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Kung Fu Beyond the World 210 Chapter 210 - Alienation

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The fallen are traitors among human beings, traitors, and are defined as "anti-human" by the "World Watchmen Union".

Globally, once a fallen person is found, all Kung Fu associations and all human Kung Fu strong have the right to kill them in place, without having to ask their superiors for instructions!

And the way to identify the fallen is simple.

That is "alienation."

In fact, as early as after the cracks in the space of Wuen City, Zhong Yihan saw the meaning of "alienation" when he went on the mission of the first clearing barbarian tribe.

It was the birdman priest in the barbarian tribe that he had killed.

According to the information provided in the Kung Fu Forum.

"Alienation" refers to changes in the body after worshipping the evil god, believing in the evil god, and gaining the power that the evil god has given.

And the way to change is that some organs or signs of the body become like the evil gods who are believed.

It's like the orphan priest beheaded by Zhong Yihan.

From the captured tribal totem, we can see that what the tribe believes in is an evil god that looks like an eagle, named "Kayumi", and it is called "Falconer" on earth.

Therefore, after the barbarian priests obtained the divine power given by Kayumi, the body was alienated. A pair of human feet had become huge eagle claws, and wings had grown on the body. Although they could not fly, they could perform the degree of gliding.

This is alienation!

But the information also said.

Alienation is divided into several stages.

The first stage of alienation is the state of alienation in very few parts of the body, and the second stage is the state of alienation in a large area throughout the body.

Then in the third stage, the whole body is completely alienated.

Like Yang Zeyu in front of him, half of his body are scales, but his head is intact, which is the second stage of alienation.

The barbarian priest, who was encountered after a crack in the space of Wuen City, has become the same as the eagle god, which belongs to the third stage of comprehensive alienation.

But with the increase of the power of the fallen, after the fourth stage, the characteristics of alienation will gradually disappear, or in other words, the fallen can control the appearance of alienation on their own.

The stronger the fallen, the deeper the characteristics of alienation.

If the strength is weak, once the emotional fluctuations appear, it is easy to expose the alienation of the body.

But at these stages, at least it is after the strength of the fallen reaches the fighter-or perhaps through some other special method, the alienation of the body can be covered.

Therefore, when looking at the scales of Yang Zeyu's half body, Zhong Yihan immediately thought of this material on "alienation".

The authority of this information on the Kung Fu forum is visible to Kung Fu learners, but it is not allowed to inform ordinary people to avoid unnecessary panic.

Then think of Xie Wengong and Yang Zeyu who were still seriously injured, but recovered so quickly, and their strength soared.

So in an instant, Zhong Yihan understood what was happening to them.

These two people turned their backs on mankind and became fallen!

Zhong Yihan was furious and cursed: "You two are hybrids! Not be human, go and be dogs for the evil gods of the Different World! I will kill you today!"

Yang Zeyu and Xie Wengong did not know what alienation was, nor what was the fallen.

But they are not stupid.

As early as in the secret underground altar of the Li family, they felt something was wrong. And when Zhong Yihan shouted "Evil God Alienation" and "Evil God in Different World", they also confirmed their suspicions.

Sure enough, it is related to the evil god of the Different World.

The two looked at each other and saw the strong murderous power in each other's eyes.

In any case, Zhong Yihan should not be allowed to leave alive, otherwise, as long as he made a phone call to the Kung Fu Association, both of them will be dead!

Because even if they don't know about the fallen, they know very well that once the Kung Fu association knows that its strength comes from the evil god, they will surely die!

The alien god is the enemy of the entire human civilization!

So they must kill Zhong Yihan as soon as possible-and that fat man!

However, Zhong Yihan's strength was extremely powerful. Even if they ate pills, they barely closed the gap in vitality between the two sides, but they were too far apart in fighting skills.

If Zhong Yihan wanted to run, they couldn't keep it.

Not to mention that now Zhu Zhenxing has already run away, they have no hostages on hand, and even have no ability to threaten Zhong Yihan to stay!

Xie Wengong's eyes flashed a ruthless nod and he nodded to Yang Zeyu.

The latter immediately understood what he meant.

He is going to take the second pill.

According to Yun Chao, the second pill can last only ten seconds, so Xie Wengong discussed it with Yang Zeyu before. Once he takes the second pill, Yang Zeyu must keep Zhong Yihan!

Therefore, Yang Zeyu rushed up immediately and grabbed Zhong Yihan by reaching out to his hand.

How can Zhong Yihan be caught by him?

But Yang Zeyu's deadly fight really slowed his pace.

Xie Wengong stretched out his hand and touched it, and a black pill was added to his hand. He didn't hesitate and threw it into his mouth.

Suddenly, Zhong Yihan only felt a strong momentum rising in Xie Wengong's body, and this momentum made him tremble.

Yang Zeyu laughed wildly: "Zhong Yihan, you can't run away! Gong, come and kill him!"

Xie Wengong did not reply but made a painful roar.
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Yang Zeyu couldn't help looking back, only to see Xie Wengong's body, which was blown up quickly like a balloon, became bigger, almost the blink of an eye, and became two or three times the size of the previous.

At the same time, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth bleeds, his face is bleak, his hands want to hold his head, but the swelling of his body keeps him from reaching his head at all.

At this time Xie Wengong finally understood Yun Chao's plan.

It turned out that they didn't expect them to win Zhong Yihan from the beginning.

It turned out that from the beginning, they had set up this bureau, letting him explode, and everyone died together!

What is the second pill, the power can only be increased by more than ten seconds? !!

All lies!

Xie Wengong wanted to swear, but at this time his face was deformed and he couldn't speak at all.

Yang Zeyu was completely stunned by this scene, and for a while, he forgot to continue to entangle Zhong Yihan.

And Zhong Yihan is not stupid.

Xie Wengong suddenly more than doubled, something must have happened.

And a strong, dangerous instinct rose in his mind.

This intuition told him, run!

Hurry and run!

Zhong Yihan turned around and ran!

He took the small moving step to the extreme, but in one breath, he continued two small moving steps in succession, more than ten meters.

And just then ...


A loud noise.

Zhong Yihan, who was escaping, felt only a powerful force that struck behind him.

Fly him out!

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