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Kung Fu Beyond the World 201 Chapter 201 - The Strange Place

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Xie Wengong and others were carried into the car, but including the scar Zhang, none of them were in the car, only the man in black entered the car.

Scar Zhang showed a smirk, and said to the man in black: "brother, don't forget to help me say two good words when you meet brother Li."

The man in black put on his hood again coldly glanced at the scar Zhang, and said coldly, "Do not let anyone know what happened today."

"Understand, understand! Brother Chao, rest assured, all of them who came with me today are my confidantes, and they won't talk nonsense!"

The man in black nodded and ignored him. The electronic window automatically rolled up and the car started.

When he was far away from the car, a man behind scar Zhang asked, "Brother Zhang, who is that guy, not very old, and he looks proud!"

The scar Zhang turned back and there was a slapped fan under his face, cursing: "Can you also evaluate Chao Brother? Do you remember it for me! Don't tell anyone what happened today, Ok?! "

The men suddenly became stunned and quickly said yes.


The car passed Anping County and soon came to a slaughterhouse in the suburbs.

That's right, in Anping County, more than 90% of the slaughterhouses are from the Li family.

The Li family has formed a unique industrial chain from the breeding base to the slaughterhouse, and then to pork sales. This is one of the slaughterhouses of the Li family.

Xie Wengong, Yang Yuan, and Ma Yue didn't understand what this man in black brought them to the slaughterhouse. Could it be that they would each choose a pig killing knife here, and then hold the knife to do with Zhong Yihan?

But they did not dare to ask questions, because the breath radiating from the man in black was like a piece of ice, which made them dare not to say much.

The car stopped in the slaughterhouse.

Immediately, a few people, also dressed in black clothes, greeted, lifted Xie Wengong and the wheelchair from the car, and then pushed toward them.

Slaughterhouse has achieved assembly line work decades ago. Except for a few stations that need to be supervised, most locations have machines to complete the operations.

The three people Xie Wengong were pushed in a wheelchair and passed through the slaughterhouse. The strong bloody smell made them uncomfortable and scared. If several people died here, they should not be found, it is a perfect place to kill.

Does this man in black want them to bring Zhong Yihan here and kill?

But because of the three of them now sitting in a wheelchair, who brought Zhong Yihan to them?

Soon, the three were pushed into a frozen warehouse, where frozen pork was everywhere.

The man in black, called "Chao Brother", stepped forward, entered the password on an electronic door lock on the wall, and suddenly a hidden door on the ground opened.

Looking at the dark door and the long, dark channel, Yang Zeyu and Ma Yue looked at each other and saw the horror in each other's eyes.

Only Xie Wengong got excited, the more mysterious, the more able to prove that this man in black did not lie, and the more certain he was in his heart.

Chao brother turned on a switch, and the dark channel was immediately lit. He stepped into the aisle first, and behind him, a few men in black pushed the three all the way down.

Ma Yue felt that this scene was a bit wrong, and her voice trembled, "Gong, I'm a little scared, or should we go back?"

Although Ma Yue doesn't know what is behind this passage, the unknown often represents horror, especially such things as the underpass. The existence itself is easily reminiscent of sin, and there is a bloody smell everywhere here. She was just a girl, and she had been afraid long ago.
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"Come here, if you don't know what it is, can you just go back like that? I won't go back anyway!"

Xie Wengong's attitude is very resolute. He just wants to get stronger and revenge. Such a belief made him fearless, even at the expense of dealing with the devil.

Ma Yue looked at Yang Zeyu again, who didn't speak, shook his head slightly, and looked at Chao brother walking in front.

His meaning was clear. Since the other party dared to let them see such a secret place, they could no longer be free.

To be honest, Yang Zeyu now also regrets following up, but since he came here, he can only accept it.

The passage is a bit long, about thirty or forty meters away, and at the end is a metal gate-just like the heavy metal gates of some abandoned underground fortresses in some movies.

The Chao brother came to the metal gate and said, "People are here, open the door."

The heavy metal door opened. Suddenly, a large and empty underground space caught the eyes of everyone. At the same time, a strong bloody smell came from the face!

Ma Yue was stunned by this bloody gas and couldn't help but retched twice. Even Yang Zeyu's face was not very good-looking.

The people in black pushed the three into the gate, and the three discovered that the gate turned out to be a huge square!

This underground square is visually over twenty meters high and hundreds of meters wide, and people standing inside are as small as ants.

Around the square, the faint blue flames were very strange.

The middle of the square is a high stone platform, about three floors high.

On the stone platform, there is a tall pillar, and at the top of the pillar, there is a strange beast head.

This beast's head seems to be carved out of a huge ore as a whole, the size of a large-screen TV, and the whole body is dark. Under the blue flames around it, it reflects a strange light.

The head of the beast itself is like a lizard's head. It is vividly carved, with its mouth open and its tongue sticking out. The pair of vertical pupils are even more strange. Once, Ma Yue and they saw it as if the soul were to be sucked away, they didn't dare to look at it again.

And in the middle of the lizard's head, a man in a black robe was kneeling there, his back to the door, and worshiping at the lizard pillar.

The people in black pushed Xie Wengong and they came to the stone platform. Only then did they find that there is a circle around the stone platform that is two meters wide and two meters deep, similar to the moat. This depth seems to have liquid flowing. The light was too dim, they couldn't see clearly, but the strong bloody smell came out of this depth.

"Are all the flowing here ... all blood ?!"

With a gurgling noise, a live pig fell from a pipe extending from the top of the cave to the deep side, splashing a large "water splash".

Some of the water drops fell on the faces of them, Ma Yue and Yang Zeyu quietly touched their faces, and then smell, and their faces immediately became extremely ugly.

Because they both felt it, the liquid splashing on their faces, not water ...

It's ... blood!

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