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Kung Fu Beyond the World 214 Chapter 214 - Breaking Vitality 3

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Time passed, and Zhu Fat was abducted before the tenth day passed.

During these ten days, Zhong Yihan felt a strong sense of crisis and began a self-harm-style crazy practice.

He spent the night in Different World every night. He practiced thunder knives, continuous arrows, and other techniques in the middle of the night, and brought Xia Ling in the middle of the night. Occasionally, Xiao Hei would follow, and then go hunting together.

During this week, Zhong Yihan expanded his search to around ten miles from the underground caves.

Then he found that he was now in an endless range of huge mountains.

This mountain range is rich in species, far more abundant than that novice island before.

In addition to the bone beast, he successively discovered dozens of beasts, such as Fireprint Beast, Wind Shadow Beast, Copperback Deer, and Shadow Leopard. Among them, there are many powerful first-level (King Fu learner level) and second-level (Kung Fu fighter level) Beast!

With Zhong Yihan's current strength, he is not the opponent of the second-level beast at all, and he will avoid it when he sees it from a distance.

As for the first-level beast, there are also strong and weak, and some adult first-level beasts whose strength is infinitely close to that of the fighter, he dare not dare to fight with it.

There are also many flying beasts in this mountain range. Once before, Xia Ling was attacked by an iron claw eagle in the air. If Xia Ling was clever, she hid in the pet space instantly. Now Zhong Yihan has lost this little Elf, so now he is not too afraid to release Xia Ling for investigation.

And to the west of the mountain are the three barbarian tribes previously discovered by Zhong Yihan. Zhong Yihan is not too afraid to provoke those barbarians.

Therefore, this mountain is extremely dangerous, and it is not a good place to gain points.

But risks and opportunities coexist.
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Not to mention that a first-level beast has 20 to 50 system points, just to say that he can pick up some herbs, ore and the like at any time. Although these things are generally collected at a relatively cheap price, one night, the herbs and ore that he picked up can be sold one or two hundred points if he is lucky.

In the past ten days, his proficiency in various combat skills has also improved to a certain extent.

For example, with the thunder knife method, he now has a vague grasp of certain tricks. When the whole body reaches the peak, there is a 70% chance that the thunder knife can be split.

But this method is too mentally consuming, so Zhong Yihan is now trying to save the momentum to about half and improve the success rate of the thunder knife method.

Zhong Yihan's continuous arrows can now also achieve three consecutive shots, but the price is that after every three arrows shot, the arm will be very sore. He must wait until he recovers again before he can perform the second consecutive shot.

The small moving step also moved from the original one-meter longest moving distance to one and a half meters.

Only the progress of tiger claw fist is slightly slower, but in Different World, the effect of boxing is obviously not as good as that of the knife.

After exhausting all his physical strength, as usual, Zhong Yihan returned to the bedroom using the shuttle and then lay down in the bathtub that had been soaked in a medicated bath bag, preparing to close his eyes and rest for a while.

Before resting, he subconsciously opened the system panel and glanced at his attributes.

Then suddenly hesitated.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 3.35

Dexterity: 2.77

Constitution: 2.94

Spirit: 3.14

Comprehensive vitality: 3.05


Continuous Arrow (Elementary): 765/5000

Thunder Knife (Elementary): 577/5000

Small moving steps (Elementary): 286/5000

Tiger Claw (Elementary): 73/5000

Has vitality broken three?

Zhong Yihan did not respond for a moment, because it was so natural that he didn't feel any surprise.

After all, with his current level of hard work and all kinds of support, it is a matter of time before his vitality breaks 3.

But after seeing the vitality break 3, Zhong Yihan still has some emotions.

The vitality broke through three. This is a goal that Zhong Yihan, who did not get the system six months ago, was an unthinkable goal. He did not expect that in the past six months, this goal has not only been achieved, but it cannot even make him too big mood swings.

This is the mentality change brought about by strengthening.

Let Zhong Yihan be more stable and do not be surprised.

Last year, the bottom admission vitality threshold of Top Fours was 3.0, so that's why breaking the vitality of three is of great significance to students.

It is no exaggeration to say that Zhong Yihan is now the No. 1 student in Anping County, and even further, even if he looks at the whole province, his vitality can be ranked.

It's the end of February, and there is still a little more than three months before the college entrance examination.

Many people rely on the sprint in the last month of high school to meet the Top Four standards, but Zhong Yihan is different. Before the college entrance examination, he will only become stronger.

More importantly, Zhong Yihan's vitality broke three, which also meant that his father Zhong Guohai's grievances added a guarantee.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan's mood had some ups and downs.

"Father, wait for more than three months and I will let you out."

Zhong Yihan secretly shook his fist, and at the same time warned himself not to be proud of it, because breaking three does not mean that everything is good, on the contrary, vitality breaking three just represents the beginning of everything.

The thought of Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu's two fallen men, and behind the scenes behind them.

Zhong Yihan didn't dare to slack off.

Even if the Kung Fu association has no more vigorous investigation, and according to the results of their secret investigation, the connection between the Li family and the fallen cannot be found.

But Zhong Yihan just had a feeling or prejudice ...

That is, the relationship between Li Hanguo and the fallen is absolutely inseparable!

This puts Zhong Yihan under tremendous pressure.

A few years ago, Li Hanguo had the title of the first person in the fighter realm in Anping County, and if he really colluded with the evil god in these years, his strength would only be stronger. Liang Jinfeng is not necessarily his opponents!

He has just broken vitality 3, but what qualifications can he be proud of?



After restoring his energy in the bath, Zhong Yihan came to the practice room to start a day of basic practice.

His current basic adjustment has been carried out to the eleventh style. The more difficult it is, the longer it will take.

In the latest tenth style, it took Zhong Yihan four days to complete the adjustment, but for Yang Yuan and them, what's the difference between three days and four days?

In the next half month, Zhong Yihan steadily made basic adjustments, but it took more and more time, and half a month later, he was able to adjust to the fifteenth style.

At the same time, Zhong Yihan's vitality reached 3.25.

In addition to this, his four primary exercises have also changed too much.

In order not to defeat Yang Yuan and Li Xinyu's confidence, Zhong Yihan has always concealed the fact that his vitality broke through three.

According to Zhong Yihan's plan, he was planning to wait another half a month and tell everyone about it, so as to pave the way for future vitality improvement.

Otherwise, in accordance with this growth rate, Zhong Yihan's strength will be directly raised to four in a month or two, and they will be shocked!!

Moreover, he hasn't eaten a lot of secondary attribute fruits yet!

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