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Kung Fu Beyond the World 205 Chapter 205 - Zhang Shou's Gossip

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Zhong Yihan's villa.

After Zhang Shou adjusted everyone's practice plan, in the following days, everyone worked hard to practice. Zhong Yihan also occasionally took out the first-level attribute fruit, secretly mashed it into juice, and mixed it into other drinks-of course, this is hidden from everyone.

For Zhong Yihan, the first-level strength, agility, physical fitness, and spiritual fruit, he took it to the upper limit, and continued to take it will lose the effect, but these fruits are good for Li Xinyu and others.

Of course, because Zhong Yihan doesn't have a lot of system points now, he can't change too many of these fruits. Basically, he can exchange one or two a week, and then mix it into the juice and divide it among several people.

So Li Xinyu didn't even notice it.

In the first two days, even Zhu Zhenxing worked hard, but his enthusiasm for practice was always only three minutes, and it came and went fast.

Especially when Zhu Zhenxing learned that his favorite female group tour came to their province, not far from their city of Tai'an, he completely lost his mind of practice. After buying the ox ticket from the online high price, he stayed away all day. When the practice was over, then rushed out of the villa like a wind, and drove a car straight to the tour.

"Yihan, what did he go for? It was the first time I saw him like this, I just greeted him and he didn't hear me."

Fan Dali originally wanted to find Zhu Zhenxing for two drinks at night. This is the fixed pastime of the two brothers in the past few days. Whoever thought that Zhu Zhenxing not only released his pigeons but did not tell him the reason. He felt abandoned.

Originally, they should still have Zhong Yihan of their brothers' team. However, this abnormal progress of Zhong Yihan is too fast and he has been "fired."

Although their so-called top class is a class, the practice has now separated into an obvious camp.

Among them, Yang Yuan, Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, and Ming Jiajia are ordinary genius camps. Although Ming Jiajia's starting point is much lower than the other three, her hard work has made her progress no worse than the other three.

Then came the waste wood camp of Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali. The two of them enjoyed the thrill of being demon-styled by Zhang Shou every day. They were painful but progressed slowly, and almost lost all their confidence—if it was not the attribute fruit that Zhong Yihan secretly provided, help Fan Dali has increased some vitality, and Fan Dali almost has to give up with Zhu Zhenxing.

In addition, Zhong Yihan himself is in a separate camp. His practice progress can no longer be described by genius. He is completely abnormal.

What's even more annoying is that even if Fan Dali was crushed by his contemporaries, the two sisters still beat him from time to time.

The speed of Zhong Qiaoyue's progress, although far less than that of Zhong Yihan, is already faster than Du Tianqing.

As for Zhu Xiaoyu, it is estimated that the excellent genes of the Zhu family are all concentrated on her, so Fan Dali did not feel that she had caused much pressure on himself.

"Although he didn't tell me, from what I know of him, he most likely went to chase the stars."

Not a high probability, but affirmation.

Because Zhu Zhenxing ran out just now, Zhong Yihan couldn't be more familiar with the anxious expression.

With so many people on the earth, it is impossible to ask everyone to go all the way to Kung Fu.

"Chasing stars? Really fake? What star does he chase?"

Yang Yuan just packed things, and when Zhong Yihan said that Zhu Zhenxing was chasing the stars, he immediately became interested.

Honestly, although they are now very good friends, many of the deeper secrets do not understand each other.

In particular, Yang Yuan and Zhang Bo have very little contact now. A large part of the source of gossip is missing, which makes him always feel what the shortcomings of life are now.

Because Zhu Zhenxing knew that Zhong Yihan was basically not concerned about anything other than Kung Fu, he rarely mentioned anything about him to chase the stars.
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However, not long ago, Zhu Xiaoyu and Zhong Yihan talked about this, saying that after the last girl group Zhu Zhenxing chased was not popular, he cried and shouted that he would help them, but it did not take two days. He also likes a new girl group, forgetting the previous girl group, and even the original girl group poster in the bedroom has been changed by him.

So Zhong Yihan still has some impressions.

"As far as I know, it should be a newly-launched girl group. It is said that the average age of this group is 22, and the average vitality is 4, but they are all geniuses."

Eighteen-year-old graduated from high school, and four years later just happened to be a college graduate. Especially for these idols, they don't have much practice time. More time is spent on dancing and singing, so they have vitality 4. In Zhong Yihan's opinion, it is already very good.

Even if it was possible, Zhong Yihan even thought that these groups could give Zhu Zhenxing some positive influence, thereby motivating him to be eager for something.

Unfortunately, it turns out that for Zhu Zhenxing, it is one thing to like girl groups, and it is another to work hard.

Yang Yuan dismissed: "What kind of genius is the vitality 4 at the age of 22, and when Teacher Zhang was 22, he was already a Kung Fu fighter."

Yang Yuan had a lot of gossip news about him. He just exposed the tip of an iceberg, which immediately attracted the attention of the remaining few people.

Du Tianqing asked: "I have always wanted to know, how old is Teacher Zhang now?"

It can be seen from the focused eyes of Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia that both of them are obviously interested in this issue.

Realizing that Yang Yuan had become the center of the topic, his tone was clearly marked with a hint: "As far as I know, Teacher Zhang is less than twenty-five."

"Is it true? Teacher Zhang is so young?"

Zhong Yihan was really surprised this time. He always thought that Zhang Shou was thirty years old.

It's not that he looks old, but that Zhang Shou has always given him a very stable feeling, which makes him subconsciously not think about youth.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Shou had less than twenty-five, and his vitality had reached 6.

Yang Yuan was very surprised when everyone saw Zhang Shou's true age.

This is the thrill of sharing gossips, and it's almost irresistible.

Seeing that everyone digested it, Yang Yuan went one step further and said a bigger gossip: "And this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Teacher Zhang has been interrupted for one year because of injuries. Otherwise, His vitality is definitely higher now. "

"hurt? Why hurt?"

At this time, neither Li Xinyu or Ming Jiajia, or Du Tianqing, Zhong Yihan, and Fan Dali, who had always cared about Zhu Zhenxing, did not hide their curiosity about the cause of Zhang Shou's injury.

"I don't know about it. Teacher Zhang has never mentioned anything about his past. These were all accidentally said after he was drunk. It is said that Teacher Zhang mentioned a name at that time. It's a woman ... "

Before Yang Yuan had finished speaking, they suddenly heard cough outside the small circle.

The familiar voice made everyone suddenly startled. Zhong Yihan hurriedly got up and found out that Zhang Shouzheng was stern and looked at them with a smile.

"Teacher Zhang, you haven't left yet."

Yang Yuan smiled even more ugly than crying at this moment. Zhong Yihan immediately settled down like an old monk. They were in a posture where I was practicing.

"Well, I forgot to take the water glass and come back for it. Yang Yuan, I recently discovered that your basics still have some problems. Starting tomorrow, you will increase the basic adjustment time by two hours.


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