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Kung Fu Beyond the World 217 Chapter 217 - Advance Commendation

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On the second day, the students of the whole school gathered on the playground. Song Deqiu on the podium was excited to announce:

"Classmates, today I want to announce the good news, that is our classmate Wu Sikong, the vitality is broken 3!"
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After speaking, Song Deqiu took the lead in applauding, and the teachers around him also applauded happily.

Most of the teachers who stayed has relationship with Song Deqiu, and yesterday they heard that Wu Sikong's vitality broke through three. They came to visit one by one, and it seemed that they could not wait to recognize Wu Sikong on the spot.

But the applause of the students in the audience was sparse, and many people's expressions were disdainful.

The school students who could have occupied the entire playground is now obviously missing a large area.

And the students also talked in private. They really didn't care about Wu Sikong's vitality 3.

"What's so great, isn't it because of the resources? The whole school's practicing resources are concentrated on one person. If change it, I can break three."

"Hey, don't just brag about this. Break 3 is impossible, but break 2 still fine."

"I used to like Wu Sikong, but now..."

"Shh, you can't say this indiscriminately. Do you want to be condemned by Wu Sikong's fans?"

One student pointed at a dozen girls who were applauding not far away.

There are still many girls who regard Wu Sikong as the object of worship and even formed a unique fan culture.

Many girls willingly control comments and spend money for Wu Sikong, not letting others say anything bad about him.

"Sikong is great!"

"Sikong is the best!"

"Sikong Sikong, Anping No.1!"

Many boys are envious when they see this scene.

On the podium, Song Deqiu was full of spirits and said loudly: "Presumably everyone also knows what it means to break the vitality of three. It can be said that Wu Sikong is already the No.1 in Anping County, even if it is placed in the entire No.1 High School, or even in Anping county history, he is definitely in the top five! "

Wu Sikong stood on the podium and calmly enjoyed all the praise, while Song Deqiu's speech continued.

"But in order to keep the other two schools from questioning, we decided after discussions that the first three schools competition of Anping County will be held in an indoor gym in three days later. At that time, students are expected to abide by the discipline. All of you must be present. Three days later, we are going to announce to the county that we are back! "

"Three schools competition? What is that?"

Because it is a new term, many students listened a little bit, but soon Song Deqiu introduced the rules, and everyone immediately understood.

"It's too obvious, one from each of the three high schools to compete, Lao Song is going to stand up!"

"So Zhong Yihan will also come? So the regret that Zhong Yihan and Wu Sikong did not compete can finally make up for it?"

"With Wu Sikong's current strength, Zhong Yihan can't possibly be his opponent at all, knowing that he went to the No.3 high school."

"Yes, I don't know what Zhong Yihan thinks, even if he is angry, he should go to Yazun."

Most people don't understand Zhong Yihan's decision to go to No. 3 High School. Such a genius should not go to No.3 high school.

But even so, the competition still aroused the interest of many people. Although they also knew that this will most likely become Wu Sikong's personal show, but they can't help but look forward to whether Zhong Yihan can still bring them new surprises.

Among the crowd, Ning Jinshui stood silent.

Since they separated from Zhong Yihan, he has never made friends, and the school does not give resources so that his life is very difficult. Until now, the vitality has just reached 1.2.

Four months has increased the vitality of 0.1, he was basically hopeless when admitted to Kung Fu University.

After hearing about the competition of the three schools, Ning Jinshui underwater consciously thought of Zhong Yihan and they, don't know how they are doing now. Presumably, the practicing speed is faster than him.

It had long been known that the No.1 high school would become like this, and he should have transferred with Zhong Yihan at the beginning.

Unfortunately, it's too late to say anything now.

"In order to commend Wu Sikong for breaking vitality 3, the school has decided to issue a special certificate to Wu Sikong and reward him with ten bottles of energy and blood portions. I hope other students will not be discouraged. I believe as long as you are willing, you can also achieve impressive results, everyone applauds! "



"Three schools competition?"

In the afternoon, Zhong Yihan also got the news.

Zhang Shou nodded: "Yes, this matter has been agreed by the county chief. It will be held three days later in the gym of No.1 High School. Each of the No.1, No.2 and No.3 High Schools will send a student to participate in the competition. I heard that there will be many important people participating, so we must participate in. "

"There is only one person in a school, then there are only three people. How can three people compete?"

Yang Yuan feels that this rule is a bit strange. And the time is very tight. They only know today that it will be held three days later, and it always gives people a sense of eagerness.

Yang Yuan's words also made others aware of the strangeness of this competition.

Zhang Shou seemed to know that they would ask this question for a long time: "This competition takes a round-robin match. Each of the three players fights two opponents for two games. If they win, they get one point. If they lose, they get zero points. The one who gets more points is the champion. The No.1 high school said that it is to show the leaders the achievements of the third year of high school. Friendship is the first, and competition is the second. "

Everyone burst into laughter, even Zhang Shou laughed and said, "Of course we all know that this is bullshit. Because the news came this morning, Wu Sikong's vitality broke three, so this so-called competition is actually a means to show and prove himself again. "

Everyone has heard of Wu Sikong's vitality breaking three, although a little surprised, in general, this news does not count everyone's expectations.

After all, it was Wu Sikong. At the end of last semester, his vitality was 2.77. Now he has all the resources in the school, and it is normal to break three.

Only in this way, everyone is inevitably worried about Zhong Yihan.

Li Xinyu frowned: "Obviously, this is the time when the No.1 high school wants to use Wu Sikong's vitality, and brushes the existence once, but more obviously ..."

Li Xinyu glanced at Zhong Yihan and said a little bit worried: "They should aim at you this time."

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