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Kung Fu Beyond the World 22 Chapter 22 - Encounter Tooth Canine Beas

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When the purple moon was on the sky, Zhong Yihan felt weird no matter how many times he saw it.

The 100-meter-long evil rabbit beasts have almost been killed. Even if there are occasionally three or five remainings, they are hidden in the burrow, and it is not worth to find it.

But there are still a lot of evil rabbits outside. Zhong Yihan climbed to the tree and looked through the telescope, and found that things like rabbits were everywhere on this island.

The problem is ...

He didn't dare to go out!

Because these evil rabbits are obviously part of the food chain on the island, they are being preyed by the tooth canine beasts. Looking at the swift gestures of the tooth canine beasts, Zhong Yihan thinks that he should not act lightly.

Let him work hard to improve strength first.

Therefore, after returning to the island in a Different World, Zhong Yihan did not rush to expand his hunting but exercised himself around the cave.

First, he practiced archery for a while, then practiced knife method for a while, and finally practiced "Kung Fu 72 Styles".

After all, the energy here is very plentiful, plus he now has a medicated bath bag to recover, he probably felt a bit, practiced once here, and the effect was at least as good as the practice on the earth for a week before.

Zhong Yihan likes this feeling very much because he can feel that he is getting stronger. Although most of them are only psychological, this feeling still fascinates him.

He worked hard in the Different World for more than two hours, probably exhausting all his energy, and then went back to take a one-hour medicated bath, and then he recovered, and then entered the Different World for the next round of training.

Because today is a weekend, there is no need to go to school during the day, and Zhong Yihan finally saw the sunrise in a Different World for the first time.

It was a rather pale sun, which looked very different from the sun on Earth.

He doesn't know if it is because of the different seasons in the two worlds. The white sun doesn't seem to be as hot as Zhong Yihan, and the temperature is a few degrees lower than on the earth.

Of course, these are minor issues, and Zhong Yihan doesn't care.

What he is thinking now is practice.

Another two hours passed, and Zhong Yihan exhausted and finished the first twelve styles of the "Kung Fu 72 Styles" again. He was about to take a break and suddenly heard Xia Ling screaming in the air.

"Master, be careful!"

Zhong Yihan was sitting on the ground exhausted, hearing this shout, and subconsciously shouted in his heart: "Teleport!"

With a flash, he returned to the hotel.

But the moment he returned, his light also swept to a creature on the edge.

It was a rushing tooth canine beast with a large mouth, and two huge fangs were biting at him.

It is conceivable that if there was no Xia Ling's warning, and he immediately transmitted back with the shuttle, even if it was a second later, his neck would be bitten by the sharp fangs!

Zhong Yihan was lying on the hotel carpet, panting heavily.

This was the closest he had ever been to death in his life.

If it weren't for the shuttle...

"It's still too careless, there is Different World, a crisis-ridden world!" Zhong Yihan panted, using his hand to soothe his leaping heart, "Although the surrounding area has been emptied, the monsters will come to you. Fortunately, fortunately ... oh no, what about Xia Ling? "

Zhong Yihan quickly sat up straight, only to find that although he fled back in time, Xia Ling still stayed in Different World!

He couldn't help feeling panic for a moment, as if it was empty for a moment.

Although the elf can fly, that tooth canine beast should not hurt her, but ... Zhong Yihan is worried!

She is so stupid and so timid, what if she doesn't know how to fly?

What if she hit a tree in panic and fell down?

For such an instant, there flashed a dozen of Xia Ling's death methods in his head, and suddenly he was covered with maggots, and the subconscious was going to shuttle back.

But thinking of his exhausted body, Zhong Yihan stopped his thoughts, opened the mall, bought a bottle of recovery medicine, drank it, and suddenly felt refreshed and full of strength.

This bottle of recovery potion required ten system points. He would have been reluctant to buy it before, but now he doesn't care so much.

"Xia Ling, wait for me, I'll save you!" Zhong Yihan clenched his fists, "Isn't it just the tooth canine beasts, who fears...Teleport!"

There was a flash in front of him, and Zhong Yihan appeared in a cave in Different World.

Then he saw that outside of the cave, Xia Ling was crying and flying outside, and below was the tooth canine beast snarling and chasing her.

"Master! Where have you gone, master! Come and save Xia Ling! Xia Ling is so scared!"

Seeing this scene, Zhong Yihan's original hanging heart suddenly let go and replaced it with a feeling of anger and funny.

Because Xia Lingfei was as high as seven or eight meters, the tooth canine beast chased her up and down, but it couldn't reach her at all.

But she is crying ... it seems like she will die next second.

Really ... shameful!

At this time, the tooth canine beast also noticed the return of Zhong Yihan. Although with its poor brain capacity, it could not understand how the "two-legged beast" suddenly disappeared and came back suddenly, it clearly felt this "two-legged beast" is different.

It was a feeling that could threaten it!

The tooth canine beast turned its heads, arched, and stared at Zhong Yihan, with a low-snarling growl called "Woo".

At this time, Zhong Yihan had picked up the Tang knife on the ground, with one hand holding the knife out of the sheath, and he was ready to fight.

One person and one beast stood in this way, and the atmosphere was very serious.

But at this moment, there was a cry in the sky that broke the serious atmosphere.

Xia Ling was totally unaware of the changes below, and she looked like a headless fly, turning and crying, "Master, where are you? Oh, master, it is terrible here. Come and save Xia Ling! "

Zhong Yihan: "..."

Tooth canine beast: "..."

"Well, Xia Ling, don't cry," Zhong Yihan had to say, "I'm here!"

Hearing Zhong Yihan's voice, Xia Ling froze, looking down to see Zhong Yihan, and suddenly gave a cheer: "Master! Master, you come and save Xia Ling!"

The elf wailed and pounced on Zhong Yihan, crying at the same time: "Woohoo! Master, Xia Ling is so scared! Xia Ling thought that master doesn't want Xia Ling anymore!"

Seeing her crying tears, Zhong Yihan was bleeding from the bottom of his heart.

These tears are excellent material for dispensing bath bags!
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That's a waste!

With such a distraction, a flaw was immediately revealed in the momentum, and the tooth canine beast flew up instantly!

The flutter was very rapid, but Zhong Yihan was not the former one. Training and hunting during this time awakened him with a good fighting instinct.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan felt the moment when the tooth canine beast flung out, and his body retreated sharply.

The tooth canine beast hurriedly gathered figure and avoided this knife.

No one took advantage of this confrontation.

One person and one beast confronted again.

Zhong Yihan stood with a knife and said, "Xia Ling, you stay on sky first, here is dangerous, don't come over!"

Then he spoke defiantly to the tooth canine beast in front of him:

"Come to battle!"

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