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Kung Fu Beyond the World 211 Chapter 211 - Evil God Divine Power

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After being freed, Zhu Zhenxing ran madly and didn't care about everything behind him.

When he ran out hundreds of meters, he suddenly heard a loud noise behind him, as if a bomb had been dropped!

He quickly stopped and turned around, only to see countless pieces of gravel accompanied by flesh and blood, and then a wave of air hit his face, making him unable to help but close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he found in amazement ...

Both Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu disappeared, and where they were standing, a large pothole appeared, and the flying buildings within 20 to 30 meters around the pothole all collapsed!

The rolling smoke covered everything, the glass shattered, the walls collapsed, and various sounds mixed together, sharp and harsh.

Zhu Zhenxing also did not see Zhong Yihan's figure and screamed "Yihan" in a fright, and hurriedly ran back.

The fat man was playing the ultimate speed. In less than 20 seconds, he ran over a distance of more than 100 meters and came to the explosion center.

There were soot and broken walls everywhere, he couldn't see anything, but shouted in vain: "Yihan! Where are you! Yihan! Don't scare me, hurry up and talk!"

"Well ... I'm here!"

Under a collapsed low wall, Zhong Yihan's voice sounded.

Zhu Zhenxing hurried over and found Zhong Yihan lying on the ground, pressed down by a collapsed low wall.
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The fat man quickly lifted away the low wall pressed on Zhong Yihan and exclaimed: "Yihan, how are you? Is it all right ?!"

Zhong Yihan was trying to answer nothing, he was only affected by the impact of the explosion, but he flew forward in time, unloading most of his strength, and was protected by a combat suit, so he was not injured badly.

But the moment he wanted to speak, he suddenly felt an extreme cold in his body, making him speechless at all!

This ice-cold came extremely strange and fierce.

It seemed as if extremely wicked energy had penetrated into his body, and all the blood in his body was frozen in an instant.

At this time Zhu Zhenxing also saw that he was wrong.

Because in the eyes of the fat man, Zhong Yihan's body turned black, the black seemed to be embedded in his skin, the black evil, and the black was scary!

At this moment, Zhong Yihan felt himself soaking in the extremely cold water, the biting cold hit every cell in his whole body.

And even more frightening is that there is very fierce and evil energy that impacts him!

Affected by this energy, the negative emotions accumulated by Zhong Yihan over the years have sprung up like floods.

He wanted to kill, kill the Li family, kill the school, kill the prison, kill without a bottom line!

[Alarm! It is detected that the host is eroded by the evil god power. Does it cost 1000 system points to clear it? ]

The system suddenly made a noise, and Zhong Yihan seized the last will and gained a sense of sobriety.

Evil god power? erosion? !!

Zhong Yihan was shocked and inexplicably, without thinking, he said, "Clear now!"

Warm energy enters Zhong Yihan's body. Unlike the irritable and chaotic energy before, this energy is peaceful and orderly, which makes him feel very comfortable.

With the gentle energy entering the body and a short battle with the evil god energy, fortunately, Zhong Yihan's body has only a small amount of evil god power after all, so it did not take much time, the evil god power was swallowed up and digested by the warm energy.

[Successfully recovered a small amount of evil god power, and gained 2500 system points.]

[Congratulations to the host resisting the evil god power, spirit +0.2.]

Is this OK?

Originally paid 1,000 system points, which made Zhong Yihan feel heartbroken, but did not expect that he could make money with this profit? !!

Not only system points, but also 0.2 in spirit?

This makes Zhong Yihan a little regretted ... If he resisted for a while, would it be more?

But he immediately dispelled the idea.

He can recover a life under the power of evil gods, what else is there to regret? !!

As the evil power in the body was cleared by the system, Zhong Yihan's original dark skin immediately returned to normal.

Zhu Zhenxing was surprised, he lifted him up, exclaimed: "Yihan, are you all right ?!"

"I'm okay ..." Zhong Yihan breathed a sigh of relief.

It turns out that this is Xie Wengong, or is it the killing of the characters behind Xie Wengong?

Think about it, the evil god power that has just invaded his body should be brought by Xie Wengong when he explodes after taking that weird pill.

This evil divine power invaded into his own body, even if he was not frozen to death by that evil power, he would lose his heart and become a walking dead who only knows to kill!

Thinking of the violent negative emotion just now, Zhong Yihan was afraid for a while.

If there is no system, the behind-the-scenes behind Xie Wengong has succeeded!

And who is this black hand behind the scenes?

The first thing that Zhong Yihan thought of was the Li family-no way, who made the scar Zhang that Xie Wengong followed was Li Hanguo's men?

If it is said that the Li family is involved in an evil god ... Doesn't it mean that Li Hanguo is extremely likely to be a fallen person? !!

Zhong Yihan's eyes brightened and he immediately said, "Fat, give me the phone!"

Zhu Zhenxing froze, took out the phone and handed it to him, Zhong Yihan took the call and immediately dialed the number of Liang Jinfeng, the head of the county Kung Fu association ...

Fifteen minutes or less.

A dozen flying cars with yellow Kung Fu association licenses came to this abandoned factory.

Not only Liang Jinfeng arrived, but Liu Wenbin and Song Guan, the two Kung Fu fighters that Zhong Yihan had met in the Kung Fu Association before, also came together.

After all, Zhong Yihan said on the phone that he had encountered the fallen.

This is no trivial matter!

The presence of fallen people in Anping County indicates that someone is secretly worshipping evil gods, and Qinggang City, which is dozens of kilometers away from Anping County, is now forming a space crack ...

Regarding the origin of this space crack, the Kung Fu Association has long suspected that some fallen people secretly sacrificed to the evil gods of the Different World, thereby positioning the evil gods in space.

But the fallen is not easy to catch.

This kind of trading is going to die, so the fallen will not leave the Kung Fu Association with any handle at all!

Unexpectedly, Zhong Yihan actually encountered two fallen people himself. Can the Kung Fu Association not pay attention to it now? !!

Zhong Yihan told Liang Jinfeng what had happened just now, and the latter frowned immediately: "Do you suspect Li Hanguo?"

Zhong Yihan said frankly: "Yes. Although I have vengeance with Li Hanguo, I will not be wronged casually. The two Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu are only ordinary students in the No.3 high school. The only big person they can know is Li Hanguo. So Li Hanguo must be suspicious! "

Liang Jinfeng nodded, in fact, he thought so.

He immediately ordered: "Liu Wenbin, you immediately investigate what happened to Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu these two days. Weren't they still in the hospital before? I want to know who they contacted?"

Liu Wenbin said immediately: "Yes, I'll go!"

"Song Guan, bring your main force and go with me to the Li family!"

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