts acted in groups.

The one just now may be inadvertent breaks into this area, but it does not mean that he can have that good luck in the future and encounters the tooth canine beast alone.

"It's time to redeem the fruits."

Zhong Yihan opened the system mall and turned to the page of "Attribute Fruit".

[Strength Fruit LV1: Strength increases by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect is halved after the last five doses, and it is not effective after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Agile Fruit LV1: Agility increased by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect was halved after the last five times, and it was invalid after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Physical Fruit LV1 ...]

[Spiritual fruit LV1 ...]

Each of these fruits requires 50 system points. This price is not cheap, so although Zhong Yihan had enough of the system points to buy one, he has been hesitant to buy it.

Because he still wanted stability. After all, the fruit of this property was very effective, but the price was too expensive. In case he needed to buy something else, he was afraid that the system points would not be enough.

But after being attacked by the tooth canine beast just now, Zhong Yihan finally realized that this Different World is very dangerous. If he can't quickly improve his strength, he can't have such good luck next time.

Therefore, he thought about it carefully and changed the 101 points systematically into a fruit of strength and fruit of Physical.

The appearance of strength fruits and physical fruits is similar to that of apples, but with different colors.

The skin of strength Fruit is red.

The skin of the physique fruit is green.

Zhong Yihan tasted a bit of strength fruit, with a slight sweetness, sufficient moisture, refreshing taste, and no nucleus.

He quickly ate the fruit of strength, and then couldn't wait to punch out and felt it.

Zhong Yihan roughly calculated before. If the vitality is 1.5 and the strength of the arms is 130 kilograms, then every 0.1 of the power value should theoretically increase 10 kilograms of power.

Of course, this calculation is not accurate because it is related to the complete degree of flesh cultivation. It can only be said as a rough estimate.

In terms of punching, the increase in power of 0.1 is not too obvious.

But once he picked up the Tang knife, this one-fifth increase in power made him feel like he was wielding a stick.

Not only is the action faster, but it is also handier in changing moves.

This is only increased by 0.1. If he waits for his power to reach the lowest level of 1.5 of the Kung Fu learner, presumably the feel of this Tang knife will be as useless as a toy.

Zhong Yihan is in a good mood, and this kind of openness is really addictive.

But thinking back to his efforts these days to get system points, Zhong Yihan felt that he deserved it.

After all, he almost completely gave up his sleep time at night to practice, and this boring and tedious and the danger he faced is not acceptable to everyone.

Just when Zhong Yihan was about to eat his physical fruit, he suddenly found that Xia Ling was drooling and staring at it.

"Master, is it delicious?"

Because of too much saliva, Xia Ling didn't speak clearly.

"It's not good. This is medicine. The medicine is bitter."

Zhong Yihan shook his head. Although he did not know that the effect of this fruit did not work for Xia Lingqi, now this fruit was not enough for himself, how could it be given to Xia Ling.

"But Xia Ling saw that you are very happy to eat!" Xia Ling retorted.

"I'm not happy because I ate this, but because I thought about what happened just now. If you hadn't warned me just now, I would have been eaten by that bad guy, and Xia Ling would have been eaten, so you did a good thing. Great work, Xia Ling is amazing! "

When Xia Ling heard it, she was very proud, and quickly said: "Xia Ling is the best! The master rest assured that with Xia Ling in, all bad things cannot be close to the master!"

"Then you just discovered it when the tooth canine beast finally attacked me ..." Zhong Yihan was defamatory in his heart, but instead of speaking, he found a red shell from his pocket and passed it.

"This shell is a reward for you!"

"Wow! The master is great!"

Xia Ling, after seeing such a beautiful shell, forgot about it and hugged the shell wholeheartedly to play, her face was full of happiness.

"So foolish ..."

Zhong Yihan quickly took the opportunity to eat the physical fruit. he only felt a heat flow in his body. It seemed that something was improving his body softly, and that feeling was very comfortable.

After a while, the feeling of heat flow gradually disappeared, and Zhong Yihan opened his own system panel.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.95

Dexterity: 0.85

Constitution: 0.95

Spirit: 1.05

Comprehensive vitality: 0.95


Basic archery: 432/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 358/1000

Basic Boxing: 283/1000

Basic footwork: 175/1000

"Vitality is 0.95 ?!"

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